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Weather Forecasts 

victoria »nd vicinity — Moderate tn fr»»h 
B-.utherly and we«teily winds; generally 
fiilr »nd tool. 

l.ower Nfalnliind -- I.IbIh to inoderaiw 
wlnd»: ohleriy cloudy, with mhovttrt and 
stationary or higher tompe'-nture. 


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Kdltorlal Ilooms ••• "* 

(EAJ'AULlbllBn lSBS.t 

VOL. cm., NO. 576- 




Steamer to be Placed on 
Monthly Run Between Auck- 
land, New Zealand, and New 
Hebrides Islands 


Chen»«» •«»de •» Association's Meet- 
ing In Portland — Hr Todd One 
of Vlc«-Pr»sld«nts 



Other Workers Invited to Join 
With Sugar Strikers — At- 
tempted Bobbery oft Rail- 
way Train 

MELBOURNE. Augr. 7.— The steamer 
i:i:iola. owned by Lever's Pacific Plan- 
fatinn« TAmited. an d at present ero- 

PORTLAND, Ore., Aug. 7.— raitUcal 
•lianReH in oiKanlzation were utvom- 
(.lUhed by th.j X'aclfic HlKliwHy ass.- 
trlatlon's annual convention at ihc t.''>in- 
merclal club. InateitU of working 
through individuals, as heretofore, the 
.isrtoolalion will work through organl- 
zatit.ns enlisted In Its .memV)crshii) anil 
definitely pledprcd to promote the Ta- 
cifU; highway. 

It was arranged tliat six vice-presi- 
dents be elected In addition to the prpsl- 
dent and swcretary-treasuror, two from 
Tirltlnh Columbia, one each from Wash- 
ington and Oregon and two- from Cal- 
ifornia. The organization was mad* 
permanent and the plan for the north 
land south tourist and scenic highway 
along the Paclrtc coast, from Canada to 
Mexico, will be prosecuted more vigor- 
ously than ever. Consideration of the 
new constitution and bylaws occupied 
all the morning session. 

The nominaimu uoHlJnlttee subrr.itt»C« 
the names of Judge J. T. Roland for 
president, F. M. Fretwell for secretary, 
and the foUowlnfc for vice-presidents: 
K. M. McCandless. of Taoom'a. K. B. 
Riley, of Portland; A. B. Todd, of Vic- 
toria; C. A. Ross, of Vancouver. B. C, 
and J. S. Mitchell, of Loa Angeles, all 
aaimoualy elected- 


President Taft Takes Unusual 
Course of Appealing to Pub- 
lic to Use Influence With 

, Senate 


Xr. Perkins, Pormeriy Director of Cor- 
poration, to Olve Evidence— Books 
and Beoords Wanted. 

HOUSE refuse: 


Answer to Contention that Rat- 
ification of Arbitration 
Treaties will Interfere with 
Senate's h unctions 

uf w hom ^ye > '< 

7— President Taft travelled 400 miles 
through Maryland and West Virginia to- 
■lav bv Bpeclal train to appeal to ">e 

WASHINGTON. Aui;. 7. — The bouse 
tiornniittee on pnutilry Into the United 
yteel corporation will assume ila Invi-n- 
tigation tomorrow. George W. Perltliit*, 
former partner in J. l^ Morgan & com- 
pany, nnd a member tff the Vjoard of 
directors of the steel corporation, lia-^. 
been .sumnioiieii to iippear. 

Ulcliard Trimble. Kecretary of tlie 
steel corporation, also ha.s Ijeen sum- 
moned to bring rpcorda and booUs re- 
lating to the corporation's businetsH. The 
commiltee lB*uad subpoenaa for Mr. 
Trimble to-iiroduce copies of all records 
rtjevtlns tr. Wire paols,; rail pools, and 
the Carnegie steel p)cito association, 
fornied when Mr. Trimble 'vas with the 
Carnegie steel company. When assured 
In New Tork the ether day by Richard 
V. Tindabui-y, couneel for the steel cor- 
poration, that Trimble had no such r60> 
ords. Chairman Stanley declared: 

"Then tell Mr, Trimble to bring hla 
recollection with him." 

Tlhw nxamiualiuu Of SJF. Perkins, It 

Is expected, will last several days. 

OHioago PrlntMli' Sele^atea 

CHICAGO, Aug. 7— One hundred and 

seventy-five Chicago printers left Uer« 

In a special train tonight for Ban 

Francisco to attend the annual con- 


Mr, Balfour's Resolution Con- 
demning Action of Govern- 
mwit in Regard to Creation 
of Peers is Defeated 




Main Body of Unionists Strong- 
ly Object to Reflections of 
Insurgents on Leadership^of 
Mr. Balfour 

people of the United States to use tne-. | veniion or ut.« 1..U 
moral Influence to have tne eenaie rali- icai Uniuti. wi.lch 
fijr the British and French arbitration 
treaties and the treaties with Nicaragua 
and Honduras. . 

His appeal was made direct to the 
Mountain Lake Park Chautauqua of the 
Methodist Episcopal Church, but in it 
the President Included the rest of the 
nation as well. 

"I observe," said the President, "that 
there Is some suggestion that by ratify- 
ing this treaty the Senate may in some 
way abdicate its function of treaty 
making. I confess myaejf unable to 
perceive the substance in any such 
point. ;■ 

•To have these treaties not ratittei by; 
the Senate of the United Stutea. or to 
have any hesitation and discussion of a 
serious character in respect to them, 
would halt the movement toward gen- 

t n terua t i o nal T ypwgi^ 'P l'- 

LONDON, Aug. 7.- A vote of censure 

pt the government for having obtained 

from the King a pledge to create, if 

necessary, surttclent peers to pass the 

I Irv "'■? "o"ae of 


Pbyslclanri Kegard Condition of Hie 

Holiness as Batlsfaotory — Butfers 

Prom Oout. 

i;<iMi;. Aug. 7. — The pond'itlon of 
l'oi>o l-'ius who today sufferev a Hllglit 
relaiise, was KOtlMfaclory toniglit, ac- 
cording to his physicians. The express- 
ed belief was that a few days would 
sulflco to perfect a recovery. . 

JUeallng witli the illness of the pope, 
the ObHorvatore Itomano, tlie Vatican 
organ, tonight puldished tlf f.dlowin:; 
oilicial Ktatement: 

"The Popo has almo-st completely re- 
covered from the recent affection of the 
larynx, but has been sufter^ng since 
last night from a slight attack of gout 
in the right knee." , 

Dr. I'cttachl. prlratcr rhysk'.isn t" bis 
Hfollnee?. and' Dr. Marchlafava* CO^ult- 
Ing physician at the Vatican, visited the 
poi)e this morning and again this even- 
ing. Tonight they said that while they 
found a slight rise In temperature, they 
considered the general condition of the 
patient good. 

Oauoelata Drowned 

Webster, formerly of Aurora, Ont. and 
T. A. Proctor, were dro^vned by the 
upsetting of a canoe near Devil's Gap. 


Granted Concessions to Ameri- 
can Interests Which They 
Had Sought in Vain From 

C. Sifton 



Sir Wilfrid Anxious to Give Up 
Burden of Office— Minister 
of Railways Likely to be His^ 

▼etp b i ll, w « t w |.« J » 

Arrested As Spy 

BREMEN, Germany. Aug. 7. — An 
KngliBhman. said to be an officer in the 

BritiHh yeomanry, was arrested here 
today, accused of spying on tne Ger- 
man fortifications on the North sea 
coast. The prisoner, whose name has 
not been learned, has hfien ftdmlttiid to 

OTTAWA, Aug. 7.— The matter of 
I>an McGlUlcuddy'S charges against 
Mr. Oliver is given a new turn In 
correspondence appearing in the Ne,w 
York Times on Sunday, July 30, The 

Times said : : 

"A good deal of capital will also bo 
made In the West by the opposition 
outcry over certain alleged payments 
by the Guggenheim Interests to tho 
Liberals in return for concessions in 
the Yukon." , 

After some observations on the pos- 
sible political effect of this, the Times 
says that In McGillicuddy's conversa- 
tion with Sir Wilfrid Laurler "it was 
also pointed out that while Clifltird 
Sifton was in offlco American Interest.s 
had applicti to him in vain for certain 
privileges in the Yukon wltliout eff.SiTt, 
but that as .soon as Mr. Oliver was 
sworn in they Qbtained what they 

The Times adds: "The Conservatives 
have associated this action with tiie 
fact that Mr. Oliver is alleged in Oc- 
tober, 1907. to have purchaiseil in New^ 
YorU at thp. Manh-ittaii Banl^ a draftT 
on Edmonton for $50,000. Some of tins," 
the Consorvativcs say, was used for 
election purposes in AUierla. Anotlier 
sum of $10,500 front Canadian corpora- 
tions desiring properties in the AVest 
has also. It is alleged, been treated by 
Mr. iDUver In much the same fashion." 
It Is now annotmced that Sir Allen 
Aylcsworth has diicided to retire. Con- 
sequenlLv, occordlng to an arrange- 
ment arrived at some time ago, Mr. 
Iloblnette will be the candidate In 
North York. Sir Allen Aylcsworth 
then addressed a meeting of his elec- 
tors in Newmarket and said that the 
only thing which would indwce him to 
run again wa.s an election thi.s autumn 
and the rcfti.sal of the opposltiun H' 
pass the reciprocity agreement. He 
was then^n Liberal cuiididatu 
again, witli the understanding that li: 
he dropped out after being selected. 
Mr. Roblnette would be the standard 
bearer. This situation appears at the 
present time to present the conditions 
wliich Sir Allen Aylesworth claimed 
would have to exist before he would 
again contest the seat, yet he steps 
out now. It is aiiuUn-r sign of the de- 
morallTiation which ha.s overtaken the 
government ranks. His retirement wlIT 
go into effect almost immediately. 

Word coines that the Liberal con- 
vention at Sorel has dealt a severe 
rebuke to the government and tiie Lib- 
eral majority In the House of Com- 
mons. Acielard Lanctot. of paint-pots 
ffline wlio bad his house painted- by 
government workmen with government 
points and paid the bill aJ-ter an inves- 
tigation which had been set on foot, 
was exonerated by the whitewashing 
committee and voted guiltless by tha 
I^lberal majority. When this scandal 
conip. up. Mr. Lanctot was anxious to 
resign and offer himself for re-election, 
but Sir Wilfrid Laurler was afraid of 
tlio by-election, even though the ma- 
porily in 1908 was over 1,000. When 
Mr. Lanctot faced the electors he wag 
received with utter hostility, and near- 
ly suffered personal violence the othef 
day, and today was turned down by 
the Llbernl convention for Richelieu. 
Tills furnished another of the unto- 
ward Incidents which have beset the 
patli of the government this time. 

Tlic government Is liuslly engaged In 
stacking cards. Tlte official proclama- 
tion liiat the Doniliiion authorities will 
revise the electoral lists for Winnipeg 
and Hrandon. Instead of taking the 
polls on lists prepared iiy ine jiriFvih- 
clal government, shows to what Btralts 
the government Is put to prevent 
Manitoba returning a solid Conserva- 
tive delegation. Although the lists 
(Ontlnued on Page 2. Cnl. il.) 

ployed trading between Sydney and the 
islands of the South seas, will, In a 
short time, be, placed on a monthly 
service between Auckland and the I^w 
Hebrides. The inauguration of the new 
service will accelerate the mails from 
Vancouver to tiie New Hebrides by at 
least ten days as, of course, the Van- 
couver steamers will in future call on 
their outward voyage at Auckland, 
girlie Averted. 
#lip Uhreatened strike of the engi- 
neers In Hobart has been averted, the 
employers agreeing to pay the award of 
the wages board for which the men had 
been contending. Waterside workers 
and seamen as well as carters have been 
invited to make common cause with the 
Queensland sugar strikers, and It is be- 
lieved that tbey will comply- 
TTsed Obloroform. 
.-V iadyj-jgravollng in the Sydney ex- 
r-rccs iashad a romarkitblc experience- 
Ah sh* was dozing in her seat, she sud- 
denly awoke to find a man standing 
over her trying to administer chloro- 
form. ' She screamed for help and the 
man was promptly taken into custody. 
Tt is believed that the motive was rob- 


'■8tarva.non Doctor" Oettmg Bond lor 
Her Appearance m court— con- 
fident of AoqtUttal 

.^lOATTLE. Aug. T.— In a cheerful 
ntood and repeating her declaration 
that her trial on the charge of murder 
il the first degree will result in her 
\ indication and the confounding of 
wliat she calls "the medical trust." Dr. 
Lir.aa L'.urfield Har.nard, who is held »t 
I>ort Orchard on « charge of. murder- 
ing Miss Claire Williamson by starva- 
tion, directed her efforts yesterday to 
raising the $10,000 necessary to secure 
her release. 

Dr. Ilazzard communicated with 
FrosecMling Attorney Stevenson of Kit- 
sip coitnty, yesievtiay. .•laying that she 
wished to make a sworn statement. 
With a stenogiapiier. Mr. Btevcnson 
went to the home of W. A. Breed, 
where Dr. Ilazzard is in custody, but 
rn arrival there Dr. Hazzard stated 
tiai after consulting with her attorney 
she changed her mind and the promised 
statement was not made. Dr. Hazzard 
has engaged O. W. Gregory. of the 
Seattle law firm of Karr and Gregory. 
as litr i:oiinsei. 

.Mrs. Hazzard's attorney telephoned 
to the Kitsap county prosecutor late 
today that he had arranged for a bond 
and would file it tomorrow. The pros- 
ecutor informed the attorney that if lit; 
did not lake the retiulred bond iii Port 
Oroliard on the first boat tomorrow 
morning, Jlrs. ilazzard w.niUl be 
brouglit to Seattle loiiiorrow and to the 
King county .jail. 


aeports irom Alaska Cannertes Indi- 
cate liarge Shortage— Paget Sound 
tbe Sam* 

SEATTLE. Aug. 7.— Ohrls H. Blrch- 
mann .general superintendent of the 
Northweat Fisheries company, return- 
ed today from a visit to A.la8ka. and 
reported the salnxon pack as unusually 
light In most districts. 

Mr. Blrchman says that in the south- 
eastern and central . Alaska divisions 
shortages In the salmon pack are re- 
ported from the Chiikoot. Prince 
Walee Island apd Chignlk districts, 
tiie Chlgnlk district th« shortage 
reds may be made tiii by the run 
pinks, which is Just setung In 


opens there next 
Saturday. Among the questio-is to bo 
discussed are the matter of a suggest- 
ed Increase in the deatli benefit, an 
increase In prlnteic' pension ra;tes and 
the agreement recently reached between 
tlie typographical loc8.1s a^id tlTe Nation- 
publishers' association, which expires 
in 1»12. The Chicago delegation will 
be joined in the west by contingents 
from other locals. 


of 119. 
Mr. A. 

output iif'thrKetchikan district is UP ;[«ral peace which has made substantial 
to standard and way .ip^-^^*^5f« advance m the ut»fc ler. ysa- 
last year. '" ■ ,:"f ' ' ;,',r ' ■',. 

'The Puget Sound salmon pack is re- 
ported light. There are few salmon In 
the straits now. and the humpback ron 
is behind. The pack of pinks does com- 
pare favorably with that of previous 

' Barman's rast Ittile. 
SCR.'VNTOX. Pa.. Auk. 7 — Bob Bur- 
man, driving a 200 Iiorse power Blltzen, 
this afternoon established a new record 
for a mile on an unbankcd half-mile 
track, covering the distance In one min- 
ute and eight seconds, 2-B seconds better 
than the record. The world's record on 
a half mile track is one minute and six 
seconds, this time having been aecom- 
..ji^:..^'. .-.:. .i cirr.ular baiik track.' 



Makes Inspection of U. S. Nav- 
al Academy a^d Speaks 

■ Its Praise — Address 
Press Club 


Oonsci.ence Money 

TUijiiiDO. Ohio, Aug. 8. — Geprge 


Ketchum, Toledo horseman and tlieatre 
ov.-ner, has re.<'."-U a draft for |2(im.i 
ironi an unldenlitled man in Canada, 
n!io asserts lie wronged Ketchum to 
ihat extent. 

Private CUfford'a Statement. 

l.r)Xi.>ON, Aug. 7. — Private Clifford, 
King's prize winner at Bisley, In con- 
nection with the aiicKTCi uiifH,iriici-ri 
sliown the Canadian contingent at the 
ranges said: "We certainly had cause 
to grumble, but attach no blame to the 
Xatlonal Rifle association for our grlev- 
MpoeH which were removed at once upon 
complaint. \\'e are confident that there 
will be n'. friction In the future. There 
was notliing to complain of in the treat- 
ment 0/ the general public, who gave 
us Just the sort of welcome that one 
section of Britishers should extend toan- 
(,ther of the same stock. Canadian 
marksmen will continue to visit IJisley 
and compete in the matches." 


1 Hon. Mr. Ollvpf Wrtw <Trn«rouii. Houso 

f)>,fii>oii ('en»«rr Volo. M«ll S»rvlrf In 
South Seas. Working Haiti for Trt>ailes. 

■Z — Telcsraphlo N>w». 

3 — Mske Addltloni to Mill Piani. 

<— Editorial. 

i— Social end Pnrmnnsl. 

»_>Iew» of the City. 

7_>I,w» of the City. 

I c. V. R. Hotel Bullrilntt In Hrltlsh <'ol- 


9 — Sporting New*. 
iC- AfidJti^yiR? ^i*'>r^- 

11— Additional .Sport. 

3 J— Reel Bttetfl Advla. 

U— Real Estate Advts. 

U — Marina News. 

IK— Markets. 

le— Claertfled Atlvts. 

IT — AflrU. 

IS— Dairld Spencer. 

ANNAPOLIS, M. D.. Au*. 7.-rAdralral 
Count Togo today Inspected the grounds 
and buildings of the United States 
Naval academy here. His visit was ir. 
the nature of a Marathon tour, for his 
programme made possible only a hasty 
walk and the most casual observance. 
On three hours, however, he saw the 
entire group of btilUIIngs. and declared 
the place to be a most complete and 
comprehensive Institution. 

The party lunched at the house of 
Superintendent .lohn H. Gibbons. The 
Letter offered a toast to tho Kmperor of 
.lapan, and Ao'mlral Togo responded 
with one to the President of the United 
States, Then in broken Unglish the ad- 
miral toa.-^le.d the Japanese graduates of 
the Cniled Stales Naval academy, wlio 
are now serving In the .Tav)ahese licet, 
and who, the admiral hoped, "would 
strengthen the link of friendship be- 
tween the United States and Japan." 

At th« bier of John Paul Jones, the 
admiral paused and stood at salute. The 
portraits of Admiral Dewey, Sampson 
and Farragut next caught his eye and 
he lingered long before each. 

After a brief stop at the chapel, the 
Japanese party concluded theii' visit and 
returned to Washington. 

Addresses Press Clnb. 
W.\STITKGT(5N, Aug. 7. — A brief 
speech, the (Irst be has delivered In 
this country, was made by Admiral 
Togo before tlie National Press club 
of Washington, D. C, tonight at tho 
close I'f a strenuous day's programme. 
Following his visit to the naval acad- 
emy at Annapolis, the Japanese visitor 
was the guest of Secretary Knox, at a 
banquet at tlie I'an-Ameriean Union 
building. Later he was given a recep- 
tion by 'he newspapermen. The ad- 
miral spoke in Japanese, his remarks 
being Interpreted by Lieutenant Com- 
mander TnunguishI, his naval aide. He 
said; "Since niy arrival In this country. 
ih« president of lids gre.'-t republic has 
received me with the greatest honor and 
hospilallty. Tour government has ex- 
tended to me Innummerahle courtesies 
and your fellow-citizens have given me 
the most hearty welcome. All thene, 
I dare say, arc more than I am entitled 
to, and I take them ns meant toward 
my august rovereign, and for his sub- 
jects. Nothing pleaaei- me more than 
to take home the moat happy r'smem- 
brancea of my viKit to th« Uiili«« fitAt*». 
•Gentlemen, may I ask to take this 
opportunity to convey to your country- 
men, in behalf of myself, my feeling 
of profound gratitude and high appre- 
ciation of their hearty welcome." ^ 

"To secure the ratification of the 
treaties, however, appeal rnu.-^t be made 
to the moral sense of the nation, and 
■syhile that is not entirely in the keep- 
ing of the churches, certainly they may 
exert a powerful infiaence in the pro- 
owUon Qt .*ny .effective instrumentality j 
to secure permanent peace." 

Leaving the arbitration trentif>i be- 
hind, the r'resident asked for the same 
sort of popular support of the treaties 
with Honduras and Nicaragua. 

"There is no issue before the Senate 
so acute In respect to the cause of peace 
as the confirmation of these central 
American treaties." said the President. 
•While 1 admit the greater Importance 
of universal treaties of arbitration In 
the long run. and as affecting the world 
lit large, yet in respect of American In- 
terests, in respect of peace in this 
hemisphere, they are not etiual In pre- 
.sent to the confirmation of these 
Central American treaties." 

In making his plea for the Central 
American conventions, Mr. Taft highly 
praised former President Roosevelt. He 
spoke of the tendency of the United 
States to lend a helping hand to less 
powerful peoples, and Instanced Mr. 
Koosevelt's intervention in Cuba. That 
tendency was evidenced also, he said, 
"by the wonderfully successful inter- 
vention by Theodore Hoosevelt" as 
President In securing, peace between Ja- 
pan and Russia. 

China Gives Subsidy 
A Shanghai telegram states that the 
Chinese government has declared its 
readiness to grant a .yearly subsidy of 
3t>0,U«l) taels lo a private owner, which 
would take over C»o nvaritinie traftlc 
lSptw.'er. ,\inerlca and J?hina. 

'^c^mons todfly i^j 

The motion was Introduced by 

J. Balfour, leader of the opposition, and 

Its defeat Is regarded aa having failed 

to Improve the Uniomst cause. 

The gravest of the oppositions 
charges against the government was 
that Premier Asquith had taken advan- 
tage of the King's inexperience to 
bring about an abuse of the royal pre- 
rogative by securing the guarantee be- 
fore the last general election. Mr. As- 
quith easily disposed Of this charge by 
showing that the mlnlsterB had pursued, 
an entirely proper constitutional course. 
The result was that after the premier's 
speech' the debate on the Un»»nl»t •*<*e 
virtually collapsed. v ' .;-•,) 

Frederick B. Smltli^atrtl (rtli«r80*^l?e 
"Die Hards" made brave attempts to 
fan ti»e name against the government, 
birt were compeHed-tO"f<ftV-,*»»<!lt,.o«. tho 

well Wutii aXii iii*..^i*i.— .-- —— — ?^xrxr_iii . .. 

of the government were being driven 
by their task master. John Redmond, 
and that their whole object .was to ae- 
,..•,■ paasai?^ bt;.XTi»b" .Ho-tne- 

BawuiU Destroyed. 
SEDRO-VVOOLLHY, -Wash.. Aug. 7.—, 
The Oottshall and Metsker sawmill, the 
largest in Sedro-Woolley, was partly 
destroyed by lire tonight. The planing 
mill and the dry kiln were saved, but 
the main building, the olflcos and much 
of the stock were lost. The damage Is 
placed at »30,000' halt' IWI^red. 

Mr, George W, Perkins Decries 
Competition and Argues for 
Plan of Business Co-opera- 


Burglar Employed by Defaulter 
in Jersey City to Destroy 
Evidence Falls Victim to Ex- 



NEW VUilK, Aug. 7, — As a result of 
the alleged attempt last night to des- 
troy the records or the Long i:»ock 
Mills & Klevator company in Jersey 
City, for the purpose of concealing a 
shortage of t2h{)n in the accounts of 
Samuel Brown, the ca.shler, Brown and 
Patrick J. Tlmnions, an expert accoun- 
tant, are In Jail there tonight under 
charges of arson, ( onsplracy and uiaii- 

The police hold a cortfesslon. bearing 
Brown's signature, telling of his plans 
for the crime and naming Tlmmnns b.s 
an accomplice. Frank Walsh, known as 
•Lightning," the burglar, who was hir- 
ed to do the Job, died today of burns 
received In trying to carry out the 

Brown was arrestt-.. when he reported 
for work. His employers told the police 
that experts had been examining the 
accounts, and had set today I'or exam- 
ining the books. Brown, after little re- 
filstance to the detectives' questioning, 
told thorn he had been ehort since Jan- 
uary 1. anfl tn«t 'fimmon* bad worked 
on the books for three mouvhs, try- 
ing to cover up nis tracKs. 

Tlie police did not tell Brown upon 
(Continued on P»C« >. Col. B.> 

HOUtSHTON, Mich., Aug. 7.— Mr. 
George W. Perkins of New York rvas 
to have delivered an address bef.)r4 
the Michigan college of mines toda\ 
on the topic "Wanted — A Constructive 
National Policy." Mr. Perkins, how- 
ever, was called to testify bofor,-. the 
Stanley steel Investigation committee, 
at Washington, and in his abser.o 
Pre-sident McNalr read the paper. 

"It i.s .1 nr.atter of C'>mnion kniwl- 
edge," said the address, "that twenty 
or more years ago congress pa-ssod u 
law that was intended to put bar-ier'i 
in tlij way of plans that bu^mon-; w.-.s 
underti k'nR for the fu.the." uiihtrld-v. 
iiig and extension of traae and coni- 
merce in the United .States— p la''. s 
that .in the judg.ncnt of men 
were' eiJSCJitlai and whkn would iilli- 
mateli operate; for the gr<^ate.^l good 
of the greatest number. 

"It h a ri'Htler of comm tn knowlcdrti; 
I'.if-.t tne fr.forcemcnt of V-i'< la'v was 
almost r.i glected for yea s, durin,:; 
which ! isiness men v\'er^j allov^cd ".o 
pruce'-sl with their plans. U it; ;•. mat- 
icr of common knowledgj thi.r idrlpg 
the hi."-' eight ■ r fen y3ars somo ' f 
o .r e.\'.' utives have endjavored to er- 
foice thifi law. and while doing so, 
studying it^^ effect and aeei'u its or - 
cration. hrve raised tho iu \?ir\3n as to 
uiK-llicr i' should not be niucudcd. 

"At l;<st this (lueallon ?'fiacn«. • oip- 
supreme court, and that court has f!iil- 
ed 10 lini.: that because .a comijan.' is 
Kri,"c in S170, it evidently !»• cvii in 

"CoM'Ci-chs steadily lias \ilt ■ i for the 
destruction of our local business enter- 
prises. It has appropriated money to 
find out what crimes these concerns 
have committed nnd >vhal evil prac- 
tices tbcy have indulged In, but so far 
as common knowledge goes It has tak- 
en no step to ascertain what good 
these concerns hav« accomplished, 
and whether there Is anything oi bene- 
fit and value In them that should he 

"A oongrcssior..a! committee might 
find it of advantage to the people to 

"First: Has the cost of articles made 
by the so-called trusts Increased or 

"Second: Have wages Increased or 

"Third: Has labor h*»#n more titt^A- 
lly employed and better housed— more 
generally employed and better satis- 
"Fourth: Have there been £ew«r 
(Continued on Pa»e 3, col, 4.) 

v^on^. CM 

T^'fiftall'^K- ' ■'■'• ■^•■ 
qulth to* reveal his conversations with 
King Geprge.- but WlM*l<*a Spencer 
Churchill, the home secretary, who 
wound up the debate, declined to con- 
sider tor a moment such an unusual 

An Incident of the session was the 
strong disapproval shown by the main 
body of the Unionists to the rellectlons 
made against the leadership- W Mr. 
Balfour and Lord Lansdowne by Mr. 
.Smith and other representaUves of the 
HaiBbury revolt. - . ; 

The debate was charatsterlzed by num- 
erous interruption", but there was no 

Mr. Balfour's Speech 
The chamber was filled to its capac- 
ity. Peers and distinguished strangers 
were present In lai-ge numbers. The 
diplomats and ladies gailcrlea were 
flUed, the occupants Including Ameri- 
can Ambaijsador Held and Other diplo- 

Mr. Halfoar"."s motion, or which he 
gave notice on August -', Is as follows: 
(Continued on Page 2, Col. 3. i 

PataUty at. Copper Blver. 
■ CORDOVA, Alaska, Aug. 7. — Two men 
were killed and several badly injured 
today when a section of the Chltlna tun- 
nel on the Copper River and North- 
- western railway caved in, W. A. O'Nell 
fonnaa, ;aBri- John Sui:i:iit::-= vf^te KHl^O. 
and 'Ato>5fe (Slbla Is missing, still Im- 
prlsbri'ei In the. tunriel. It Is believed 
that he Is dead, IBle'vcn men wsre 
caught in the cave-in, but rescuers 
promptly dug out all except Slbla. A 
'. I ,( train Wiiiiiilnirn S'-ni to cu 
! ! n i u red. 




Majorities in House and Senate 
Fail to ReaciT Agreement on 
Wool and Free List Bills- 
Outlook Somewhat Brighter 



Employes of Shops Throughout 
the West Present Demands 
Which Companies Refuse to 

MEANS $50,000,000 


WASHINGTON, Aug. T.— Senator 
LaFoUettc ond Chairman Underwood, 
of the House ways' and means com- 
mittee, who have undertaken to recon- 
cile the differences between the sen- 
ate and the house on the wool and the 
farmers' free list bills for the full 
conference committee, are in an un- 
questioned deadlock, with the possibil- 
ity of remaining so, and tlius forcing 
an adjournment of the session without 
ilnal action on cither of these meas- 

The tie-ui' i:- <'!"C !■! the uncomprom- 
Lslng opi>osltion of Mr. LaFotlette to 
the House bill. He has told Mr. Un- 
derwood that a reduction of the rates 
below those fixed by the bill as It 
passed the senate Is an imposalbiiily, 
and In reply the chairman of the ways 
and means committee, who had great 
didiculty in getting an agreement on 
the rates fixed in his Idll, has said 
that the House will never accept the 
senate ligures. 

Mr. LaFolletto's contention 
the senate rates constitute a 
tlon of about three-fourths 
defference between the rates 
Pavno - Aldrlch law and 
House bill: that it is 

CMU.:/i.UV.», rtUK. I. — iiioL I... ."•• 

roads of the West are threatened 
with a general strike was indicated 
here tonight by statements of Julius 
Krtitschiiiitt. vice-president of tho 
i;n!on Pacific and Southern Paclllc 
roads. According tn his statements, 
the union.s have presented demands 
that would mean an additional burden 
of $50,000,000 a year to the western 


Fmployecs of the railroad shops. In- 
cluding blacksmiths, car workers, Ir- 
<,n moulders, machinists and pattorn 
makers, are said to have presented de- 
mands calllr.g for a strict enforce- 
ment of the eight-hour day. employ- 
ment of union foremen exclusively, 
varlotis changes In working conditions, 
and more pa>-. 

It Is said thus far tlic roads have 
agreed 'in informing the men that 
their demands would not he granted. 

"The railroads are paying top notch 
wages now," said Mr. Knitschnitt. 
"and the demands that have 
made are unreasonable, 
guensing whpn i say Cue 
unions have mapped out would mean 
an additional burden of |&0,000,000 a 
year to the roads, but it la certain the 
additional expenses would be larae." 

s tliat 
of tho 
of tho 
those of 
to go lower and hold anything like 
!ill llu> iirogrossive I'tcpiiblcans, and 
ti.Mt it is hotter for the Democrats to 
take half a loaf than l<> get nothing 
In the way of tariff bread. 

Mr. Underwood did nob accept the 
senate figures, but is canvassing the 
1-loiise to ascertain what Increase over 
iContlnued on Page .2. Col. . B.) 

I am merely 

i>l£iPti ti.S 

Fifty Years Ago Today 

iFnini The CoIo.iIhI «f AiiKUBt 


Nflvarl a we 

Pacinc has 

learn that the uleiinicr 

Hhe was to leave for 

M«ssr«. Fos- 
Houae of Assembly 

Hv the arrival of the Sierra ^ ^ .,_ .,..m 

l.een ral««l and arrived at Astoria on under .team, 
.'ian Kianclnco today. 

A( twenty minute, pn.t three o'cloek y<"-t_^r1'.y j^l^^.^^^^f^^" „?,V,^. 
ler. Gordon and Franklin 
V.,;,. n.ltnnrnrd until to. lay at lhr«« o'<:locK V. m. 

... . ' , u in Roi,in«rjn will lake a benell' at the Victoria rneatra m 

.1. .'h'"o;ri'o;'' '^naeniar'"' X'lV^rr^l... wl.h t^e ^^'^^^JT ^'^^Zt^^i 
.•^!ls« Suaan a. "Parthenla." Mro. <lara as A':''« *^ "'* ^J^K Wwi a uJw- 
„f .Mnaallla." After the pP^y Mia. Susan w «"»«*' ^L^*^S^Sk\tk* '^vmm 

l,e ballad and a dance. W. B. «""»"*"' ^f'^'J*,, *£'t.53*-llt^ 
OJtwItled" will wind up the performances. Th« Wll l« • ««W mm mmn ssr. IMW. 

Inaon Is certainly entitled lo a full house. 

At midnight on Tuesday Sergt. BJak-^ whHW i«lW,^l!g^ 
disappearing thronith the llrst •»?'•» JI^SSSLt ^^ ' 
cer araeped the chap by hie pwal J'EWMWW 
#b«re 'lie re«iv*« ai"* f^ aa e i i « i» % m m1 kr: .mLM 
arrefted some tjma #f«.«* . ^ 
«ry. He was tafcfia betAHt M*. 
imiMrMMiment la Im^^-^t Wl^x 


« aoMI 





Tutsday, Auguat 9, 1911 




(Conlinued from Page 1-' 

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u.Tf« ti) be revised Ihla montli hy the 
provliuial autlinrltles. Sir Wilfriil 
l.unrlri- has l<ikoii th.- w(jrk out nt 
ihclr hi-mds, and the "tliln red lino" 
outra^^t's may a^nlri be looked for. 
Sir Wlllria WUl »«tlrB 
Sir Wlllrid Laurier i» fXceeillnKly 
anxious to unH othce and iiH luborH. 
H<» wonlrt haVK done this before but 
for the retuHUl of his party to go on 
without him. The new problem is how 
to release hltn from the post and not 
leave the party Instintiy the prey to 
defeat. The plan 1h evWently to try If 
posslhle to win the present election, 
and then to lose no time In Ivirnlnff 
over the mantle ol ofhoe t» .Mr. Ura- 
ham, Klvlng hlni ."everal years ui wliicii 
to settle Into the saddle If he can. Mr. 
Graham Is the one man In Bigiit. Mr. 
Fielding's bolt whh shot long ago, even 
before his standing was shattered by 
such incidents as the mysterious gift 
o( liao.OOO and the grunting of. the 
certltlcate to the Farmers' UauK. to 
say nothing of his performance of ne- 
gotiating the reciprocity stgreement 
without statistics and information. Mr. 
Uemlcux's boom has vanUi-a, and ot 
the ministers, Mr. Graham seems the 
only possible successor. The premier- 
ship Is to be won once more, ostensibly 
for Sir Wilfrid L,aurler's unlimited 
wearing, and then transferred to an- 
other. Kl.'clors who think tney are vot- 
ing for Laurier really will be voting 
for Graham. If Sir VVIlfrld is defeated 
he will at once retire. He already has 
expiiciiiy i"ui luw iiuiiSc or 'Jorr.~cn2 
that he "HI not asaln serve as leader 
of the onix'witlon. 

Th»- i."m;scri;ilives of (Jlengurry held 
a mii.^t succi'S'sful and eiii.ii.slastlc con- 
vention at Alexandria on Siaturday and 
tendered tin- unanimous nomination to 
Duncan McMartln. Mr. Mi-Mnrlln will 

it l«ft this HouHe, IB a grosa vioiauon 
of the constllutional liberty by which, 
among other 111 conBequences, tha peo- 
ple will be precluded from again pro- 
nouncing on the policy of Home Uuie." 
The rival leaders were loudly Oieer- 
ed as they entertd the room and Mr. 
Hal four received an ovation as he rose 
to prest'iil Ills motion. 

The fonni-r I'tilonlst premier «'mi'iin- 
slzed tliat he was contieiou.s of llie 
gravity of the (<lluallon ami Itie seri- 
ou8ne8^ of the stop which he .h-<k»mI 
the HouHe to take. He liiought that It 
wouta be admitted viiat Uwver Sn the 
history had there been a more serious 
cane or on».' wHli-li more urgently de- 
aerved the (.onsideratlon ot parliament 
and the emphatic condnMinnlion or the 

■The nilni.-,l'ji>. -aid .Mr. Jial.-ur, 
■have grossly abused their rights of 
advising the crown and by abusing 
those rights put themselves above tim 
constitution. They have acten wholly 
without precedent," not as Mr. Halfour 
conceived, in order to meet any great 
(luestlon of state, '•but In ord<tr to fur- 
ther a pjirty agreement between differ- 
ent section* which support taem and 
In oTder'to pt-event the people of the 
country from pronouncing their opin- 
ion on Home Rul«. " 

The Unionist leader asserted that 
the ministry had placed the sovereign 
who had Just come to the throne In a 
cruel position. The King was a fount 
of honor, but tha government by their 
advice had poisoned and corrupico the 
stream at its source. 

He dubbed the proposed new peers 
"supers In this sordid drama." 

Mr. Halfour declared that U Would 
b« dirncuH to cii*iu«i-*ti of any po»it«Cian 
playing a meaner or more coiitemptible 
part. He contended that the question 
of Home Itule had never bven before 
the country throughout ttie controversy. 
There was not the slightest Justlhca- 
ilon for the creation of peers to en- 
able the government to carry It through 

■■\vnai urings panic- uinj I'-iiluit:. 

"And what is our congress at this 
moment calling loudly on our utloriiey 
general to enforce even to the tlnnr of 
tl.e jallV Corripetitlon. 

"The congrf-ssmiin who stands fur it 
literal enforcement (jf the Shernuui 
act, stands for the sweatshop and 
child labor. Competition produces the 
two extremes, — iiiilllonairfH aiiJ paup- 
ers; while co-oix.-raiion looks toward 
more stable conditions and a more 
equal (ll«lril)utlon of wealth. Thl-s 
f,...,..y,»M.. (w suffcrin"' fr*'ni i*. d^!o£C^ "f 
politicians and a dearth of statesmen. 
We must give better imn to our pub- 
lic life." 

.Mr. FprkiriK finds the reason for the 
liostlUtj- toward business in tlie nu-u 
sent to congress. Up to the close of 
the civil -war business men took a keeu 
interest in public life and aflalrs; 
inerchaiUs were governors of states, 
mayor.'* of cities, members of state 
legislatures and congress. 

"The close of the war," he contlnu';d, 
"seems to have seen a diminution of 
this practice, and we have seen less 
of such men tn public service, and 
while many of our public servants In 
recent years have beeh broad-minded 
Btateamen. we find our city srovern- 
menta, our legislatures, our congress, 
to a considerable extent composed of 
men having no buslnesB training or 
experience — men who have made a 
profession of public business, men who 
have sought the Job rather than as In 
olden times, having been called to 
take public office as a public duty." 



(Continued from !'.«« 1. 

hut li Mt i us e s wn i i CT Ut a reteret i re to the 

r^n^r^l^ 1* 11.10 /*rtn»raf-\' »o git *»n)n1rino 

of constitutional legislative chambers 
to put both chambers In the hands of 
the executive to manipulate as they 
like, and It was a wholly unconstUu- 
tional method of dealing with deadlocks 
for the prime minister to advise the 
King to pack the Upper House wlin 
hired voters. 

Mr. Balfour concluded with i"c 
prophecy that the country would soon 
let the radical* know that It would not 
allow a repetition of the "crime of 

J^emter'B Reply 

Premier Asqulth, in reply, Jeeringty 
thanked Mr. Walfour for "this oppor- 
tune, though unexpocted motion." It 
was the very thing that the govern- 
nient wanted. The prime minister ex- 
plained the circumstances under which 
he had obtained guarantees rrotn the 

King,- which had i«5«li pci'Sjolwrilly &•)- 
scured by the opposition. 

"It was my strong hope and belief.' 
he said, "that the Lords wiuld accept 
the bill, and only when that hope was 
frustrated, as it was last rronth. His 
Majesty was asked kn(ji consented. If ^t 
Was necessary, to exc^i'clse his preroga- 
tive. He took the only course consis- 
tent with honor and a true regard lor 
the dignity of the crown." 

Mr. Asqulth told the House that it 
was at the King's expressed desire that 
he disclosed the communications which 
had passed between them, so there 
would be no mystery and no misunder- 
standing of a perlectiy simple and cor- 
rect transaction. He stated that his in- 
tention to ask for guarantees in certain 
eventualiltles had been communicated 
to King Edward tlrsf on April 14, 1910. 
Mr. Asqulth concluded by maintain- 
ing that the only method of dealing 
with the situation was through the use 
of the royal prerogative. 

"1 hold my office." he added, "not on- 
ly by the favor Of the crown, but on 
behalf of the people and I should be 
guilty. Indeed, of treason, ir at the su- 
preme moment of a great struggle 1 
were to, hetray their trust." 

After various speakers had echoed 
the sentiments of their leaders, Winston 
Spencer Churchill, the home secretary, 
wound up the debate in a stirring 
speech on behalf of the government. 
The vote was then taken and the mo- 
tion to censure the go-v-ernment was 
defeated by 365 to 24«. 

arresting him that Walsh had died. In- 
stead they tried to batter down his 
defence, and falling, one of them hnally 

"Walsh died at 5 o'clock this morn- 

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Mr. Borden's Heatings 

Mo.VTKliAb. Aug. v.— .Mr. Uorden 
win open the campaign In the Kastern 
Townships on August 28 by an address 
at Karnham. In the next few days ho 
will speak at Sherbrooke and Cook- 
shire. He will be accompanied by Hon. 
J. C. Uoherty, Charles Casgraln and 
H. S. Ames. 

Some Party Nominatloas 

WIXNII'KO. Aug. v.— Throe members 
of the Alberta legislature resigned on 
Saturday to run lor the House of Com- 
mons. H. Hennett of Calgary. Vv . 
Buchanan of L.ethbridge, and Ur. .ar- 
nerlch of Plncher Creek. The former 
opposes reciprocity and tho two others 
favor It. 

The nrSt nomination made in Mani- 
toba lor the coming elections, took 
place bttlutday al iaoracn, sa one u. 
the border constituencies. T. C. Mor- 
ris, leader of the Manitoba Utberals, 
spoke on reciprocity". He described tne 
opposition as constating of prophecies 
and superstltlonx. He was loudly cheer- 
ed. Twelve Liberals were nominated, 
but all save Peter Wright of Myrtl«» 
and I'Tank Oreenway of Crystal Cltj^. 
withdrew their names. On voting Mr. 
(Jrecnway was declared nominated. 

rUKT ARTHUK. Aug. ?.— J. J. Carry, 
M.P.P., has cabled from Kngland his ac- 
ceptance of the Conservative nomina- 
tion for Kalny River and Thunder Way 
and will probably be detlnttely chosen 
at the conventloYi on Saturday to op- 
pose .lames Conniee. The Liberals have 
dispensed with the formalities of nom- 
inating Cohmee. 

DRKSplfiN. Aug. 7.-— -Kast Kent Con- 
servatives on Saturday nominated Mr. 
Harry J. Krenoli to oppose U. A. (Jlordoa, 
M. P. 

I'KTKHBUMO. Aug. 7.— Hon. J. U. 
Siratton has been unanimously renom- 
inated by West Peterboiro Liberals. 

MONTUEAL, Aug. 7. — The Labor 
forces of Montreal met In ttt« Labor 
Temple and Alphonse Vervllle was un- 
animously nominated as candidate tor 
Matsonneuve. O: K. Brunet was also 
nominated Labor candidate for Stan- 

.TOHO.NTO, Aug. 7.— The Independent 
Labor party has called a meetiag of 
labor men for Krlday next to consider 
the advisability of nominating a num- 
bnr of Labor candidates for thi- tortii- 
comlng election. Nodehnlte programme 
has been arranged, but it Is probable 
that at throe prominent labor 
men will be put In the tirlrt against 
the Con.servatlve candidates. Mtich de- 
pends upon the llnnncini support the 
various unions win aci"ord_Jthe__candi- 


Hrown gnppeu nis cnair. Hi» uicaii'. 
came haixl and his eyes stared. ■ m\ 
God," he gasped, "1 can't have a man's 
death on my shoulders," then he told 
his story. |, ^ 

Tlmmons was arrested near his home 
in Newark. Intermittently the detectives 
have been with him all the afternoon, 
seeking to elicit a confession, but t.ieir 
efforts so far have been unsuccess- 

The safe was found Intact, although 
the police, at tlrst glance, thought Its 
doors had been blown from the hinges. 
There was evidence to show that gaso- 
line had been used liberally, but no 
evidence of an explosion. The books, 
however, were only charred about the 
edges, although soaked 'with the oil. 
When Walsh was found, with his eyes 
blown out and his clothing all- but 
burned from his bod.v, he said that he 
had gone Into the cflicc, the d'_>cr be- 
ing open, to sleep. He was smoking a 
cigarette, he said, and fell asleep and 
he supposed' the cigarette set the place 
aflre. At the hospital he was told that 
he would die of his burns. 

"Now," queried a detective, "who was 
with you7 Won't you tell us how n 
happened," Walfh shook his head and 
atraighten^td' on bid 00>t. It W«iai his last 

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'That the advice given KIs .Majesty 
by His iMaJcaty's mtiitstBrs.- whcr. hv 
thoy ol)taln'-rt troni Ills .Majpst>- ;. 

yieors woubl l.u ii '■ " 
parliament MU m ;i. 

Ambulanoo Asaoclatloa — -The civilians' 
(■1j'.'->; Ml ■ nnnfotlffH With the St. .Tohn's 
.Viiiliiib:;-,.-. .-r-^r.rir, tjr.n -!^-ill rnrnrnpnrii 
Thtirsil.iy ;i I ^ |i 111, This i-oursi- of 
lecturr.'i will lio held in llie police court, 
^hc If^cturer will be Dr. Houghlon, and 
the .'^cf-rntary for tho rln.sK is Mr. .1. 
Kiner. Hhplbovirno sfrf-et. A .xpoclnl 
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(Contlnueyi from T'ns;.^ 1.' 






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failures in tl','' lim^H "f 
\oIvf'd '.' 

■I'iflh: 1 lave (lie , po-rallrd 
liKrrH.sfii or liecrcaocd wur 
trade b.-ilancos? 

"Sixth: Havo the so-called tru.stH dp- 
vl.spcl ways and mean.«( and prnviden 
the capital for savlnp nnd utilizing 
the waste products, whlcVi could not 
havp been done by sinullcr concerns'.' 
"Seventh: Is the tendency to have 
tlie ownership of these large compan- 
ies and the profits made by them en- 
joyed by ;i few men or hy many men? 
Is the tendency to havo corporn- 
lluiis In the future create, by their pro- 
nto, larpe fortuncr^ f"r a few men, ns 
WHS the case In parluerBlilp.s uniler 
competitive method.s. or is the tend- 
ency to distribute such pronts gener- 
ally among the people? 

"('ongrcss has ignored every sug- 
Kcstioii by Roosevelt, by Taft, by 
Wicker.shain. yes even by pome of lt« 
nwn inemhers, looking - toward any 
method that may preserve any good 
Ihero l.«, any hcncntK or advnntas;e 
there are to the peoiile. in n Inrge 
litiRlness undertaking, and has .«.eenied 
ctintont to let the country drift to- 
ward luiHlness chno.q. 

•nvhat has .«»tnrtcd to give us sweat- 
shops'.' Competition. 

"What hii.-? given cniirt labor? v'om- 

••What caused low wages? Competi- 
tion. What throws labor out of am- 
ploymant? Compatltloa 



(Continued from Page 1.) 

the House votes may he possible. He 
has told some of his friends that the 
House might be persuaded to meet 
the senate half way, but the progress- 
ive leader merely smiled in response 
to suggestions of this character. He 
told Mr. Underwood that the differ- 
ence was with hla party friends, rath- 
er than with himself, and they aus- 
tained him In the .statement. 

The progressive Republicans consid- 
ered it important that they stand as a 
body, and have found it impossible to 
obtain anything like unanimous con- 
sent to a rate of less than 35 per cent, 
on raw wool and «* ''correspondins 
rates on woolens fixed by the senate 
bill. The dtfflculties pertain^ entirely 
to the wool bills. An agreement on 
the free list could be had at any time. 
The deadlock ha.s given rise to all 
kinds of suggestions nnd .surmises. 
Arceptlng the tanglo as Inextricable, 
.soino senators and rcprcHPntatlvps 
have .suggested a movcniont for final 
Kdjiiurnrnent, rpgardic-!=s of tha confer- 
ence, and tho sen.-Ue i.s being sounded 
on that propo.sltlon. Most of the reg- 
ular liepublicans nre willing to agree 
•to this, ns are some of the Dcniocrnts. 
Included in the latter list nre those 
.southern senators who would like !■> 
see further consideration of the cottmi 
bill postponed until next se.ssion. They 
nre willing to accept almost any leglt- 
Imate reason for delay, and would wel- 
come any exlgem-x- lieil would cavt^ 
cotton over. 

The cotton bill Is unquestb'nabl.N 
pinying a part in the conference, but 
all the facts have not come to the sur- The Inpurgcnt Republicans and 
some of the. Democrats who strongly 
favor cotton legislation .-tppreciale the 
ImpoH.sibillty of holding a f(uoruni of 
eongress in Washington after final ac- 
tion" on the wool 1-111. They tal-e the 
position that the only safeguard for 
the cotton bill is to keep wool back 
until after tho cottini bill is reporled 
and a day fixed for a vote. 

The power to so hold the measure 
rests with the conferees, but they do 
not admit that they are acting from 
tlil.n motive. 

Senator I^aFollette ti-ld some of his 
.senatorial associates on the. conference 
fommlttee today that the outlook for 
an agreement was somewhat brighter. 
He also said that while the full con- 
ference conimlttee might be called to- 
gether any day, a week might 
before a rneeting would be desired l>y 
the sub-committee. 

Mr. Under^'^oori tonight said that he 
"lielleved that the free bill would 
be sent to the president." ' 

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^:,'^';X^"'>- ■■■ 'tuSr'scotch S^ons ana Scotch 


Alusic. (.-and Tug-of-War open to 5 Wards. 

n^ • -,f A and To;o a. ni. and 2 and 4 p. m. 

l;:::;^ wiut :;ih:ered by the Hon. Premier McBride. 



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,the v,»« .wnwr tl.«ifl*TlH 

m ... I' . 




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iM.llowlng out the policy of Improve- 
,.,.Mi to the present plant .ii« Canatllan 
Pugft Sound Lumber company has let 
ih*. foniract lor a new i>>fus., burner 
to be located at the rear r m. present 
burner which Is not of sutii<ii-nt cap- 
acity for the work it la called upon to 
do. The new burner will be thirty- 
three feet In diameter and 1:21 feet in 
ji^rgiht, w'lTl *Be WHttr'la "^nown *Bs n 
water Jacket burner o£ tUe yeiy Ift'est 
type and will not only thorodgWy con- 
sume the mill refuse but also obviate 
the danger from fire, which the pres- 
ent burner doeo aot. The cost of th>» 
burner to be erected over the water 
and away from the immediate vicinity 
of the plant will be »25,000. The con- 
uacl luis 1i',-ii .1 warded to the Muk- 
UeKon Uoilor work.s, of Muskegon. Mich. 
Wurk will louiuKnce this week on its 
1 rt'cllon. 

AiioUliM- aiUliliiiu to iho already ini- 
:;;■.:•..•;;■ •.•ii'.nt v!!) '>'■ « 'X'W concrete 
.Iry-kUti aloMMrslde the preseni kiii «.« 
cost $;.. - .. 

Mr. lirllKTt llaukln, In charge of th.' 
cuiiipunys luilUMK "I" nttioiiH, stalvd 
yeslenlay Ihal several itnprov eineiitH 
will he insutute.l at an early date 
whleli. will make the present plant t>n 
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ist. since the recent 
anialKaniallon ...f the Miehi^an Puget 
Sound Lumber cnipany aiul the .Mich- 
igan I'acltic Lumber company into the 
Caiia-lian Puget Sound Ltimhcr co<i!- 
pany with a capital of »r,.OUtt,Ot.>0, many 
important linpi ovements have been de- 
cided upon an.l will be carried out a,s 
the need for them arises. It was re- 
cently announced that the new com- 
pany would erect a large saw mill 
either here or on the mainland, but so 
far plan.-i to that end have not been 

Mr. Mankln emphatically denied the 
report that negotiations for the pur- 
chase of any part or all of the com- 
pany's timber holdings at Jordan River 
iiad been entered Into. The rumor had 
it that Krench capitalists were desir- 
ous of securing the limits and the sum 
of Jl.OOU.OOO. for some n.OOO acres was 
named. Mr. HMoUin stated yesterday 
1 that no dial U pending and that whal- 
I over part ol' the company's limits may 
In the future be (Hsposed of the Jordan 
River limits would bo retained by his 
company. Kurther he said no deal for 
uny other timber limits owned by the 
company has been under consideration. 

greater activity and earnestne.s.s m H' 
future. Those appointed as an art com- | 
mlltee wer^ Mrs. C. G. Henshaw of | 
YaiK-ouver. Mrs. Shaffer of I'hlladelphla. ; 
Mr Hvron Harmon of Banff, and Mr. J. 
a. Chapman of Victoria; eO'^'c'ey. Pro- 
fe.sBor Coleman of Toronto University, 
Mr. C. H. Mitchell of Toronto, Mls.s 
Vaux of Philadelphia, and Professor K. 
M. of Columbian College, New 
XVcstmlnsier; botany, Mrs. Ilenshuw and 
Mrs. .Schaffer; literature,- Mrtt. Parker 
of Winnipeg, Miss Mabel T. Durham of 
Vancouver, Tror>"'nnv K. W. Freeborn of 
N#w York, and Dr. Hlckson of McGill 
Inlverslty, Montreal; equipment. Mrs. 
P. Burns of Calgary, Mrs. MacCarthy of 
Summit, N.J., Mr. J. P. Forde of Revel- 
stoke. Capt. Uongstaff of Victoria, and 
Mr. J. 1>. Patterson of Woodstock. 

nurlnfr the past few days cllmhintr 
lius gei vith increased vigor. A 

man w. . ' d In charge of a small 
auxiliary camp at Ross Lake, which ie 
situated almost on the Oreat Divide, 
about a ipUe southwest Of the railway 
summit at Stephen. ^ It is an exquisite 
little gem of a mountain tarn, but 
BllBauii- knowivscooB.e^d out Itl. ft »:f>g]j- 
bound amphitheatre from which an as- 
cent can lie made to Pope's Teak, also 
of the Great Plvldfl. At the camp sleep- 
ing accommodation has been provided 
for small parties who from It have been 
able to make ascents of Pope's Peak, 
Mounts N'lblock or Whyte, and to make 
expeditions along the Victoria ridge. 
The Pope's Peak section has been praK-- 
tlcally untravelled. Only strong climb- 
ers of experience have been allowed to 
make the attempt of Pope's Peak, which 
Is a ditflcull one. Some expedltlon.s to 
more distant mountains are being ar- 
iHngpil for the reinalnihsr davs of the 
camp, anti it is expecteo ttiat some very 
ci'editable work will bo ac.onipl'-'^lod. 



TiWti.V, A ■horn On Capa Sable 

New Co.tume. and Coat. Arriving Dally 



)aHN (OSt MW1I M- H» 

'When On "Way To Assist 
Canadian "Warship. 

HALIFAX, N. S,, Aug. 7— A wiielew.s 
dtspoteh reeelve<l hert* hhI.I ih.- HriliaU 
cruiser t'ornwall was str.imJeJ on the 
ledges of Cape Sable, a few miles from. 
where tho Canadian tlagship Niobe went 
on the rocks July 30. The messpse 
stated that the Cornwall was not tak- 
ing watei- and apparently liad sustained 
no serious damage. 

The Cornwall Is an armored cruiser of 
D,800 tons, and Is now used as a train- 
ing .ship. She has alwjut 300 cadets "on 
board, besides a regular erew and was 
on her way from St.. Johns. N. K., to 
Clarka Harbor, to tow the damaged 
Canadian cruiser Nlohe to this city. 

The whole coast Uno was enveloped 
in a thick fog last night, and this Is 
believed to have caused the Cornwall's 

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NO ell mblnK parties left the camp yes- 
terday (Auk. 1). as the annual business 
meeting, which Is always held at the 
summer camp, was called for 10 o'clock, 
•xnd at that hour all the residents of 
the white village gathered about the 
camp flre for a session which was mark- 
ed by the highest degree of unanimity 
and enthusiasm, writes Mrs. Mabel T. 
Durham, from Sherbiooke Lake Camp. 

The vice-president, Mr. J. D. Patter- 
son, presided, and gave an address In 
which ho reviewed the "work of the club 
during the past year, and announced 
that it now numbers 650 members. He 
congratulated the committee of manage- 
ment and the members -or the great suc- 
cess of this year's meev., at which a 
greater number of new members have 
quallfled for active membershlt) than at 
any previous camp. 

The report Of the president. Professor 
Coleman, Of Toronto University, was 
read, as was also that of the director. 
Mr. -A, O; 'Whceleir, -whose suggestions 
for futarfe tinder takings were heard with 
keenest Intereat. 

Mr. S. H. Mitchell, secretary-treasur- 
er, gave an account of the finances, 
•which proved that the organization is 
no longer an experiment, and that it has 
to a great extent passed beyond the 
struggles of its early days and la now 
flriHly established on a sound basLs. 

The auestion of establishing huts at 
various, Bt^ftleglc pOmiB in ' t1i« limUii:- 
tains, such as take O'Hara, Moraine 
Lake, Upper Toho Valley, Sherbrooke 
Lake and Paradise Valley was given 
some discussion, and It was the gen- 
eral ()i>lnlon that the club would be In 
a condition soon to undertake this very 
important worlt, in which it' la hoped 
the governmc'hl may assist, j 

A motion was passed to the effect 
that telegrams of congratulation he sent 
to Sir William Whyte and President 
Falconer of Toronto T^nlversity, both 
members of the club, wiio were the le- 
clplents of coronation honor.*!, and that 
the thanks of the club be conveyed to 
the British Columbia and Alberta Gov- 
ernments and to the Canadian Pacific 
Hallway Company for material help giv- 
en dtiring the year. ; 

Committees were formed to undertake 
various department.? of the club work, 
which it in hoped will be carried on with 


Princess Theatre — in a play of up- 
to-date college boy love maklni?, in 
which two pals, love the same glil and 
both set out to win her. the Williams 
Stock company we seen to advantage at 
the new Princess theatre last niKht. 
In the three acts of "College Chums" 
there is plenty to laugh at. Miss PInr 
kle Mullally us Laura Wlnstan 1« not 
new to Victorians and In last evontng's 
performance her popularity was again 
evident. Miss Wlnstan was the girl In 
the case and while she was led to like 
both chums, she found In Jnmes Oraham 
(Mr. W. H. Van Dyke) the one whom 
she wished to marry. Miss Marguerite 
Doyle, who supported Miss Mullally In 
the principle role, as Kate Blakomore. 
sacrinced herself tc tell the story of 
the untruthful chum, whom Bh«», (Kat« 
Blakemore) loved and whom Laura wag 
going to marry. Miss Doyle played the 
role of thia quiet and modest, but de- 
termined girl, verj- creditably. The fun- 
' makers divided honors. They were 
Gabe Hlgglns Olr. David Willlanns). who 
did not meddle with other people's bus- 
iness, but Just tried to find thlngfi out. 
and Miss Ora Wolf, who was a waif 
picked from the atreets of Boston She 
was warned never to use the intol- 
erable slang in company, but good- 
natUredljT to any .correction that "It 
was hard to cut It out." Mis Wolf 
gave the impersonation of a forlorn 
old maid, who although never married 
gave brilliant advice on marriage, but 
was always willing to be proposed to. 
Mr. Arthur Cyrll, and the villainous 



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(Late Waitt's Musfc Store) 
"I-'vcrything for the Office" 

role of Mr. tiadefwaod fcommetea fflg 
caste. The performance will be con- 
tinued Ihis week with the exception 
of tonight, when it will make room for 
another fixture. Last nlKhl's audience 
was highly pleased with the pcrform- 
ap,.o "1 "CoUege Chums." 

Jim Jeffries as Kunter 
SEATTLKJ; Aug. 7.--Jame8 J. .Tcf- 

fries, the pugilist, accompanied by his 
brother John, sailed on the. steamer 
.leffersnn tonight for Alaska, where he 
will spend three months hunting bear 
and other wild animals of the north. 
.Icffrles empbntlcaUy denied reports 
that the present expcdltlci: ■ 1 or the 
purpose of fitting him t.. .• "r the 
pugilistic arena. 

"I am through with that," auld .Icf- 
fries. "My only ambition in to en.ioy 
life In thr north and th«^n return to 
Los Anpei'fu feed the chlckf-ns." 
.leffrlcs' ■ ■"•■" '■'■'"" -^^'''^^i^^' ''' 


Italians In Shooting Affray. 
V.VNCOUVlcrt, V 1 . — Komeo Rosco 
Is dPRil, .Vntonio .MonoUto Is In the hos- 
pital .suffering from a slight bullet 
wound In his neck and the police are 
searching for an unknown Italian, who 
did the shooting last night on Harris 
Ptreet. ' The gvin fight took place on 
thn strefi. itie .lead man and his wound- 
ed enmpnnlon rnturnlng the fire of the 
murderer. Rosco died just as he 
reached the hospital. The police were 
unable to any statement from him 
which would aid Ihoni In running down | 
the murderer. Monotiti, is unconiniur.j- I 
cntlve and police believe the shooting Ifi | 
either the outomoe of nn Italliin v<-n- [ 
fletta or the result of a drunken 

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Tuesday, August 8, 191T 

gibe J 3ails (t olmi^t 

Th* Colonlit PrlntlnK and Publlihlai 

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Delivered by carrier at iO cents per month 
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ader the lOin of each month. Mailed pot- 
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or «ut>urban dlstricio, »ni<n are covered Dy 
our carrlor* or the United Kingdom, at the 
tolloH'inK rati'g: 


? 50 


One Tear ... 

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Three Month*. 

r.oodun Office: 

00-02 KlMit Stre«l 

\f Hii iiKr rl (-1^ offered for «»!►» lo T)tf ("olo- 
nlat niUBt btt addrePBod to ihe IfUBiness offiro 
otherwise the oompuny ulll nut assume the 
rfsponslblllty of the return of same to the 
author. M. S. S. accepted by other than 
the business manager Rill not be paid for. 


^ i:iow ni^ny tourists visit Viptoria 
every season? Our estimate is some- 
where between 70,000 and 80,000. There 
cannot be many less; there may be 
many more. Most of ihein do not re- 
main long; If they remained longer 
they would add enormmialy to tlie bus- 
iness of the city and the I.iland. Let 
It be assumed that when the various 
attractive places on thf Inland have 
been made available the nutnlper of vis- 
itors doubles and I In- aVfiH^t; .-•tity of 
each is extended ti, a week. Let ua 
estimate for 150,000 i>eople reniainlnK 
each a week nn an nveraee. That 
amounts to about 1,000,000 davs. Put- 
ting the expenditure of (liene peopl«' at 
$5 per head, and that Ls far from hiph, 
we have $5,000,000 expi'niled in the coin- 

.Vlbernl, and probabl.v gtnriK to Bultle's 
Lake and out by way of ijampljell Hlver 
urnl iliiwii the east coast by way of Na- 
nalmo, Liadysmith and l>u.ican to Vic- 
toria. Can any ouh siiggi'st a more In- 
terestiriK nii.iur ride, a rldH with Kreater 
(llverslly, grandeur and Inauis <if scen- 

At all the points mentioned iht?re is 
abundant flahing. and In the seasiiii. cx- 
cellenl hunting. Visitors will not be 
content tu make a flying trip in many 
cases, but they will remain to enjoy ihi' 
varied attractions surrounding the sev- 
eral stopping places. But we have not 
spoken of more than half of the iHland. 
The CfinaUlan I'acltif will •■xtfud I he 
K. & N. to tlie nortli end ami llie C.N.K. 
is out for the same dtstination. No one 
can tell in advance what opportunltie.* 
for recreation and enjoyable holidays 
these railways will not afford. The 
beauty spots of Vancouver Island' are 
Innumerable, and when once they have 
been made known, once they have been 
made easily accesuible. once suitable ac- 
commodation for travelers haa been 
provided, all the world and his wife 
will come to see them. 

munity, not aTT Tn Vh'tmla. i)f i-ourse. 
Dut in various parts oi the island. 
This .sort of thing would go on In- 
creasing from year to year, as the west- 
ern part of the Continent Increases. 
There is not the least reason wliy we 
may not look forward to a time, not 
very far away, when tourists will spend 
$20,000,000 on Vancouver Island every 

Whait does this mean to the Island 
and to this city? These people must 
all l>e fp^. This means that around the 
several h<>ieis anii leBnits there will 
he fruit rlnlry and truck farms, from 
which ttiousands of people will make a 
livinK, and this in its turn will con- 
trlhuti^ to the commercial importance 
of Victoria and the other cities. The 
value I'f the scenery and climate of 
Vancouver Island as an asset for the 

promotion o7 prosperity cannot U^ 
measured, and the outlay or money 
necessary ti) enable the most to be made 
of these advantages, largo though it 
will of necessity be, will be money well 

answer to a person, who relies upon 
utie of thebe «rounds, to tell him that 
senile one else relies * upon another 
ground. On the contrary, the fact that 
many grounds tor oppu.^-iticjn can he 
given only shows how many objec- 
tions there are to the reciprocity agree- 

Our contemporary appears to think 
that other Issues ouglit to be consider- 
ed. It Is much aggrieved because the 
point is made that Parli«ni' m: « as dis- 
solved penrtliiK an Investigation into 
certain grave matters seriously resect- 
ing upon Mr. 1-rank Oliver, a member 
of the t.'ai>iiiei. Hnt this is a legillmule 
subject or romnifnt. It is 'ii'- to say 
that Mr. Oliver, 11' li,- l.i.l -- vvl.^hv.:d. 
could not long ago iia\.' hki'Ic imDlic 
everything relating to the transaction 
under Investigation. Jle says he is go- 
ing to court the fullest Intiulry when 
Parliament reaasembles. Kut why wait 
for an inquiry? U« tuiowjs tUe tacts. 
He does not have to wait until they 
have been extracted from him 6y a 
committee of the House of Oommons. 
If Mr. Oliver chooses to remain under 
whatever shadow the charged referred 
to cast upon him. it is hts own fault, 
and opponents of the government are 
within their rlglits when tliey comment 
upon the fact that the government is 
going to tile iiiuntry without having 
cnnrees nL'aiiiM mie ni ii«, iiieiniiern i 
cleared ii|«. 


U'e have an .'xcedlngly Interesting 
Interview with Mr. I'". S. .Swales, of, 
London, an architect In the employ of 




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White Enamel Iron Bed, size 
4ft. 6in. pillars with seven 
>4in. fillers and lin. brass 
rod at head and foot. Re- 
duced to ...^0.00 

This Is not said merely as a guess. 
The Canadian Pacific Is going to build 
one of its chalet hotels at Cameron Lake. 
It is going to construct a trail up Mount 
Arrowsmith, and will build a cabin at 
the timber line. Speaking roughly 
Mount Arrowsmith is 100 miles from 
Victoria, and the E. & N. Railway runs 
very close to Us base. This mountain 
Is exceedingly picturesque. It is ap- 
proximately 6,000 feet high, not so very 
high, Indeed, as mountains go; but un- 
liice most mountain peaks it does not 
rise out of an elevated plateau. The 
view from Its summit takes In tlte 
ocean, the Strait of Juan de Fuca and 
the Gulf of Georgia. The Olympic 
mountaln.s, the Qascades and the match- 
less range of the Vancouver Island 
Mountains are all visible from Its 
summit; There are other mountains 
on the Island of which this Is also true, 
but is it not true of moat of the moun- 
tains which tourists visit. It is safe 
to say that during the- summer months, 
*ay June, July August and September, 
thousands of tourists will visit this 
mountain, when once its attractiveness 
and readiness of access become known. 

Out in the country through which the 
Canadian Northern will run after pass- 
ing the head of Cowichan Lake Is a 
wonderful cataract. It is said to be 
1,600 feet high. The stream that falls 
sheer over It is not very large, and be- 
fore it reaches the base of the precipice 
it is broken into foam. It continues on 
its course between two glaciers, where 
during the warm summer its volume la 
greatly augmented. When the railway 
has been built to Barkley Sound and 
hotel accommodation is provided near 
this unique spot, thousands of people 
Avili go out to visit it. 

Who has not heard of Long Beach. 
that broad expainie.flf sand- upoa. which- 
the waves of the Pacific beat with tre- 
mendous force? It is one of the few 
great ocean beaches that are accessible 
on the Pacific (Northwest, and is said 
to be the grandest of them all. It will 
soon be possible to go to this beach by 
a motor from Alberni, though perhaps 
at first the motor may have to be car- 
ried a part of the way by boat on Sproat 
and Kennedy Lakes. When the road Is 
made and a hotel is erected at the 
lieach there v.ili !>« thousands of vis- 

When Buttle's Lake and Strathcona 
Park are made accessible and hotel ac- 
commodation is provided, there will be 
a wonderful rush of tourists to that 
Piirt i-f the Island. Here visitors will 
.see, nature In her very wildest moods. 
.Mountain climbers can get their full of 
Ihelr pcrtilinr |,]pn«iire li \\\\\ niif he 

lOIlK In T'lti- .1 lllnl-.M^-I , ;,,, i..|k,. his 

car at Viotorhr Mini i iil- m i,, Huillr'.'> 
Jjal<e along a line iii>;hvv ,i.\ imd ihrouKh 
matrlileK.s scenery. 

There is a ronil from Victorin Im .ii.r- 
dan River By and L-ye it w!H !•■• <v- 
tendcfl all 111'- way to Nitinat, and prob- 
ably Hlong Ihc soa for a very large part 
of thfi dlstiuKO. There, will be one or 
more hotels iit Soolie, on,- or more fur- 
ther along the ahc>r(>, one or more at 
Nitinat, and of cour.'<p one where the 
hlghWHy wMl re.ach B.Trldry S.iund, os 
it ultimately will. I'roin thnt point 
motors can be transporte't in a ferry 
lo say I'cluelet nnd thence they can rurv 
to Long Beach, returning h.v way of 


We have a letter from the Managing 
Director of the Dominion Trust Com- 
pany from which we make the follow- 
ing extract: 

"If tht" city Is prepared to make any 
arrangement with us regarding the 
public convenience in front of our 
building, we are prepared to proceed 
Immediately with the erection of the 
building according to the cut published 
In the Colonist of some weeks ago." 

The date of this letter is August 3rd. 
What reason can be given for not mak- 
ing an effort to come to, an agreement 
witli the company? We are told that 
the company will meet all the expense 
necessary to remove the objectionable 
features of the atruoture complained 
of. There has been some hard feeling, 
possibly, over this matter, and un- 
doubtedly the municipal authorities feel 
that the company needlessly went to 
law over It. But consideration of that 
kind ought not to be allowed to have 
an tntluence prejudicial to the best In- 
terests of the city, and It will certainly 
be to the Interest of the city to have 
the company erect its proposed build- 

And so we say to the city officials 
and to the council: See If you cannot 
meet the wishes of the company with- 
out sacrificing the rights of the muni- 
cipality. Our information Is that the 
company is disposed to be exceedingly 


The evening paper Is much perturbed 
over the fact that the Conservative 
press and Conservative speakers do not 
all say exactly the same things. it 
blames Mr. Borden because he is will- 
ing to accept support from people who 
oppose reciprocity and the other fea- 
tures of the L,aurler policy for rea- 
sons which vary. Wherein this is even 
fair ground of crltlciatn, we fail to see. 
Eac h person is entitled to hia own 

views, that Is if he has any views at 
all and is not simply an «eho of aome 
one else. In respect to reciprocity, the 
Colonist ever since the question was 
first mooted took the position that it 
was desirable to avoid any agreement 
with the United States that might have 
a tendency to imperil the fiscal inde- 
pendence of Canada. We have steadily 
adhered to this ground, and have had 
the satisfaction of seeing it become tne 
main objection relied Mt by the oppon- 

eiilS •or liie agf eefiiciil. Oliier puijerft 

and persons think they see in recip- 
rocity the entering wedge of disruption 
of the Empire tiOi(i they oppose It on 
tliat groujid, 'INI Jtjitra Jthat seems so 
much by far the chief ground of ob- 
jection to the agreement umi mey no 
not consider any others. Home persons 
believe that reciprocity will not stop 
I ai the llnitt.*! of ihc ngreeruenl. but will 
lie cxteniled from time to time until It 
lias emhracpil manufactured product.'^ 
iif all klnil<. u lierrby t!ie hvlu.strlal 
prosperity of the .■mntrv win |u> vor\- 
ousiy menaced, and this iniluences ilieni 
in the.!r opposition to the exclusion of 
nl! i.llicr (■■■iisKlei :. I liin.'. Other« are 

Hnlontiy liesirons of seeing Inter-lni- 
perial trade built up, and believing llinl 
reciproclt>- with the Inlterl Slates will 
operate to prevent thU, they think thnt 
of Itself a sufficient reason for oppos- 
In? It. Others are Interested directly or 
Indirectly In certain lines of business 
which they think will be injured by 
reciprocity, and that to them Is a suf- 
ficient reanon for opposing It. It is no 

the Canadiun Pacific itailway company 
In an ailvlsory and critical capacity. 
What this geiulcman says of the fu- 
ture of tiie Dominion is of very great 
interest. He foretells such an Influx 
into Canada as few of us have ever 
anticipated, and he is clearly convinced 
that In the immediate future the de- 
mands of travel upon the hotel accom- 
modation provided by his company will 
tax It beyond Us present limits. As a 
matter of fact it is thus taxed now. 

The observations of Mr. Swales of 
necessity apply to the parts of the 
country reached by the main arteries 
of travel. Out of tlie range of these 
are vast areas full of attractions to the 
Investor, the miner, the farmer, the 
tourist, and In short to all sorts and 
descriptions of men wno arc Interested 
in a great country in the making. We 
have yet to hear from tnese. What the 
Canadian Pacific has done so admira- 
bly, although Mr. Swales does not think 
it has been done on a sufficiently large 
scale, the Grand Trunk Pacific and the 
Canadian Northern will do. They would 
do it anyway an a matter ot sound 
business policy; they must do it In or- 
der to keep pace w.... the pioneer line. 

Reference Is made in tlie. interview 
to the effectiveness of t]»o advertising 
done by the Canadian Pacific. Thla 
has been remarkable and very Intelli- 
gently handled. In addition to' this the 
otiher great railway companies and the 
Dominion and Provincial governments 
have been active in the same field. 
Perhaps no country In the world was 
ever advertised as Canada is today and 
the results of it will be seen in ever 
expanding circles. 

And now we are asked why the Con- 
servatives did not consent to try re- 
ciprocity for a year. If a thing Is not 
good, why try It at all? 

Halifax telegrams to the* Toronto 
Globe say that the damages to the 
Nlobe were not serious. Kvery one 
will be glad to hear this and we have 
no doubt that Commander Macdonald 
will come out of the Inquiry, that 1» 
to be made, without blame. 

The Montreal Herald (Liberal) says 
that the naval agreement made at the 

Imperial Cotiference brings ' the Can-, 
adian Navy "within a hair's ttf^dth 
of where the Nationalist li^aders used 
to say they could support It." Thl.s 
seems like rather a severe reflection 
upon the Herald's political chief, who 
Is largely responsible for the ' agree- 

W^hat earthly business of any one is 
It what is the color Of the ekJn.ot the 
man whom Mr. Barnat^d employs tn his 
kitchen? It seems fairly early In the 
campaign to get down to personalities 
of that nature. The paper makes 
this astounding "charge" says there Is 
only one Issue In the, campaign and 
that is reciprocity. H(i:v would it do 
to extend the principle of reciprocity 
far enough to compel partizans on botii 
sidc'" I.. K'-ip iL'ii i,. . . ..Ill of other 

pcdpl' s pM \ ,1 1 1- a 11 a 1 1 • 1 liiw also 
wiMild ii il.i In prai(l(i' rc<-iprncit y In 
tlie iii(it(,T nf I'liir I rea I irii'iil I'f nne 
new.ipitper by another? Yesterday Ihi? 
e\enlnK paper professed to (|Uole tlio 
i'oIijmImI as sBvIng: "Tli,- province of 
Quebec must always be the uncertain 
element in ('nnadlim politics; so Ic. us 
all stand round the flames of faction 
and llirow kereosene on the fires." TIiIk 
is put forward as an actus! <iuotation, 
wliereas the latter lialf of' it never ap- 
peared, neither did anything like It over 
appear. In the Colonist. The evening 
paper cannot cite a single Instance In 
which IliQ Colonist ever attributed to 
It somet'hlng that it did not say. AT"! 
we unreasonnbie to ask thai the prin- 
ciple of reciprocity may apply in this 

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Tuatday, August ?, 1911 


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a tninionalre eHpltatIrt, la a gueat at the 
ICnipvoaa hotel. 

.Mrs. J. M. Merrer and Mr». .1. A. Mur- 
doeh. hoth of VuncmiiAr, are vlalting In 
the eltv with Mr. Nnd Mra. George Me- 
Oregor and Mr! K. l>. Orahame, Clovcrilalc 

Mr. and .Mrs. Mel.Imonl have rented Mr. 
and Mrs. .stiintt Roherlson'a hoiis- for 
.\ugust finil September, duelnB whirh time 
.Mr. nnd Mrs. Uoheriaon are al their mim- 
mer .reald.-ni •■ at !*hnwnlKan lake. 

Mr. and Mrs. H. .1. K. Wilmot. haVo ro- 
turned tram a visit to their relailvea In 
Winnipeg, if"^ ^"ss Henrietta WUmot (Mr. 
Wltlhftfs neteei hng returned with «h«m for 
a fan- tvcekr.' ho'iSay hTe. 

Mr. and Mis. H, W. Urndle, of Van- 
eouver. Were week-end vlslturs at the 
Strnthcon> Hotel. Khnwnlgan Lake. laat 
week. Mr. Brodle Is general passenger 
agent, C, P. U. 

.Mr. and .Mrs niihard Felt..n fr.^tn Mon- 
treal are rpeiiillns a few weeks with rela- 
tives In the elly. when they lea\e they wllj 
spend a few days In the Terminal elty m 
route for I'hclr hoi-ne, and thtsy will therd 
he the guests of -Mr. ahd Mrs. .1. Thomson. 
.Mr. and Mrs. Grant Krasor from Heglnn, 
.VWb., are enloymg a trip to the coast. iini| 
ore at present spending a few Uaj s In 

Mrs. Harold T. Hagelton w«« at 
ft sinart luncheon psirty given at the <■>»!{ 
Bay hotel yesterday In honor of Mrs. 
(Colonrdi MonlKomery, who leav.-g today 
on a Visit to the north of the island. Aflcir 
luneh the eotnpnny was entertained with 
songs and rec)tailonl|. The guests iaoluilod 
Mrs. Montgomery. Mrs. Raltenhury. Mrs. 
Sherldan-Blelcers. Mrs. Alkman, Mrs. Lang- 
ton, Mrs. Jackson. Mrs. D. Lepming and 
Mrs. H. «'. BriKKS. tjolonel and Mrs. Mont- 
gomery- leave today Itl their yacht for a 
visit to Quatslno and the. north. 

The many frlepda of Miss Dorothea Hay. 
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. G. Hay. Sll 
View street, are congratulating her warmly 
on her success In winning the jgold Wiedal 
awarded for the ladles' 100-yards race In 
the British Columbia swimming champion- 
ship races at Vancouver laat Haturday. 
Miaa Hay return o<J to Victoria on Suadsy. 

The following ladies, well known in 
British Columlria. were presented a* the 
recent conrt held bj' their majesties al 
Dublin Castle: Miss Joan Musgrave, by 
her mother, iJidy Musg^rave; Mrs. Willlani 
Roper, of Cherry Creek, by Her Excellency 
the fountess of Aberdeen; Miss Davles. 
of Vancouver, daug^jter of E. P. Davles. 
K. C. by lAdy Muskern'- 
Mr. and Mta. ArthuS: 'CSatton and tamlly. 


-^.1 broad, -n''! "ur ^ar- 
liicnts are c.u with such 
precision, lliat we cart, 
usual r. at the 

first try-on. 

If alterations are no 
ccssar- 'iifA- 'a-iII hv 
slig-hi. ...iM lilt-: .-t}"lc ami 
beauty of the garment 
will be preserved. 

ALLEN & Co. 



904 Gov't. Street. 

e Extremely 

Have just been opened up, and will be exhibited today. 
The collection con.sists of KREN'CH MODEL OPERA 
CLOAKS, in pastel cloths with large negligee collars, the 
cloaks being elegantly trimmed with silk soutache braid- 
others with wide velvet insertions, also the fashionable 
fur collnr. 

RICH r.L.VCK StLK COATS are aiiiong the nicesi con- 
tinental iirodnclions. including Satin-Duchcsse, i'oau de 
Soie, Mervcillcux and heavy Ottoman Silk. The braid' 
ipo- is b;in(ls(.mc and artistically arranged. 



CHOICIC \ I'JA l\ 1" CuATS. whi(yi is fashion's dcctctr fur 
the coming season, are also included in this collection, 
the velvet being of fine rich ([ualil} . while the ti^mming 
and workmanship are of that high standard which we 
always obtain in the character of goods which are manu- 
factured expressly for us. 

special valties have arrived in 

Children's and 
Misses Goats 

Or heavy box cloths, also tweeds, in useful colors, sizes 
ranging'froni 8 to 1 8 years. These are superbly tailored 
and%nade from high grade 'fabrics only. 





717-719 Yates Street 

Just above Douglas Street 

ot Santa Crug. v(k*> Uave .b«>»» apftndlni; a 
month al tha Stratlicoti* Hdtel. eijawaJgan 
Lake, are in the city. After a Week's vUit- 
Jng with Victoria frientds. Mr. Cotton W 
going to Idaho for a few weeks and vm 
return to Victoria again before, departing 
for a prolongied visit to the Old CountiT. 

On a tour of Vancouver Island bj' mwtor 
the tallowing plcastjrc scslsers f^^nK « 
couple of days at the Strathcon« Hotel, 
Shawjilgan r-*lt«'. thlB week: MiK. P. T.. 
Malcolm. Portland, Ore.->Mlss Ai 

my. Sawlabury. North CiWoUrtai ; Mr. and 

MiHi. C. Ci Ram««y. Mr»„ B. P. Ferry. Mra, 

John Lear?-, Mr. James P. F^riy, Mr. and 

Mra: Pierre R. Ferry, Mr. Hermaii Rulof- 

non and .Mr. WltHaio HalUb all ot SeattJe, . 

Waah. -, .,f ., ■-.- ■■ ■ ■ .■ . '■'•^■■' 

Tha Chnrlottetowo (P. K. !.■> Bxamlnef 

««y«: . Tije murrfage of MU» Sarah Harris 

to Prlti<>ip«l tVorJB"* IS. Kobinaon, of McGill 

\ College l-niverslty, took place, quietly but 

r HiLsidcinisiv. at JiJahone Bay, Nova Si-otla. 

'dav last, the :Glh ull. The Rev. 

E. A. Hurrie, M, A.», rhrott»air of the bride, 
performed the ceramOny. 5W the abseiice 
ot Mr. nobert Harris, C. U. O.. tJi» brifJe 
was given away "by her younger brother, 
Mr. W. C. Harris, the wtdl-known architect. 
Onlv relatives were prcs<jnt us guests, but 
the' church was wtll HIKhI by an Interest'd 
congregation. The brld«> list of friends is 
large at Mahone as well as in Charlotle- 
fiiiivn and Vancouver. Congrnttilstlons and 
good -wishes follow the happy couple who 
left Immediately for a wedding trip -wlileh 
will include the principal cities of Canada. 
The Rev. Dr. Rcid is visiting his koo. 

the Rev, John Held, .Ir.. at the r'reBhytcrlKn 
manse, Bverson, Wash. 

Mra. M. King is visiting In Nanalmo. 
where she is the guest of Mii- .1. v.. •-.,- 
burn, of Newcastle Townslte. 

Mr. and Mrs. James Owen, who hx. e 
been spendluis their honeymoon In Viotorla., 
have Jefl for Mount Lehman, where they 
will take up their resldm-e, 

Mr. E. H. Fletcher, poBlofrie« Inspector, 
Is virliing Allin officially. 

Mr Ever<'tt K. Rnlder has viuiik'I 10 
S^UHinr ,,'-. r „ .-^-.-t visit win. friei-i.-U 

-^ ^5 

Frank P. Slavin, M. E. Bernard J. Murphy 


lom - 

■ ir experiment, imported WHE 

;c are t"-'^^-- - '-- do 'nvy •.'■ . 

E.-\T into tlii? conn- 

Most men arc iiyimnuzcd by tiic N\ord "unportcd. '"■'•' 
a moth is drawn into a flame, and like the moth, the _ ' 


Tii, of "imported" ets singecf to the 

. ..,,,, : cause the DA\ IS •MJBLEMEK" CIGAR 

, -,.,v-a-.pi..iui . costs HALF THE J'RICE OF "imported" 
brands yet it is equal in ev«ry respect. 

" The leaf in --X' >BLEMKX" is the finest Havan . .• nv ■ 
The workman^lK,. OBLKMF^X" is tic liiglicM 

skilled Cuban* hand-. • 

Shakespeare says •'Custom is a tyrant who robs us all." 
Tl-iic J-^ a oond maxim for the cisrar .smoker— BRE.\K A\\ .-W 
FROM TRADITION— .sav. ^.i.-r.i-1f -cc in the S. by insist- 
ing on having the DAVIS CIGAR. 

iamuel Island— 470 acre-. • ■" •.'*■ '-■K.-ared 
Term-, onf-thinl i.-a^h. lialain < 7' - 

Priec, $3400- 

"Noblemen" size, 2-for-a-quartcr 
"Panetelas" size, :oc straight 
"Concha Fina" size, 3 for 25c 

S. DAVIS & SONS, Ltd. 


M.ik- ; .- . f ' !.r Famr-us 

••PEK.rECTIOjr" 10c CIOABS. 

Admirals Road, off Esquimau Road— New cottage, and lot 
;: .v. i.-s7 5 rooms, liath. modern toilet, bathroom, septic taiili; ^^ 

■ ^ontii Soldiers and .Sailors' Home. Good kiUih^\fl 

View Street. Ijctween Quadra and BlancHarl-* 
$, balance mort^e. 

70 Menxies Strwt--Hou»e.»iwl 1^ fpj8r^,;fm;; 
e^n, stfMie ioundsHkm^ 


S B^WffiR'.' ^ t^ ' . ' M ! !. ' ■ t^l"i*' *i i vi\¥ ' i}^ ' ' i i > tf ?r 

■ mn iii ii i «iii ifr i^:$<f»<w»i^)jBOWwyfWSfl<CV'>'^ " 



Tu«»d«y, Auflutt 8. 1911 



About l(H)xl 10 IVcl, hcing— 

^* • >M «•»«— 11^*11 

-"■ 11 

l ()()ON H HLLI-:V11 . LE SrHl^ l 

noox .\ ! () Niiiiv\ i-s^ri{HCT 


Price lor QUICK sale. $15,400. Terms- 

! il 



!«■» mtm m % wm ta 'am. wf w:^ _ 

639 Fort Street 

a nwiat ■• ■■■§ at aaoa 

Phone 1403 


T«lioUln» ■plrltuMUm — l>i-. tt I'. Aus- 
iiii.s clHs.s vM.Kii i.jr, been oart-yltiK i.ii 
,,« work ..t the K. of P. h«ll, will h- 
luiiUi.ueti mis evcnliiK at K .y<-l.jck. 

Bim for Tire Brigade A bla/.lng lar- 
l)aulln, Hpreu.l over niaU-rlul belonging 
to the (•i.natllun Mineral HuDbpr com- 
l>anv, at ll.ft corner of Menxles street 
antl Quebec street, gave lUe tire .lepurt- 
inent a run on Sunday evening ut il 
o'i.locU. I-Utle or no damace wis done. 

Invitation to Fremler. -ah invitation 
has boen extentled lo I'reniler McBrlde 
to formally open the Vaniouvor KxM- 
blllon on the USlh insl. 11 is also ex- 
pected that Admiral Togo will be a 
iTuest of honor diuUiK tho proKres^s of 
the Terminal Town's big show. 

Street ImproveraontB— Among local 
improvemc-nt worHs lo be ronsidered at 
the next meeli.iK <>r Va,- oUy covmi.mI 
will be the dralnluK of Arm alre.n 
ironi tYalgflower road northerly to the 
north boundary of lot l,!, block 1. and 
the conslruclton of a.penyanent wtilU 

Work of l.eMlle»' Aid— The I.udles' Aid 

^Moietv ot Orace Lutheran church, Will 
meet at the home ot Mrs. Short, 916 
North Park street, on Thursday after- 
noon at !.aO o'cl'M'k- Preparations for 
the fall work will be made and several 
matters of importance will come up 
for discussion. 

Stepi to Beaoh—ror the convenlenpe 
of those uslns ti.e beach at that point 
the cltv enKineer. on the recommenda- 
tion ot Al.lerniar. II. M. KuUerton, will 
he Inslru.-le.l lo construct .oiicet^ 
„.„„. fr.,n, tho «oiitli side of the casl- 

■"■-'»'- . , H«~... 

ern terminalion oi n.a. n i ^a." ^^ .. .. 

lu the Wi.ier front un I'Oiil Hay road. 
ArtllUrymen Practice No. :> '"^m- 
panv. U. C <■■ A.. Nvhu'h h:.s bci. in 
camp I'T llu. li;.M l«" ^^''-^l^-' "' "'*■ 
Jlod Hill fori Uli'a lions, rnrrkMl out its 
tIrinK prartire will, tln> lu .-1 Ve-poun-ler 
&lins 1 11 ' Hm <lr f r »e <'W .. f l i:.; < , n i lm ii l l l ia f- 

IMt WtHincn 

MetenroloijK al ofrice. VUturla. B. ' ■.. at 
■< |i. III., AiiKuni 7, tfl t. 


.\ low pivsfure area of (•on»ldorabl'- In- 
leriBli.v l« ci-nlrul ovur iHp Itoi-ky moui.ulii 
ix^loiin unit ll» inovemeni* have cauned 
lulnriill on the I'nclfie »lope anil In Hie 
I'lalrle l'rovln»en. A thun.lei Hcnni o. .iiri i-.l 
ul Sijokaiie ami Imavy ralnfiiJI ut Kainloi'I'"- 
Mam of the Hocklen rainfall has been gen- 
et .il anil ll.-.l^v. I,-.!. hlnK LIB at '•algaiy. 

.-< at ^-^ ■' ..:•;...■ ,- ' ' 'I "' 1'"" 



Mln. Max, 

Vlelorlr, C'- ?{ 

V'aiioimver •' - " 

Katul.j.ips •'' l" 

HmUervillP ^^ ^ 

>'rlMi-e llupert 1>1 »" 

falKnry. Aim *" 1° 

^YInnlpeg, Man. f'" :" 

I'ortland. Ore -''' *^ 

Sun Kranclnco, C"al - *' 

M ON' 11 A V 

KlBhe»t 'It 

Lowest . ■'- 


Sunshine, in h..ii!. 


luxii'-M ':'. 


Mean " 

The Latest Novelties 
By Express 

Coral Hat Pins - I 'rcliy ile- 
sig^ns, at, each 25c, 35c, 
.-uiil G5<^ 

Chamois Hand Bags— Spc- \ ;thif at .... $7..2o 

Naiad Dress Shields TIm- 
new --liifh! that can \>c 
\\;i>he(l ami irom'il, ;il 
4()c li I, each 25^ 

GJ. Richardson & Co. 

Victoria ilouse. 635 Yate.s Street 

Sterling Silver Articles for Gifts 

M.'\SS!\r. W MTl'.KS, l".nj^li-~h 

m0 A' 


Agents for Biftterick Pat- 

I lall-niarkcii. Slov^n 

eWlNl". I'..\SKHT, pierced >.ilvrr, wiili liandlf, I 'rice... $63 
C'.\l\l-', r. \^-'l<l"T, v.-itliout handle, lurirci]\,T. I'ricc, $27 
The ahfsc au- examples 'd llic iii,iii> ciiui^t; arliclcs we 
have for presentation purpnses. ■ 

Redfern & Sons 

Oldest DiaiiKiiid and Jcwclcry House in Weslcni Canada. 
1009 Government Street Victoria. 


or a dainty 
_ addition to 

BiiwiMnii .a (jiiiiaui lauie 

We have just ricoivcd a nice lot .'f new FIOXEY in the 
Conih, from Mr. Mackenzie's Apiary, Saanich District: per 
comb 25^ 

•llOL'SEHOLD" Mt).L.\SSES, a genuine P.arbadoes Mo- 

1 If ^..11 are i-artit-5d;»r .intl know "what is what" in This will suit you : tins 25«^ 

PRESKRXEn FIGS IX SVRl"l\ a delightful table deli- 
cacy : per jar J^c and ®^^ 

C & 15 C.VLFSEEET JELLY, plain or wine flavors: per 


jar ^ 


PRESERX'ED. GINGER, per globe, 50c and $1.00 

Ciil'-KRII-.S, in Maraschino. lK)ttle 35c, 65c, and $1.00 

•'i'lX MO.VEV PICKLES, bottle 5Uc^ 

••PIN MONEY" MELON M.\NGOS, stuffed, bottle.. 65^ 

BAR-LE-DUC JELLY, red or white, jar . .' 35*^ 

FREXCII PLUMS or PRUNES, bottle 90^ 

& CO., LTD 

Grocery Store 
rcjs. 17S. 179 

Butcher's Shop 
Tel. 2678 

Liquor Store 
Tel. 2677 I 

Wine and Liquor Merchants 
741. 74.^. 745 l^^Tt Street 

Hardware for Wet 


Our hardware is the kiiul that won't rust — to be 

E. B. Marvin & Co. 


The Shii)''hnn(llers. 

1202 Wharf Street' 

To Closp O u t O ar Stock of Hammocks 

We Offer the Following Reductions; 

Amounl In .«t"il<. 1: r-Riilnr price, each, $5.50; .'^nle Drioe. each 

Amount In .sto.k, 8; retfulrtr price, each, $.1.00; sale prk-e. each 

Amount In sin.-k. 2; regnlar pri.-e, e.Jich J7.75; sale price, each 

Amount In stork. 1; rcKUlar price, oach, $2,10; sale price, each 

Amount in sioi-k. 1, bnby linmmotk; ifSiUnr price $1.50; sale price 

B C Hardware Co., Ltd. 


Phone 82 and 1611. 

631 Yates Street. 

P. O. Box 683 

•, V ■. c.tiT'iay mornlnu with nood re 
suits! The K'unners dUl some iluM; and 
aci-urale sUooUns:. 

aoHool Board To Mett- The regular 
monlhlv meetlnK of the school board 
will he held tomorrow evening in the 
board offtcea .dty hall, when amonw 
other matters to be con.sldered will be 
the appointment of a manual trainlnK 
instructor and the consideration of a 
manual training department at the 
George Jay school. Routine matters will 
occupy the chief attention at the ses- 

BtUldinjr FonnltB— Building permits 
were issued yesterday by the building 
inspector to U J. Qui gllottl for altera- 
tions and additions to a dwelling at 
the southeast corner of Cormorant and 
Blanchard streets, to make the struc- 
ture Into a store and dwelling, to cost 
$4500; to J. W. Bolden. dwelling on 
I'rior strcni, lo ro.... ▼. — , -- 
man. additions to dwelling on Kdward 
street, to cost $aoo. 

Daughter* of Batflana— on Thursday 
last the Daughters ot Kngland bold 
their annual plculc at Kisher'a Point. 
Esquimau. The large number of mem- 
bers and their Irlends present spent 
tlie afternoon and evening in carrying 
out a well arran.ared programme of 
games and races. The races which were 
prepared tor both young and old were 
keenly contested and prizes distribut- 
ed for the winners. Tea was served and 
a pleasant evening spent. 

MCr. Sword Boport«— Mr. U. Sword of 
tiip Pacific Fisheries company, tele- 
graphed from Calgary on Sunday and 
as a result his friends were much re- 
lieved. In the clothing of a man found 
shot at Hubalta, a small raUway sta- 
tion near Calgary, a card was found 
hearing the Inscription "R. Sword, Vlc- 
toria.^ It is presumed Mr. Sword gave 
the dead man the card a -hort time 
before the tragedy which erst the un- 
known hla Ufe. Mr. Sword reported lii 
his telegram that he was well. 

Election of Ofao«r«— Victoria Lodge 
.Vo. 8*. I. O. G. T; at the last regular 
meeting elected and appointed the fol- 
lowing ofttcerB-. Bro. J. A. Uewar, chief 
templar; Slater M. .Jones, Vlce-templar; 
Bro. H. Hal ley. financial secretary; 
Sister Mrs. Bailey, treasurer; Uro. U, 
.\nderton, secretary; Sister Mrs. An- 
derton, assistant secretary; Uro. J. S. 
Bailey! chaplain; Bro. li. SyvUzor. mar- 
shal; Sl.ster 1>. Stevenson, deputy mar- 
shal; Bro. W. O. Hoss, sua:rd; Bro. P. 
Mathlsen, sentinel; Sister M. Jones, 
Nuiierinten.irnt of juvenile, work. 

Provincial Exeoutivo.— A pre^rftcteii 
meeting of the Provincial Kxccutlvc was 
held yesterday, when the differencea be- 
tween, the amalgamated power intercst.s 
of the Kootenay and the tiranby smelt- 
er i>roprletora. were ventilated, thfe lat- 
ter luivin.i? i>rote«ted against the alleffed 
excessive cliarges contained in the new 
prlc,. ,. ,1- submitted by the power pco- 
,,!(., •: I., power interest.s were rcpre- 
.,.,,',,.,1 \.v Ml ,\. II. .MacNolll, K. C... 
iunl .Mr. l.oiii.j A. Campbell, general 
manager; Mr. lirnest Miller, M.IM'.. and 
Mr. Stewart, "wltli others, appearing for 
i)ie Uranby, and the Trail Bmclter be- 
iriK also represented. After heaiing the 
facti? of the case, and pRrtial argument, \ 
t!,r. I'KPi-iiiive adjourned consideration 
(.r ilie inallcr until today, when another 
Ml. .luting is to be held. In fad, for the 
II. vl few ilay.v, until accumiilaled biisi- 
„, , h,^ I.. . n rauKlit up wUli, mecling.H 
,,r I,,,. i;.\teiitive are likely lo be ul- 
m.i-i . rintinuou.s, 

Clvlo Work on Sunday — Worshippris 
iiltru.liiiK Christ iliurcli I'Hlhedral on 
Sunday to tlie nunibri -.' .. • ir.o 
.><icni-il a petition piinM-a .1' : • Tool 
1,1 I ,,' . , 11. Idling the attention ul' 

,,,,. iii.tvor .ml i.ily council to the filct 
,),;,, niucii iiinecessary manual labor 
waf. beluK done In the city on Sunday. 
The petition referred to the work car- 
ried on In connection ■ with the Uallns 
road nea wall and al.'io nt the rock 
crusher on Uellpville street, and pr!i\-- 
p(l that 'the rouiicll take Uie npcessary 
s|e))S for tlie ces^^ation of llie .<unie. 
jtefereiue to' the pctUloti wan iii.adc by 
the (lean in the course of the niornlnK 
service. The petition which was circu- 
lated generally among the city ciiurclies 
ot (ill ilenonilnalitins on .•^iiiulay eniaii- 
utiil from the Adult Biblo cIms.m of the 
.lames May Melhod'st clnircli. Tlie 
varlou.s copies of the petition will be 

gainerc'l li" iUir.r,n v,... i ...1.... 

ed in to tiie city counrll on I' riil;n- 
night by which time it is expected liuil 
a very lBr«;e nunibpr of fiRnnturtis will 
lia\e been received. 

Nothins w" compare with 


Silver pUle that retUta 
yre attt — R » pU c'»d at any 


And we'll f.;i">t' ymi the best 

values pOSSlbh' ni ('\fM'v- 

thing in 


Tcil your friend.-^ \\ l". sei! 
Ilardu.--irr a.s well an bciiii'. 

time if unsatisfactory 

Sole agents for the above 
Celebrated Knives, Forks 
and Spoons. 


Watchmaker and Jeweler 

915 Government St., Victoria 

Tel. 1606 

and heating. 

•' 1 

»> 1 1 , t, \ 1 » t ,1 



6t« rort Street 
Just Above Douglas Street. 

Special for Summer 








Arthur Holmes 

628 Yates Street 

Comer Broad 





Will cure Indigestion— Gen- 
uine Old Country Bread 
Sole Agents — 


Corner Cook and Fort 


Quality and Quantity is our 

Hall & Walker 

1832 aovernmmt St. 'PhonB 83 

License and 

Crown Grant 


Northern British Columbia 

Wild Lands, in acreage 

or in Large Tracts 


Ask For 



For Particulars Apply to 


Member of "Victoria Stock 

Tel. 2Q95 

103 Pemberton Block 



Uevonnlilr*!'!! TouUry Salts 

Based on a .~>rmula of tho Inin 
chief, the CheniUtry Division, Ak- 
rlculturnl l)el>Brttnent, Transvnll. 

Mr T.uko rither, the well known 
niithorlly, writes, "1 entertain no 
doubt lliat to Insure abundant vi- 
tality in the eK«» useil f""" hatrhlnc 
—especially nrllflclal batchlns-- 
your s-ilta are nf cront value— If not 
indeeii a nri-vi»Mii.v i„ all pcultryijitn 
In lirltlsli Columbia." 


I)evon«lilre's (ntM.-. Sh.'.-|>. II"r«e 
*nil l>i>IC "-I'll" 

"1 lip«" ^nlls conliiln n'> n-'Xlnin 
rtfUK". "'« fl""o luirialoKd nn.l 
merely Instne a sulTlolcnt supply uf 
tlin niioeril u»h to the animal. 

Mr. H. T. Olcineld. Trospect I.nki*. 
writef: "' '"'-ve foinul tho Siilis 
moat iienenilMl In lUelr effect vipon 
rJiy three f'lRl^ I "l'"',', "over bo 
withoiil I'.i-ni In fuilure." 


Messrs. nraekmnn-Ker, Tho West 
End Grocery .Store nnil all Grocers 
nnd Provision Dealers, 
I^aboratery. 3-23 M-n%lc« St.. Vlc- 
torln, H. C. 

Buena Vista 

Cowichan Bay, V. I. 

Under the ^L-^naL;■cmcnt of 

The Cowichan Bay 
Hole! Co. 


Charming Seaside 

r.xcericnt iMsiiin.t; & Boating 

Happiest Olrl In Lincoln. 
.\ Mnroln, Neb., sl"'l writes. "I bad 
been iilllnt,' for .some time with chronic 
lonsttpHtion and Htomach trouble, I 
l)e«an taking Clii.mberlnln's Stomncli 
una Llrcr Tablet.^ p-P'' ^" *'"'">■ ''"^'» ' 
WHS iilil.' to be up iin-l Kot lictti-r liubl 
mIouk. I am the loouile-.t Kbl in l.ln- 
loln to Hml f "I' " *^""'' miiliclne." l'"or 
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nice has advanced considerably but we have a few tons that wo 
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Y. ''m. C. a. 

AU subscriptions to new building post due one month. 
Money urgentlv needed to open building clear. Subscrip- 
tions received a'nd official receipts given by following direc- 
tors at their offices: W. N. Mitchell, A. B. Frascr, A. B. 
McNeill, P. O. Hillis. C A. Fields, R. B. McMicking. A. J. 
Brace and W. Scowcroft. 



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HURRAH for the— 

Undersigned is sole 


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Qnean Cltj ChapUr— The worthy ma- 
tron and members ol Queen City Chap- 
ter or No. 5 Kastern Star will rii«<«l the 
worthy grand iialron and company at 
ihe KmprtBs hulel ihl^ evening, between 
lh(! houia of 8 and 10 o'clock. 

May Be SooiaUet Candidate — The 
Kmpress theatre was well filled at 
tiunday iilRhfs SoclallRt meeting. M"'. 
M. McGregor spoke at length on the 
recent trials or membt-ra of tlin pirty 
for Hlroet speaking, pointing out the 
(llscrlinlnBtion shown by Ibe «uthorlll-?s 
and the court. At the closrt of Die 
meetlnsr a iiuestlon was put to the as- 
sembly as to the desirability of run- 
ning a candidate at the forthcoming 
election, and after the unanimous vote 
on the iiuestlon, the matter will be tue 
subject of serious consicferatlon by the 
parly. If finances are forthcoming a 
definite announcement w.ll be made 

Blx Montlie Hard tabor^ — In the po- 
lice court yesterday, morning, James 
McGrady aa's charRed with the theft 
of a rfilvei* watch valued at *10, the 
property of Albert Westland. He pleaded 
guilty to th>' charge, and asked the 
maKiatrate t" thow him leniency as this 
was hlB flrel appearance In court. He • 
said he didn't know why he committed 
the theft. He was sentenced to six 
monthB at hard labor. According to 
the proaecutlon McGra-Jy entered the 
bedroom occupied by the defendant, in 
a local roomla^ Uouse. and wan sitting 
on the edge of the h«d when Weatland 
swoke. The accused quickly dloap- 
! nmred. and later tne iiiblI,"*. ••"'- ..=••-•-. 
was discovered. A search was inatlgated 
and the missing time-piece was found 
under the edge of a carpet in the bath- 
hoom of thft name house. 

Will 8«oaxa Tard Site— Formal steps 
to acquire the four or ftve acres In the 
low-lying section on the waterfront on 
H>'ldg6 S tr tia t . ' -he portio n wh ic h t h a 

t'lty r.wunoii <it*>«ltii» Iv. .jL-u. c > 
poratlon yard, will be taken at the next 
meeting of the city council. Alderman 
H. M. Kullerton will submit a resolu- 
tion ib^-.t ih' properlV OffCTed by Mr. 
J A Sayward. slightly less than four 
acres In extent, be purchased for $35,^00 
the price set by Mr. Sayward. and that 
the adjoining piece, about an acre and 
a half, be als") expropriated. This prop- 
erty together with the waterfront lot 
w'uch th.! cltj, is now epplying to the 
federal autnorltles for title thereto will 
give sumoient f<T a yard site, which, 
in addition to Its central location, will 
\%vo a watev upproach for the landing 
of corporatloa materials and supplies. 

Douglas Street Widening— Now that 
the nec..Hs;ny bylaw to provide for the 
expropriation of the necessary land to 
p-.rftilt of *h.> stiuiBhltTlng and widen- 
mg of liouglaa street, between Hum- 
h=>a* 2«.t panel ior HlreetP. has been cor- 
^;Ted iM paBsed a ^tart on the work 
can be made by the city. The bylaw 

months ago. but objection W»a ^^^J^ "-^ 
it on behalf of one Ot the owners In- 
lerested. by reason of the fact that the 
description of his property "^^ "^ °JJ 
in the bylaw T^as Incorrect, f^"^ "J^P" 
to have the bylaw declared void on that 
ground were made. This defective de^ 
scrlption ho. been corrected and the 
^e?sure la now law. By the carry^g 
out of the work as proposed Douglas 
street right through to Superior will 
Tl\ the same width - /hat por^Uon 
north of llumboldt street, and with 
proper pavement and l|«bt;^S would he 
greatly '.mproved. 

Protestant Orphan'. Home—The reg- 

Church of Jesus Christ In the mattd'. 
The election of a Bishop was always a 
matter of tremendous importance and 
one that was frought with far reaching 
con»e<iuence8. Thuru w«re. moreover, 
special circumstances connected with 
the diocese of Columbia and th« Prov- 
ince at the present lime which vastly | 
increased the re.sponslbilUy of Uie i 
Church at thl.s epoch of her history 

•■| want you to reallzo oin^ thln« 
clearly and definitely," .«ald the Dean 
imiaessivciy," and that Is that ttie 
only man fitted to take ciiarge or tine 
dlocpse li, the man whom -.le >toly 
Spirit elects and calls to this office. 
Wlifther you are inenibers of the synod 
or not you must fUid out from tJud 
the man on wtioiii His choice has fal- 

"At such times," went on the Dean, 
" are oftentlmeti spill into 
groupM and swclions. The people pro- 
fesH to believe in the Ulvine guidance 
but they have already made up tlielr 
niiiuls what direction that guidance take. If you trust in the Holy 
Spirit .you may. not get ihe. man. you . 
want — you certainly will not get the 
man who pushes himself forward to 
lay hands on the Ark of "God, but you 
win get the man of God's choice. The 
man whom He has fitted and prepared 
for the work. Two, things are abso- 
lutely necessary — you must have a viv- 
id belief in the Real Presence of uod 
the Holy Spirit with and in the Church, 
and secondly a firm- belief in the om- 
nipotent power of prayer." 

He went on to refer to the Power 
of the Holy Spirit in the early days of 
the Christian Church and showed how 
501?.' as titsn Kc v.'aa ready to help His 
Chur0h In ail Its undertakings. 

The Dean stated that he had placed 
a prayer in the printers' hands which 
he -expected .jvould be ready as r>oon as 
the Bishop's formal resignation had 
been given tn to the Synod, and which 
he trusted they would use earnestly, 

sent for a short time the rlre was re- 
newed with Kreater torce, and Itila tiino 
got beyond control. VVllkliiHon "ounht 
out Constable l-'lslu-r. «,lio In turn noti- 
fied the government orncials that a 
bush nre was In j.rogress. Jn response 
to a call for help several rnen were sent 
tw tlie scene and spent two days hard 
work in coping with the flames, which 
ihey finally subdued,- but not until the 
.•iiiack of the accused and much ilmbor 
had been destroyed. Whether or not tli^ 
Ore started from a small hre liguted 
by the a.ccused on the previous night 
he couldvnot swear, but the prosecution 
figured that nothing else was itie cause, 
as it was proven that" the bu'Sh fire 
started only about twenty f.-ei i'niu 
the small lire. 


■ •cond Charg« of AUaged Violation 
Comes Up in the PoUc» Court. 

and devoutly with tllie single ueslre of 
being guided, and with a strong faith 
that they would be so guided. 

The case in which Messrs. Grant 
Smith & Company of this city are 
chacsed with a breach of the Alien^La- 
bor Act, was remanded until Monday 
next, on the request of Mr. Bodwell, 
who Is appearing for the defence. He 
stated that he had a number of wit- 
nesses who Ue was unable to have in 
court just, now, and for this reason 
would like to have the case laid over. 
On the other hand. Mr. J. A. Aikman, 
Who is prosecuting, strongly objected to 
this, for he had all his witnesses In 
court, and did not wish to detain them 
any longer. In order that he too might 
be accommodated, the court decided to 
hear the wltnessee of the prosecution. 

ait>na«s 01 W »*OII» vCmv***s.*a .»*..----—.,. -.1.- 

the remainder will be heard from when 
the case Is gone on with next week. 

According to tlie evidence of the wit- 
nesses-heard yesterday, a man bearing 
the name of L.ilyman went from this 
city to Seattle, while in the employ of 
the accused company, and while there 
hired sfeveral men who were citizens of 

12 Records 

Willi each Columbia (Cylinder) Graphophone sold until 
the whole lot are di.sposed of, we will give absolutely free of 
charge one dozen -Cohiiiibia Cylinder Recutds. 

Weekly payments of 


Xiarge Congregations At St. Saviour's — 

Sermons by Archdeacon Scrlven 

and Very Bev. Ssau Doull. 

The Woodworkers, Limited 


Manufacturers of High Grade Show CBses.^Hotel. Bank, Bar, Office and 
Modern .^.toro Textures. Counters. Wall Ca.'^cs, Standing Desks, etc. 

Mirror I'latPs and Plate (.Vlaas, Bash. Doors and WiUwork. l^u.-nber and 
I.aths Slilnsles .ind all kinds of Building Materials. 

Have Villi a "taste'" for really high-Rrade Chocolates— 
ChiK-olates witli a "iiK.reish" la>Ie? Cnnie in and a-k f'T a 
sample of "Clay's Special." \ ^m will want nvire. 


619 Fort Street 


Tel. loi 

.„rr 'm'eeting of the ladles' committee 
oJ th^ P otestant Orphans' Home was 
Jeld yesterday, with the ^^^'^^ 
Tadfes present; Meadames McTayUh 
Mcculloch, Miller. Lansl^V' S*"*^' 
Sherwood. Andrews. Scowcrof t. Few. 
?odd Huckel. Spr^gge. Vcgelius, P ck- 
Ird and Miss Metcalfe. The visiting 
Udles- report as follows was received^ 
-The past month has been one of marked 
experi^ces. Tour visiting ladles could 

hardly combine in one «1^°" /^^V,,"^^ 

many interesting and Important items 

' Sdered. A change of matrons, the 

amplng out of the <^^''^l^\^ZZ t- 
. regf tied resignation of r^c Holden. the 
I nspection of the plumbing, ^he disinfec- 
tion and thorough ctonnlng of the horfie 
"^. garrett to cellar, have been some 
1 It ,he n.nst important. All supplies 
needed were provided. At this date the 
children are all comparatively well and 
. ■ ^u^ iioUdiiv^" Miss Allan 

enjoying th« hoi;'"- „, ,^atron. 

having resigneu. tn. ,. . . .„n- - 
Miss Craddock, was appointed to the 
and Mli^s Mcbonniin placed in 
a;4sl.stHnt matron. A 


the position of 

Check was gratefully received from Iho 
Cymrodorlah Society, amounting to $11.- 

Miss Metcalfe 

I I 

Corner on Richardson 


9 Room Flouse-Cement Founda- 
tion and Basement 

Furnace, fireplaces, etc. It is a splcirdid home in a first-class 
residential <listrict, and could not be duplicated at the price. 
Only ?6,a00. 

Will be glad to sho'w you the property. 

R. V. WINCH & Go. 


521 Fort Street 


95. and Mrs. Few and 
were appointed visitors for the mon h of 
VuKust. and bills amounting to »3 10.5, 
were ordered to be paid. The donation 
,1st for .Tulv w«s then read as follows: 
Knox Church, broad, cake, sandwiches: 
Mr« Vigellus. cherries. ve.i^ctableP. toilet 
wnp MlK's Ounlop, clothlns hat; Mr.s. 
Morl'ev, clothing; Mls.s GooditU, cloth- 
ing • shoes: 1-crnwood Hakery, bun.s, 
,„k'e Oddfellows, cake, strawberries: 
St Mark's Church, candles: two Van- 
couver ladles. $1.2K; sack flour. per 
KalrdPld Grocery: A Friend, .-^ago; 
French 1-riend. boots, clothing, hat; 
Mr Murpby, ?i: ».*• B.i. imbas' Choir 
Bovs. biscuits, cocoa, chocolate. lemons, 
tea. milk, tinned meat. Jelly: Mr. A. 
Jack two sacks rice, one sack flour, one 
iiam,' currants: Tony Silvene, ISlbs. but- 
ter; Mr. Merrit, Iwioe vepctahlcs; from 
the' competition of the Golden Gate Com- 
pressed Yeast Co.. per Mrs. Kvans. box 
bread: Mrs. Pemberton. Artillery Man- 
p,f,^j, Hotel. Westminster, Eng., maga- 
zines: the Colonist, the Ttn)er«, Mr.s. 
Pierce, clothing; T. N. Hibbon $2: Cym- 
rodorinn Soclelyy. 111.95. 


▼•ry X*T- Pean Donll in Semen Allude* 
To Special Olroninatanoea Con- 
nected with Dlooeaa. 

Preaching "n ."^unday morning ffbm 
the pulpit of Christ church cathedral 
the Very Rev. Dean l)oull told his 
honrrrs that H was right I'hat he 
Bhnuld address them on (be critical 
subject of the election of a bfshop. He 
would be away for the next few weeks, 
said the Dean, and during that time 
the Bishop's resignation would In all 
probability be handed in. It was 
right that he ss »ne1r parish priest 
sihould lay V>cforte thPm what seemed 
to b« their dut)^ aa members of the 

t,arge congregations gathered at St. 
Saviour's church on Sunday, both morn- 
ing and evening, for the observance of 
the twentieth anniversary of the dedi- 
cation of the church. The Ven. Arch- 
deacon Scrlven, who has been a frequent 
visitor at St. Saviour's during all these 
years, was the preacher In the morning. 
Taking as his text Psalm 96:6. he 
showed the reason for church edifices 
as being not the Individual need so 
much aa the corporate. With his cus- 
tomary simplicity the archdeacon then 
outlined the important place the parish 
church occupies in the lives of the 
parishioners as preeminently the place 
of prayer and worship, and so In touch 
with all their sorrows, hopes and joys. 

The morning service was based on the 
form of consecration UB''^ by Bishop 
Hills in 1891 and Issued by him in 1860. 
At file children's anniversary service 
in the afternoon, the rector jgave a brief 
account of the history of the parish 
church and of the origin of Us name, 
and explained what different portions 
of the church building may mean to the 

In the evening the Very Rev. Dean 
Doull preached from St. Matthew 1:21. 
After showing the peculiar significance 
of Scripture names, the preacher passed 
to the name of Holy Saviour In which 
St. Saviour's church la dedicated. He 
aald it stood for two tremendous truths, 
the Godhead and deity of Jesus Christ, 
and His salvation of the world from- 
sin. With great force the dean rt»; 
viewed the claims of Christ upon alt 
for belief In His Dlet'y, summed up In 
Anselm's words: "Kither He was God, 
or He was not a good man." Then there 
was a great need of a true sense of sin. 
and of the exceeding sinfulness of sin. 
People speak so often lightly about Jti 
And yet Its ravages are on every side. 
It was the only valid explanation of 
the imperfection of the work which 
God originally pronounced "good." To 
save men from Its guilt tvnd power 
Jesus Christ came Into the world. "He 
came down from the heaven for ua men 
riTid for our salvation." And this was 
ih. siKnirtcance. of the Holy name. In 
concluding he I'rged the congregation to 
MUiid by their rector, v.'ho could no more 
c-rkiry on the work of the parish alone 
than an olTlcor could win a victory with- 
out his men. The united ofTorts of all 
would be needed for the work which the 
prospective Rrnwth of Victoria West 
would demand. The choir ren.lcred at 
the evening service an anthem by K. 
Vine Hall based on Isaac Watt's hymn, 
■•Comf l.,et I's -loin Our Cheerful Songs 
With Angels Hound the Throne." Spe- 
ially striUinn was the cju.n itcttc by Mrs. 
German, Miss A. Saunders and Messrs. 
Uoberts and Moxoi\ the latter was tiik- 
ing the place of Mr. Barnett, who was 
unavoidedly absent. 

the United States to come to this city 
and work for the accused company. I 
They stated that they each gave Lily- 
man |5 before leaving Seattle, and in 
return he gave them some signed docu- 
ment and a ticket of transportation to 
this city. On their arrival here they 
went to the office of Messrs. Grant 
Smith & Co., and later left their blan- 
kets with a Mr. Olsen while they sought 
rooms for the night. In tlje morning 
they were driven In a carriage, under 
the direction of Olscn. to the twenty- 
two mile house, after which they were 
compelled to walk five miles further In 
order to reach the Thompson camp, 
where they were bound. They claim to 
have been refused work at this camp, 
hoyrever, and returned to the city on 
foot. Since then they have not been 
working. Further evidence will be heard 

$1. 00 a W eek 

As the price and terms of payment are so easy, we -are 
disposing of them very rapidly, and if you wish to secure one, 
wc would advbe you te do some early shopping. Call and 
hear them played. 




Telephone 885 



Prospector Responsible for Outbreak in 

on being found guilty ol starting a 
tire in the Lake district, wltlioul' a 
permit, contrary to" the tire laws, Rich- 
ard VVtlKinHon, a prospector, was fined 
150 In the provincial court, before 
Mngistrate Jay yesterday morning. Mr. 
W. Moresby prosecuted the case, and 
Mr. C. L.. Harrison appeared for Ihe 
defence. The case will be appealed. 

The nne at first iinpoaed was |10. but 
on being reminded by the pri>secutlon 
that the law caller* for a minimum fine 
of 150, the maglstiate wa« forced to 
impose this, altlmugh he remarked Jiat 
he did not think the accused was de- 
serving of that heavy penalty. 

.•\ccordlnK to the evidence the accus- 
ed with a man named .lohn Lynn, went 
to a shack In the woods situated near 
'the noyal Oak hotel, in the municipal- 
ity of Saanlch, and lor the preparation 
'of the evening meal lighted a fire in a 
small clearing near the siiack. Un re- 
tiring for \^'^ night, the accused cialms- 
that the fire was put out completely, 
but when they awoke in the nmrning 
they were startled by the crackling of 
timber, and soon discovered tiiai" iiie 
bush wss on fire, only a short distance 
away. They succeeded in stamping out 
th« fire as they thought, but while ab- 

Qarrlck — The death occurred at Mayne 
Island Sunday of Miss Elsie Garrick, 
aged 13 years, the eldest daughter of 
Mr. and Mrs. P. Garrlcit and grand- 
daughter of Mr. Thomas Bennett. Mayne 
island. The funeral will take place from 
the residence. Mayne Island tomorrow. 
BakerV-The funeral of the late Mr. 
John Baker took place from the family 
residence. 2626 Rose street, on Sunday 
afternoon at 3 o'clock, where a large_ 
number of friends were present. Ser- 
vices were conducted by the Srcv, F. H. 
Fatt. Many floral tributes were pre- 
sented. The pallbearers were Messrs. 
D. Stewart, J. Nicholson. t>. Murrtiy. W. 
Ferris. Captain Sabln and F 3. Waghorn. 
Interment was made in the Ross Bay 

Young^ — The death occurred on Sunday 
of Ah Toung, a well-to-do Chinese 
farmer, who resided at 1627 Govern- 
tnent street.' Deceased was a native of 
Canton. He leaves a wife and fumlly 
to mourn hir. .death. The remains will 
bft shipped by the Blue Funnel liner 
Proteallaus. which leaves for Hongkong 
tomorrow. » 

Mun — The remains of the late Wong 
Yun Mun. a^fed 89 years, who died last 
week, were Interred In the Chinese cem- 
etery Oa Saturday. The funeral took 
place from the B. C. Funeral Furnish- 
ing Cb/s parlors. 

Car-son — The funeral of the late 
Archie V. Carson took place from the 
family residence. 1181 Yatea street, 
Sunday afternoon at 2,30 o'clock, where 
a large number of the late young man's 
friend'.- were present. An Impressive 
.V, ; vi. was conducted by the Rev. Dr. 
tlanipbill. Many beautiful flornl tributes 
were presented. The follow int. were 
the i.tillb^nrers, of whom all were 
schoolmates of the deceased: E. .\. 
McMillan, W. J. Cochrane. G. M. Camp- 
licU, U. B. Sarglson, C. H. Bowan and 
It. A Wutcrson. Interment wa« made 
in '..c Keys Bay cemetery. 

Gibson — Mrs. W. H Gibson, wife mT 
the Rev. AV. 11. Gibson, Indian mission- 
ary at Helhi Coola, died at the .<i. 
Joseph's hospital on Sunday. Deceased 
was brought to this city two weeks ago 
in 111 beHirn Much sympathy is felt 
l.r the dei.;i.-;ed lady and her family 
by their many friends. The funeral 
will take -^laCvV from the Hanna chapel 
this dft-.OT.oon at S.30 o'clock and at 3 
o'clock fr erj. the Centennial Methodist 
church. Services will be conducted by 
tl'.o Rev.'D A. N. miller auil J. A. V/ooils. 
Interment will be made in the Ross Bay 

Bell — Mrs. Mary Itell. wi'l mv .'f the 
late Mr. Joseph Bell. wh<, .11. 1 Inst 
month, pel 7sed away at the Jubilee hu.s- 
pital yesterday morning after a long 
Illness. The decea.^ed was 45 years of 
age and w-as a native of England. She 
leaves one daughter, Mrs. Weavlnc. Ii:i7 
.Tohnson street, to mourn her death. The 
funeral will lake place from the Vic- 
toria Undertaking imrlors on Wednes- 
day afternoon at 2.30 o'clock. Inter- 
ment will be made in the Bay 

imvpy — The remains of the late Mrs. 
.lane Gllberl Davey ^■>•ere laid to rest 
m the Ho.«s Bay cemetery yesterday af- 
ternoon. Interment taking- place in the 
family plot. The funeral left the resi- 
dence of the deceased's son, Mr. F. 
Davey. "A. P. P-, "^'"^ Blanchard street, 
at 2.30 o'clock, where Kervlce.«i were con- 
ducted by the Rev. .-\. Henderson as- 
sisted by the Rev. A. N. Miller. The 
hymns, ".le.^us Lover of My Soul" and 
■■.\t>ide With H«" wcr» sung at th« 
residence. A wealth of floral pieces 
covered the casket. The pallbearers 
were Messrs. M. H. Kermode, H. O. H«n, 
W. C. Holt, 1,. Pit her, V, Admms and 
W. J. Anderson, 

Recipmcity a Live Issue 

And so are Grocery Prices. 
Buy yours from 

Copas & Young 

And get value 

CALGARY Risifc SUX BRliAD FLOUR, per sack ?1.65 
lar butter of the day— 3 'pounds for ?1.00 

ANTI-COMBINE TEA— in lead pkts— 3 pounds for ?1.00 

FINE LOCAL TOMATOESv per pound 15^ 

CANTELOUFES, each 15^ 


for .. ^^^ 

PURNELL'S PURE MALT VINEGAR, ciuart bottle 15f^ 
\\T [-COMBINE LAUNDRY SOAP, 7 full weight bars 

for 25^ 

GOLDEN WEST Vv"ASUlXO POWDER, large 3-lb. pkt 

fo;.:." -20^ 

BLUE LABEL vWl'SUP, large bottle ,.,.,,,,. ,^ 30^ 



Copas & Young 

Grocery Dci.t. Phone 94 and 95 Liquor Dept. Phone 1632 

Corner Fort and Broad Sts. 






TheHicKman-Tye Bar* 

Phone 59 

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Tue«dJ<y, August 8, 191t 

Boys' Wash Suit Sale 

Natty Little Two-Picce Wash Suits in Buster Brown or 

Re j;;;u!ar. i)cr suit. Si -75 ■ 
\( )\\ 


Rrj;ular, per >~tiit, S3. 25: 

Regular, per suit. $2.50: 


Regular, i)er suit, extra pair ,.f pam- and (j» | Q/\ 

cap. $2.75 XOW ip B .yu 

Regular, per suit, $9: 
NOW , 


Work to Start on New Wine of 
Empress Within Six Weel<s 


UO I 0|J*JL*r\>J ur iiOOvj 

ed Enlargements 


30% OFF all Summer Apparel for the boy. Come in today. 








That outside of tlie ('.P. 11. liotelR (lie 
hnt.l accominoOaliiiii In t'Hnatla Is imjct, 
an. I tluit tlie C.1M{. lia.s luinlly oiH' hotel 
thill 1.S haU' blu enoUKli is tin" upniion of 
Ml'. KranclH B. Swtiloa, foiiBullinK archi- 
tect unil well known atchllecturiil critic 
of London, who was In Victoria ye.-*- 
tertUiy, culminating a tour of the Domi- 
nion which he iTiaile with Mr. Walter 
S. Painter, architect for tlie C.l'.R. sys- 
tem in Canada. ■■ 

Mr, Swales came to Canada iirimHtHy 
for pleasure and to got acquainted with 
the western part of the dominion, which 
he had n«v«-r visltert. He was asked, 
however, to accompany Mr. Painter 
across the continent and consult with 
him on questions of hotel policy. Mr. 
Swales' criticism is expi eased, or the 
crux of it at least, in the statements 
i^iven above. He declares that the hotels 
of the C.i'.R. system, ftne as they are, 
were cionccivod on 3. scale that was | 
altof;etiier too small and that some of I 
tliem stiouid be putied down mid buiU 1 
over. Mr. fainter came with Instruc- 
tionH to start worli at once on the new 
wlnK on the Houtlu rn facade of the Ero- 
I>resK, a liotel which Mr. Swales looks 
upon a.** perhaps the finest of its class 
In Canada, hut Mr. Swales insists that 
whtfre Mr. Painter's instructions call 
for an ad'lUlcn of 100 rooms there 

aifhty irsw Boomi. 

Mr. Psint.-r Uhh already left Inistiuc- 
tlDiiri for the heKlnninK "f ■work on the 
new wlng^ of tin- lOiiipress. Construc- 
tion will start wllliin six wefk.M, and 
tlu- addition wUl be rrady for the busl- 
nesH of next summer. 'i'lils addition 
will glvfi 80 new rooms, the tlrsl floor 
beiiiis used for wrllink.' room, smoklnK 
room and lounge. 

Mr. Painter has al-so nrrnnKcd for an 
Imin'rtiHte .start on a new tM'.lt. hotwl at 
l,a«KHn. and work will ht^sln Immedi- 
ately on the exlonslvc acldiiiona to Llio 
hotel at Vancouver. 

Among tin- suggestions made by Jtr. 
Swales, and which will l)« con.sidered 
seriously by the head ofllciuls of the 
C'.P.It. sjslem, is a series 01 nmall ho- 
leLs or chalets strung alouK tlie Yoho 
Valley. 'I'hcse, Mr. riwale.s declares, 
would be a great attraction to visitors, 
and would do much to make the Cana- 
dian west |)Opular from a tourist stand- 
point. .Mr. Swales also believes that 
there should be more attention paid In 
i„*aiuidlan liot-ds to the feature kiiown as 
the "winter garden" in liurope. ile holds 
that it would increase the popularity of 
the hotels, and add to the comfort of 
guests patronizing them. As a result 
of this suggestion It Is possible that 
the present "palm room" of the limpress 
may be considerably enlarged and 
changed to take on the aspect of a 
"winter garden." 

A part of Mr. Swales' work In Europe 
for the C.P.R. consists of the designing 
of pavilions at tlie exhibitions, and con- 
sequently he Is enabled to Judge to a 
large extent of the effectiveness of t^e 
advertising accomplished by these pavi- 
lion nvhtlitts. He oeciares tiiat liic offi- 
cials of the C.P.R. do not grasp the 
eflect of this advertising, that they do 
not appreciate what the results are go- 
ing to be. 'Mr. George McL.. Brown 
has placed Canada before Europeans as 
it has never been placed before," said 
Mr. Swales, "and the work of his de- 

rimcnl hna excited Kr?at interest. 

iBterest In Oomlnloa. 

"The interest taken In the Dominion 
tjy Europeans now is simply niarvelouf. 
The knowledge the aveiage Kuropean 
has of western Canada nowadays even 
exceeds, i should almost say, the know- 
l"dKe of the average Ka.steni Canadian. 
At the exhibition at Brussels the C.P.K. 
hail a little pavilion, only 2bx3B feet, 
lllled with the l>^;uai vlewc and tamides 
but ver> artist Ically arianged, And yet, 
In spile of its small slZi-, thi.s .'xhlhlt 
attracted more attention than any oth- 
er single tjflvilion at the fair. No less 
than 70.000 people a week pa.ssed 
throuijh tliat little room. The feature 
of the exhibit which attracted the 
greatest attention was the collection of 
enlarxed photos showing the big build- 
ings, the wlile streets, and the general 
up-to-dateneHR of Canadian cities. These 
same photon greatly impre.ssed tlie iieo- 
ple of Glasgow at the exposllion there. 
Another featiir.' at the iHller plnin 
which created a great deal of favorable 
comment was a series of excellent 
tiainllngs depicting the Influence of the 
.Scots in Canada. 'These same pictures 
were used to illustrate a fine book w-rlt- 
ten by Mr. Murray Gibbon and called 
"The Scot In Canada." The demand for 
copies of this book is enormous and 
growing all the time. The paintings 
were done by Mr. Cyrus Cuneo and 
Charles Sheldon of tlic United States, 
and Messrs. George Scott of Canada, 
and Charls A. Buchel, of England." 

Mr. Swales left last evening for Se- 
attle, and will shortly return to Eng- 
land. He expects to return here often, 
however. H« declares that the scenery 
In the Canadian Rockies Is superior" to 
that of the Swiss Alps, and that the 
world Is just beginning to realize it. 

Jerseys of Superi or Quality 

The few e'li.l e\eiiiiifi;s \ve"ve had lately prompts one to 
look aroiinil for little warmer {garments. We believe the fol- 
lowiiif,^ arc timely suggestions: 

Children's Jersey Suits, consisting of sweater, knickers and 
J'olo cap, plain wea\e and all wool, variety of ctlours. This 
little suit is known as the "'St. .Mar;..;aret" Jersey Suit. 
Priced fri mi ^1.85 

Girls' and Boys' Sweater Coats, in plain colours and plain 
weave: I'pen down front. (h\v ia>h jirices up from $1.00 

Children's Sweaters in all pbiin i"Imui>: oI fine cashmere or 
the heax-ier weiglit wool. Musi of these button on the 
sliouMer. ..thers with fanc_\ trimmed collars and cuffs. Our 
cash i)rice up from o5f^ 

JUST IN — Ladies' and Misses' Mufflers, in union, silk aiul 
all wool, up from Zop 

Also— Ladies' and Misses' Wool Motor Hoods and Aviation 

Caps. .Aviation caps up from 85^ 

Hoods up from , .,. ■ $> 



PfiOf^ES 656 *'"> 657. 

i Nevertheless, ther* ohnnld be more au- 
vertlslns In Europe. It should be done 
on a bigger scale. From the standpoint 
of literature and art work the C.P.R. 
work Hs conducted by Mr. Murray Gib- 
bon could hardly be surpassed. But in 
other classes of advertising the new 
policy should be broader. For instance, 
I think it will be seen that the C.P.R. 
will erect eventually a fine hotel in 
London. There could not be a better 
form of permanent advertising for 

A. r ■ \/-^ 


Oryatal Theatre — "The Piece of 
String": Anton Paxton, a young man of 
saving habits, bids his aged mother 
good bye at home and walks to the vll- 
la g *- — On b is w a y K g s tup e t w c ha t wi th S^CC..«,€nrt, Gr«t«. AnuviaOU, nl liic 

gate of her home, and is surprised to 
And her talking with the village black- 
smith, who is hia rival for the hand of 
the girl. AlMdn is downhearted, but the 
girl shows her preference for him and 
the blitcksniith goes away in a rage. 
The blacksmith goes to his forge where 
he is accosted by a hunter on horse- 
back, whose horse has a loose 'shoe, 
wlitch the blacksmith tightens. In dis- 
mounting, the hunter drops his purse 
and his dog picks It up and in running 
through the forest drops the wallet 
among the rocks. The hunter mounts 
bis horse, whistles to his dog. and rides 
to the village Inn. Anton leaves his 
sweetheart and goes on to the village, 
and In pa&slng the shop of the sr^iltli, 
hto stoops and picks up a piece of string, 
which he ab8ent-mind«5dly places In his 
pocket, and passes on. The blacksmith 
and his aeulstant inidfe~Ss aMIon, but 
do not see what he picks tip. The 
hunters discovers his loss and writes a 
notice of reward for the return of the 
purse, pins it on the wall of the inn 
and starts out. The blacksmith tells 
him of Anton picking up an article near 
the smithy. Anton is found at the inn 
and accused of having the w?.llet. He 
la confronted by the smith and shows 
the piece of string. He is not be- 
lieved and is taken before th* magis- 
trate, where he is searched, hut the 
purse is not found on his person. How- 
ever, he Is denounced as guilty, his 
sweetheart sharing In the belief. His 
mothfer Is convinced he Is a thief and 
his grief Is pitiful. At church the min- 
ister preaches a f owcrful sermon on the 
sin of stealing and the congregation all 
of one accord look at Anton and he 
leaves the church disgraced. In roaming 
through the wood the hunter's dog finds 
the purse and carries It to his mnstcr, 
who goes to the Inn and announc_e8 that 
he has found his property. Anton Is 
there among the crowd and ho Is over- 
joyed In the belief that he has ben vin- 
dicated by the llnding of the wnUet. He 
becomes hysterical in Ms gladness, call- 
ing uiinn all present to proclaim him 
innocent. His joy is short-lived, how- 
ever, for the evil blacksmith, in his 
jealousy, Anton of finding the 
money and hiding It in the forest, where 
It4wns discovered by the dog. All pres- 
ent agree with the smith and the re- 
vulsion of sentiment is too much and 
Anton is driven to raving nri'li\ess .-uiH 
he dropf" dend. to the consternation of 
the vllla.^or.s, who helieve his innocent 
after he has exi>irf.l. "Th.' IUvMi M.irk," 
a strong inini;ir\ .li^inm nr iiie iio.v.n 
.Mounted i"'iie.v rii- i.. .^! ii.mgcr's 
J.)auf;hter," :•. drrinni d.-nlInK with the 
great northwe.'l . '"nie Brave p,. lien- 
man." comerly. ■■Mary's l-'auli." diiH...e 
"VintaKe l>anf|>ieds," educatlonnl. H^il'V 
contest grn'n-lng In Interest every day. 
a.*! In o>ir family to date. Come ami 
vote for your baby or your friend's 
baby, our change of service guarantees 
yon (he l'>est picture.^ to l)e had in the comfortable theatre In the city. • 


Slaughtered locally is the best meat to be had in Victoria. Our prices 
are best because our expenses are least. Look at these prlcea— 

Island Beef Oven Roasts 15o 

Island Veal Breasts I60 

Island Veal Legs aOo 

Island Mutton Shoulders. . .lav^o 

Swift's Compound Lard. lOo 

Swift's Picnic Hams WMiO 

B ee f 


Miia c ornea 

l>ry Ball Bacon iSo mid. . .. .150 

Bologna or Head Cheese lOo 

ConnccLs with an ordinary electric lamp 
socket, and will bring water to the boiling- 
point from three to five minutes at a cost 
of less than one-third of a cent for the 

Will be found ec[ually useful for making 
a cup ofi tea, boiling eggs, supplying hot 
water for shaving, besides answer many 
wants of the nurse or traveller. 

w),.'>iili'l he UOO rooms. 

"I ani sure," said Mr. Swales to the 
Colonist, "from what 1 have seen while 
looking after the C.P.R-'s architectural 
work at the big Kuropean exhiblMons, 
that next year and in the years follow- 
ing there will be an Influx Into Western 
Canada of mechanics, farmers and 
sportsmen from Europe^ to an extent of 
which the people of this country. eVen 
the most optimistic of them, have no 
conception. And even if the hotels were 
enlarged as I have suggested, they 
would not be discounting the future 
more than five years." 

Mr. Swales, who is a Canadian by 
birth, a native of Oshawa, Ont.. studied 
for years in the United States, and 
now has a large independent practice in 
London, where ho handles the work of 
the C.P.R.v and where he Is known as 
a clever architectural critic 

Hinton Electric Company 

gii Government Street 
Phone 2242 





Phone 106 


Brooke Bond's In fancy 
zva. rmss pok 51.00 

A sure palate pleaser at 


Corner Johnson and Quadra 

Iteneon Hill Par's. Victoria, B. C. 

S<*)ecC High '.irada Day »nd 
Boarding Culleg" for Boys of « 
to 16 year*. neftnements of well- 
appointed gentlemen's home In 
lovely Beacon Hill Park. Number 
limited. Outdoor «r*ort8. Prepared 
for HUHlnewi Life or Professional or 
L'nlvcriTty examinations. Koes inclu- 
sive and strictly moderate. Au- 
tumn term beglas Tac-sday, Septem- 

■<lil. ' -^ ' 

rrlnclpnl. .T. W. CHrRCH, «t. A. 

Ti-;i;.\i c '. ).\i .Mi-:.-sci--„s 

.M '.I, 

Recent successes at MoGill and 



w i-:i)XK 

;n a. 111. 


U. .M. C Spacious Brick 

Accommodation lor 200 Boys, Separate House for .Juniors, New Block 
of Class-room.s, Modern Sanitary Arrangements. Chemical Laborator.\ . 
OrjfanlKed t.'adet Corps, Musketry tnstruetlnn. r'aothall niid Cricket, Oym- 
na.sium and Indoor Rllie Itange. 

.< ardcn: 
Rev. W. W. p.-i:{.r,ti. M.A.,'.^.^m. 
R. V. Hnrvpy, M. A. Camb.; .1. C. Barnacle, Esq., I^nnd. Cniv.; assisted 
by a Resident StniT of T'lilverMili M'-n. 
Tor Prospectus. Apply — The Bursar 

Manitoba Medical 

In affiliation witii Manitoba 
Unlvers.ty. Session corhmences 
October 2nd, 1911. Kive years 
course. Excellent clinical facll- 
jii..^ I'"i full infciniiuiion ap- 
;.!>. i,, iM.< KeglHtrar, 

Medical College Winnipeg 



pn..sie'Ctu.'i Includes ii 1 1 l';nKU.«h Kiib- 
jects, also French. Latin. Music. Draw- 
ing, 'painting, Drill and Dancing. 
Xmas term begins Tuesday, Sept. 5, 1911 

I'or iiiiii leul.ii'-i apply to — 
MKS BLAIKLOOX, 1117 Tort Street. 

Collegiate School for Boys 

KookUnd Aveane 

Central Situation 

■victoria. ». 

Spacious and Well-Ventilated School 
Recreation Grounds Gymnasiu-m 

Cadet Corps 

Under the present inanapcinent a special feature of the school 
is its individual attention to pupils. 


Assisted by a Resident Staff of Masters 
Next Term bei^ins Tuesday, September 12, at 9 a.m. 

James Bay Academy 


Enter now for the l''all Examin- 

alion.i — Matrlcnlatlon B. C. 

L. ;'., etc. 

Our Conimereiol Department Is a 

tboroughly Modern t^oi- 

lege. For information about any 

of these courses,, address 

'Phone 2041 507 Simeoe St. 



COOK STREET — liO on Cook by 
iM) on Ciiedonlan avenue. A 
fine business corner. This fine 
property can be purcnasen for 
918,000; on terms. 

KiJltAI.D STSSET, near Douglas. 
60 X i:;o, with two houaes. Price 
j:; 1 ,0(10 on terni.f: 

with 2rstorey brick, which 
could easily be converted Into 
a good bttSin^as building. This 
is onlf »0 t^X.tribxp Uovern- 
ment street. I*rloe 'pft applica- 

road siding on Washington 
avenue. 2\i acres. This prop- 
erty hflji a large frontage on 
Wnehington avenue, and 153 
feet on the Oorge road and on 
the waterfront, and adJotnt?s 
Premier McBride's residence. 
It Is very suitable for two or 
three large residences, or for 
subdivision into ordinary city 
lots. The waterfrontage. with 
150 feet depth of land, is worth 
Hve-sixths of the price asked 
for the whole. Price for the 
■^^i acre-; is 918,000. 

PAI.I.AB' KOAD--h.' X I '■< 

wltli use of garage, lU feet 
right of way. ThiB la a .choice 
residence site. Price 86,500, on 
terms; also 5& x IS'J corner of 
Dallas, roiid ond South Turner 
stri-ct. I'r'foe f 5,000. 
age between Bay and Herald, 
tirini J.MlO to JSOO per frotil 


ACBEAOE - line block of TO and 

oil' li! I'l .icres. just otUside 
tin liiie.-niUe circle, .«\iH,'i til.' 
t..r subdivision, at $SUO per 
ill-re en l•a^'y terms ef i'fiy- 


tiiv-sinif lit rti-'iker 


1716 Oovomment St. 

Direct Importers of nil kinds of 
Chinese and Japanese silks and 
furnishing goods of every descrip- 
tion. ^ 

Call and rxnmlne mir stock be- 
fore purcha.slng elsewhere. 

For Prospectus. Apply 

The Principal 

Tomatoes are now being shipped 
from the Okanagan In t^srloada dally. 

Cretton Is to have an elaborate cele-y 
bratton of l*bor Day. 


promised by the C. 1 
fact accomplished. 

comraervdal telegraph wire be- 

Vernon and Sicnmous, long 

V. win soon be a 



noardluK nw\ Uay Seliool tor Ulrld. Pii- 
pn» pi-ppftred for Mai iUmjIrI ten. Royal 
PrnwInK Snrlfty. Rnyal Aenflemy snd I'nl- 
le(?e nf Maul.-. PrtvHtP impllB taken for 
.Musie. r><-BwlnK. Painting Modern Lsn- 
RiiaK»s. .Xnias term IiokIh" Tue-^rliv, Kep- 
iPinlK-r ."ith. 

MBH. SITTIE, rrlnclpal- 

Brunot Hall 

Ideal Preparatory School for Olrls. 

Admits to any college; unusual id- 
vantages In Music and Art. Complete 
course In Domestic Science. Fine gym- 
nasium. Splendidly located In a whole- 
some and invigorating climate. Indivi- 
dual Instruction and home care. Get 
further information and booklet from 

Ceorge E. Hayes has lieen fined $:iOO. 
the maximum penalty, for having in- 
toxicating liquora on lits premi.sos at 
Bitter Creek, Portland Canal district. 

Tlie new Salvation .\riny temp'le, 
men's rest. etc.. in Vancouver, is to be 
.«lx stories in height and cost »5fl,000. 

Mayor Hushand *f Vernon is advo- 
tatlng joint action by ine rfiunicipslltles 
of tlie Okanagan in bringing In power 
from Shuswap Falls. 

Rev. Uohert Lennle, who was the 
Baptist minister of New Westminster, 
and for the ten years. sec^^o_ 
of tVie school board there, has r^^^P* 
tlie .latter office and will retire into 
private life. 


2209 Psclflc Avenue, Spokane, 


St. Margaret's School for Girls 

victoria, B. C. Bo«irdln« »nd D«y School. 

Frtinch, 0«rin«n, 

818 Cook .Street 

Tlie curriculum Include*: All Bngllsn suwects, 
Music (Violin, rieno and SlnBlnt): Drawing. PsIntIng, Needlework 

'^'"KINnKBOAR'TBJJ (rroebel) and TranelMwi Classes for yoim« 
Term be«lns Thursday. September 7th. For particulars 



apply to 

tM'i^i.'^ii^Mi^^l' ' 



ife & i« ;> 't uV Jl< # iSai<»itetf)»*«* ^V .^ '^ . JW C Wfe^uiiie a isilig i i ' i rfii m i n i ' in i <*f»«a»»««i«a. 

Chapman & ^yalker, Ltd. 

Engineering Contractor* and Dealers in 

Electrical Supplies. 

T. O. Box 135S. 448 ■•ymour Btr^vt. 

Vaaoonver, B. O. 

Wo represent; Messrs, Crossley Bros., 
Manchester, England, gas and oil en- 
gines and gas producer plants; Messrs. 
Dick, Kerr ft Co., Ltd., Preston and Lon- 
don, England, electrical machinery, min- 
ing and contracting equipment; Spen- 
ser's Ltd., London, "Sngland. Ideal gas 
lighting and heating plant for small 
cities, stores, churches, farmhoua«s, pri- 
vate houses, etc. This plant I* "NON- 
EXPI-OSXVE," automatic antl chsqj^er 
than electric light In many caae*. 

We invite correspondence for machin- 
ery Inatallatlona of all kinds and 
every thine electrical. «fl|t«ck c«rrl«d la 
VancouTtr. ^ 

L.j,;l- ;-a±^"-ia«^*,^'.^i^'»^'"'*irt"*<J^''" M<J».iii jii>if»»iM<r^|i &w»y 

Island Mutton Lega TWJo" 

Island Beef Pot Roasts, 12 %c 
and lO" 

Calves' Livers, Sweetbreads, Calves' Heads, etc., always In stock. 


620 Yates Street, 

Phone 514. 



Caledonian Scotch, bottle ., • . • • • $i"^^ 

Cambus, 7-year-old in wood, bottle $1.00 

King George IV., bottle •• S^-^S 

Watson's Scotch, bottle v $i'00 

Brown's 4-Crown Scotch, |>o^^g^i. • $i-oo 

Dewar's Scotch, bottle . .'^ . .^TTX $i-oo 

Kilmarnock Scotch, bottle •- - • • $i-<30 

House of Commons Scotch, bottle .....; - • $1.00 

Black & White Scotch, bottle • $i-^5 

Seagram's 83 Rye, bottle $i'00 

Weiser's lo-year-old Rye, bottle $i-25 

Canadian Club, bottle ••• ^^-^o 

Burke's Old Irish, bottle ■ 90C 

Burke's Old Irish Imperial Quart $1-25 


1002 Government Street 

Tels.: 28, 88 and 1761 

McLauj^hlin Buick 

Model 21 -What About It? 

Well, it's this way, most dealers imagine 
tlic article tliey scllto be tlie ONE BEST. 
With us it's ditrcrent, we do not "imagine." 
V. e IvNOW that for the price ($2,250) this 
model stands ont king of all cars. It's a 
'M)-Xi h. p. torpedo touring car, 5 passepf^ 
gers. Cylinders in pairs, Buick patent o\4t' 
head valves, Splitdorf magneto, seMtiy^ 
sliding gears, thrge for ward, one reverse. 
Finishe(nil'BIU#W'RlU grey Vheels, or tip 
battleship grey. Goodyear tilres, 3^4 
inches. Bailey treads. Fully equippjlll 
with all accessories. • 


Westernllotor & Supply Co., 


1 410 Broad Street 



r** &«nMv. Wsfe. 


iiTli... 'mi 




i 3 

Lynch Family, Wilh Annis 
Pitching, Find Victoria's 
Weakened Nine an Easy 
Mark— Fittli Inning Eventful 

r.riiKHi' Hliiiiiling'. 

Vancouvier »• *" 

Tacom* J* 

H«attl* ....; ** 

Spokan* •■ *•> 

foi-tlartd 55 

Victoria 29 

dames Today. 
Tan'i'Ti nt Victoria. 
SpnkaTifi at Vancouver. 
Portland a,t BpaHI«. 




In a listless game yesterday the 
L'"nch tribe just 'n f"""'!! T«ooma. took 
tfc* m«a8ure or the islanders, scurr 5 
to 2, making the eluhth straight that 
the unfortunate tallemlers have drappe" 
since partfng from the Seattle Giants 
to visit Portland. 

, 10 Tigers have come here with 

llic ia..a of using the league Infants as 
siepyine «t"n«>(« towards the pennant 
was easy to see, because they were 
right after the scalps of the lowly 
unes from tho moment "Jakey" Uaum- 
garten gave llie word that started the 
machinery moving. 

" With ^Stub" Speiicer recelvinK ^unl 
Liurn.s, the veteran backstop, at j-*"-""'! 
huHf. It was thought that the visitors 
woiiKl be weaker than of yoie: but It 
they are lite Victorians weren't Htrong 
enough to show them up. If Tiicoina 
looked strange, however, the home team 
wus even more so, for Million was 
found prancing between second and 
thlqi, making a sftlendld shortstop, bis 
error being an overthrow which ctm be 
excused. "Jockey" Ward was at second 
and two of the pitching Staff, Lake, a 
new twiner, and WUllama were In the 
centre and right tiat<I«tkii i^eapectlvcly. 
The changes were partly due to Kellar's 
missing the outgoing Seattle boat. He 
will be at hlB old post today. 
The ratetnl Tlftb 

While tho lads I'rom across the water 
kept nibbling at Thoreen'a slow deliv- 
ery it wasn't until the fifth that they 
really discovered him. Then they went 

„.-„ t.,-. ^^^^^t».^^^ v.'ith all t^e f,arn- 
clousnesH of their kind, i-'lsher picked 
(iff a straight one and deposited the 
horsehlde over the fence. Annis and 
Coleman each hit, while Uasaey w'Hlk- 

<i II 

n I 

ed. (Jf course the former had touched 
the plate before It was all over, leav- 
ing two on the bags when the stalwart 
Lynch strode to the pan, and now, juSt 
to make the climax iacoma was look- 
ing for, Clementson, usually as safe as 
a house, droiipi-d the batter's dinky 
Te.xuH Icuguer, und aUUouKh Mike was 
caught trying to stretch it into two 
bagy, four runs had talljeri, 

* Annls pitched .stollar ball. He had 
the Islanders behaving like a well- 
trained class of schoolgirls. Occasion- 
ally they got haughty enough to steal 
a clout but It was so seldom that, with 
the score so strong the other way. It 
didn't matter. In the seventh WilHamB 
grabbed a two-bagger which aoored 
Ward, who had managed to flilch a 
nice single and in the eighth Thorsen, 
having singled to die on Million's 
nelder'B choice. "Bin" Goodman landed 
lieavn> on the pill's nose and went 
around to the third bag on It, bring- 
ing home the second tally. 

Fisher and Morse wound up the ar- 
gument in grandstand style by pretti- 
ly doubling up Williams and Grindle 
In the ninth. The latter had gone to 
bat as a pinch hitter— the last for- 
lorn hope of a lost cause. " 


1 ■:* 
1. ro 

• » o 

1 J 

14 1 

.A. E. 
3 1 

1 I'l 
! 1 


Wlldami, in • 

l»»i|tlerrew. If ' 

I'dKl'V. -t' " 

.Mii,>iV. I- ' 

(•niton, KB ;', 

Liiiiilinp, p " 

•'lunnfuon ^ 

Toluls 34 2 1 

•United for Lamllne In ninth. 

S,.alll..- AH. H. I 

l.cHrd. -li 

I'ruii'ltsliuuk. if 

HimsoholUer, rf 

Uuea. 31) 

\Vci;(l. lb 

Settton. If 

Ilaymnnd, nx 

Wliallntf, I- 

S;i«<', p 

TntHl., '■ 31 6 10 i7 12 1 

r^Xncl 000 1 00 1 0— • 

siimiiiary— Two buse hit. Leard, Sppbe; 
iHinic luiiB, AVllllan»8 Ci); aacrltlce hitH. 
Ku<a \VP(-k. Williams; stolen baae«, l.eard. 
.Suatdn. .Pi-ltl8rew: struck out, by Hage B, 
bv l.nnilliu^ 7; liasps on balls, oft I,uinllii<? 
T wild pltih. I.Hiolliif; hit by pltohed b.-in. 
Hage a.ul HoiiBeboUlei' by Lamllne; doiibl" 
plav Householder to Weed; left on bases, 
Seattle 3. Portlnnrt 8; umpire, McCarthy. 












THORPES old Eti^hsh:,. 

has jj,_0maC't!fc 1 ^ ,iyiyj 

Con tracto rs Suppligs 


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T.i * I 



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Sun-Sweetened Tobacco 

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The reason for this is that most pipe tobaccos are so lacking 
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Thus often when vou think yott'rc smoking jtjst tobacco, you're 
consuming a mixture' of tolvtoco and licoricr, or inolasscs.or p„m. 

It is the utter absence of these adtiltcrnnts- together -with 
a fine tobacco blend's natural fragrance and aroma— that ha» 
made so popular the famous 


Natural Tobacco— 1 oz^ Ten Cents 

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In narfca'ifPK ' anil tin.«. 
Snld pvrrywt^oiT'. 

T« ( KFTT 

I iMni.i> 




VANCOUVBR. Aug. 7.— Spokane pitchers 

wcto «rfOCtlVO m th- ptnehp. And thu 

chBmpions won the openlns; game from 
Vancouver today. 5 to 2. <ri,.iUBhlln was 
Bucoeeded by Kraft, who hold Vancouver 
to throe hits In eeven Innlngii. -Bcore: 
Vancouver- AlH. R. H. I'U. A. IS 

E. G. Prior & Co., Ltd. Lbty. 

Corner Government and Johnson Streets 

Wlllett, If. 
Bennett, Z'a. 
Bra»hear. lb. 
Hwalii. rf, . . 
Jani»f. !fl', 
Urlnker, cf. 




- II 




LiadleB day today. 

Brennan and Kellar will be lu the 
game this afternoon. 'I'he r.n ui.i at 
.short and the ;atter at s.c.m.l will 
HtrenKthen the heid and the. tinllinK or- 
der. The -risers will have to De care- 
r,,! ^v fhoy vMll he roDueii o£ n "f>v 
,Vf" the s>iU things Ihey arc expect- 

Whaling, the catcher \ Kim la wa.s at- 
ter early "i the season, i.s with S. - 

Klsher Rf't c-redll ror an as.sist in 
yeslerday-B Kume that. Hut lor Rneil 


Will never be driven out of fashion— it is so pretty to witness 
and delightful to play. We have all the latest ideas m Crc 
quet Sets— best English goods, irropcrly priced. E-xtra hoo^^ 

if desired. '—- 



Gunsmith. Etc. Tel. 663 1321 Government Street 


The Victoria -Weat whirlwind 11 Klitwelght will Blve an exhibition 
tonight's .iUnateur Boxing Tourney -. .r .. 

to be h«d at tho A. O. U. W. Hall. 





Victoria Weafs Star . Llfirhtweigrht To 

Glva Exhibition at A.O.'U.W. Ball 

Tonight — Ofilclal CarCU 

All is In readlneaa for the boxing 
bouts to be held in the A. O. XT. VJ. l>all 
tonight under the auspices of the V. 'W. 
A.A.. by sanction of the B.C.A.A.U. 

It 18 vrlth k«e.n expectation that fans 
await the ring of the gong which will 
announce the commencement of the first 
bout. This Is fixed to take place prompt- 
ly »t 8.80 o'clock, but the doors will be 
open at 7.30 o'clock. 

Seven evenly matched bouts have 
been arranfred, and all the boxers -will 
take their' places as advertised with the 
exception of "Jockey" Riley, who the 
B.C.A.A.U. has ruled to be ineligible. A 
good boy. however, In the person of U 
t»*W»lt •*• '^-> '^^■^ 

been secured, and "Billy" OKeefc need 
look for no easy "go." 

As a feature event, an exhibition has 
1 oon arranscd between Joe Bayley, the 
clever Victoriii West lad. now light- 

weight champion of B.C.. and "Jlramy"^ 
©'Donnelly, a new arrival In this city- 
from Seattle, wl»o has done consider- 
able boxing, and Is reputed to be quit© a 
mitt artlBt. ' 

In any event a good -ftvenlng's entertain- 
ment 1« assured all lovers of the manly 
art who attend. John P. Sweeney, of 
Shawnlgan Lake, will be referee and 
announcer, while A. Uickley will be 
present as representative of the B.C. 

W. Hall and A-Jeffa will likely act as 

Judgea./ . ■ ... - 'J, ,.'','■■? .'■■ 

The cotnipiete card follows: 

105 lb*.— Roy Wachtcr, V.W.A.A.. v!». 
Young bayla, J.B.A.A. 

11; 5 lbs.— Check HUl,. J P..\..^.. va 
Frankle Scott. Y.M.C.A. 

i!.5 lbs. — RUly O'Kcefe, unattached, 
vs. Jockey Riley, unattached. / 

126 lbs.— U. Port. unattacBed. v?. 
Tomthy Knbt-kton. Vancouver. 

133 lbs.— Ai Daykin. H.SJ.C.S. Rain- 
bow, VB. Stocketi Carter, U.M.C.S. Rain- 
J ' ' ~ i t i ■ ■iiiiii 

1„, k. wouM have I'Of^n r!i;i!l<('d at Hli 
error. The hall Klaiu'-l ir'-m li:n nillt 
to the tret 01 Stcoiid H.iseuian Hums. 
The latter mahheU it aiiit !^iiot it to 
Auiils who li.nt "'n,.' M rov. r the Ufsl 
sai'k. In this, and i .,r..uMthoiit tlip K.anu", 
the latter lleuiiil lil.s |io.si11oti sphnaKlly. 
Tho new deiithst pitcher that \ h.trjria 
has secured was In the centre neld. He 
stuck to one long low drive that gave 
him a stand In with the fans, it came 
from Kenedy's hat. 

"The HItless Wonder" l.i the "'>ld 
Man 01 the Sea" title under which 
Mike Lynch's rirst baseman, risher, la- 
bor-!. And yet In Victoria ne ntjver 
seems to live up to it. Yesterday he 
slgnalla»d his appearance here by rlout- 
ln« out a home run. 1h it luck .or ha.s 
some fan made a bad mistatte-f 

The l.slanders lett hero a couple ot 
weok.s ago, alter a most successful 

dence, vim and enthusiasm. They were 
sure of at Uast tlve Kamea with the 
Portland Pippins Tuey have returned 
dazed wllh the . reception Williams' 
warriors gave them, U la no wonder 
that they dropped the tirst of the pres- 
ent week's games to iacoma. They 
yi-anted at least one, day to get on 
their legs again. 

Wllllains was entitled to another hit. 
That was a fine drive that he despatch- 
ed to the centre Held In the nri.v. It 
bore a two-base tag. liassey was guilty 
of rank robbery when he raced from 
left field and picked It from his shoe- 

If yesterdays game may be taken as 
a fair standard of his form It looks 
as though the management niatie a mis- 
take in not putting .WJUlon at short 
from tbe start. The way be handled 
himself there was a pleasure to watch, 
He covers the ground, tries lor every- 
thing. Is quick at recovery and has a 


We are clearing out this year's stock of Tennis Racquets at a big 

$3.50 TO $2.65 

$2.75 TO $1.95 

Look in our window for prices on other Racquets. 


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. 146 lbs, — Carl Schiiltz. V.tV.A.A., vs. 

Gunner Greer. Garrison A.C. 

150 lbs. — Gunner Brown. Garrison A. 
C, vs. W. Lane, Khxpresa A. C. 

wing that will beat out t'he speediest 
runner when the odds are all the olaer 

Clemestson had an olt day. However, 
they don't corfte 6'flen. I'he fans look 
for sAmethln^ particularly <Jhc«ce at nis 
hands tod^y. 

SHrphlis, formerly of the Beacon HUl 
amateur n^e, has returned with the 
relandoiA Man-tger Wattelet considers 
that he made ittiofi In the Rose city and 
It Is likely that he will be worked here,' 
It Is refported that Narveson, the 
pitcher who was with Victoria «arly 
in thfe season ntyl who went to Moose 
Jaw, haa been sold to' one of the big 
league club*. 

NE'W" YORK. AuKUsl 7. — lulin .-t. 
Ward former baseball star, appealed to- 
day to the Vnlted Stales circuii court 
Of appeals from a decKslon denying him 
TTTOtrtrtnlin Ms suit W> recover $50,000 
from President Ban Johnson of the 
American league,, for Flanrtcr. AVaril i.s 
not Batlsflcfl with the $10,000 awarded 


Score In Detnll 

Tacoma — 
naiwey. If, . 
Coleman, Sb. 
Kennedy, rf. 
U-nch, rf. .. 
Purns, ^l'. 
Morse, I". . ■ 
Ftmhor, lb. . 
rippnet^r, v. 
,\niil?, p. • - • 

!. PO.A.1C. 
1 1 « « 


.. . 5 

. . . s 

. . . 3 

. . . I 


. . . 3 


SchRrnweber. fs. 
I.K!WU, c. ,....- 

Clark, -v 

Oervals. p. . . . 

1 2 


1 1 




VtrtorlR — 
Minion, so. .-• 
(loodtnan, Sli 

Wnv.v 2b. 

. ",. 11 -\tw»n. IC 
M.M.i.lo, lb. . 
TiViniamfi, rf. . 
l.pikp. et. . . . . . 

P(.VO(tt. c 

Ttiorfipn. r- • • • 

. .38 8 11 ST 16 1 
AB. n. H. PO.A. E. 



>;■ ;.'!wilr. rf. . ■ 
N..-.-.-;ykc.. Ih. . 
Zlinmf-rmnn. If. 
■RTlppert. cf. . . 
CavtwrlKht. .IVv 
Hplesmnn. o. . . 
0'l,."niKhlln. p. 
Kraft. i> 

/. ..t/. 

,.28 2 » 27 16 S 

. . i i i 


1 J 

10 10 




"Face" the Facts 

Play a fair game v/ith yourself. Match up 
the best cigarettes you've ever smoked— at any 
orice — with 

lack Cat 

; r.' 


1 s 


1 f 



(1, V 

1, I' 


■; 1" ■:" i» 

*(irin>1li» t'nll<-il f' 

ficnre l>y Innlnns: , , — o—S 

VK-torU ■• .. « « 1 1 fl— ' 

Summary— Two h«»e hit. AnnU «n<l W'll- 
-,l<imf tTirre b«*e hit, Goodman; home run, 
F?Jl^r;; h«... on balla. off Thor.en S, off 
AnnU l; i-truek out, by Tbor^en 1. »?y *": 
„1, fl: left on hiwefi, Victoria n: If"'""** «• 
,1 ' 'T-. Fisher to Mome to Flshor. 

T«t».l!>, -■,,,,,., ;„!,•„,„ ■ ■ , , 

. Score by Inriltifls ^ '^ 

^rr':. ::::•■. -w,., to 0,0. 

Summnrv— Snrrifl<-«> ^!*--=. <-l«rko. J '-j" 
two bme hit*. Klppert, Wtljelt, No".ly 
home run. CoraBh ; base* ' on balli. 
(Mark 3 off GervalB :. off CUnushlln 
off Kraft *■■ struck out, by C.\n.r\( 4, 
f^err«l« 1, hv Kraft S; Innlngra pitched. 
Ol-auRhlln 2. «« bat «. rnnn 1, hits 
Innings pitclied by Clark, h i'-S. at bat 
ninii 5. hits R; double play*. Nordylce ( 
nanlgtertl, Kraft to roortey ta Nordyke: 
by pitched ball, Bennrtf by iCrnff. Irft 
baoes, Vancouver 11. Spok . 
hour*: umpire, .''larkell. 

On Saturday, August 26th. an op«'n 
tennis tournament will be held at the 
Stialhcdha hntel. Sbuwnisan lake, tit 
which a large numh'^r of players from 
Victoria. Duncan and Nanaimti 
compete <> '■-<•< 


tournamcn!. im. :..,^,i...^ 

contested as there will be n lai 
her of entries in each evern 
Mc'vPrp. L.ncas «nd Swec; 

■.ijf .the!- tO'Urn^ment., apiiyuiiv 
iMwinc pr!;^DS for the 




•. rll 










SEATTt-.K, Aujr. 7. — Liamlin* blfw np In 
4H 1m' •*■ '.r,r,iriff c.IlOT».^lTie ,*5^«tti'» to flrorp 
four'^rnnsanrt win '.1"' Rsme from rortland. 
t to : rortl.-inil'i- two riin«i wfre ncored by 
Wllllamc who till iwUe f"r four liases. 

rortlanrt- .- Alt U. H. ri\k. E 

Stovnll. rf f' " 1 ' " " 

Pvras. rf * " 1 1 1 « 

MuntJorff. 3h < I' 1 ' S 1 H 




Mo»re; Thorwn, 

Sunday's tJames, 

At rorllnnil — n. 

Score; " 

rurllund ^ 

Vlrlorla . :.- - 1 

Ratterfea— Jensen and 
Mfi-ieevy and Dfvort. 

At Senitlf — ' 


rtatieries — Zacheit mul Shi-a 

>l Tacoma — 

t^corp ; 

Tnromn — ' 

\'Rnrou\'fT tl r, 

Kaurnc* — Oanclon and Rurns; Kiikic nn i 
I 1^»1:. "^ 


7v. tt. K. 
It. M. K. 

.s n 


Gentlemen's singles— Silver cup. 
G^entlcrocn's doubles— Two goLl l>iV- 


Mixoil doubles— Gentleman's r.ol'i 

cuff llril:P, ladles* brass tea ketUe. 
In ii,,' evening a flannel daiWe will 

1,,; heJd at the Strathcon.T. <"r -•■i.i.h 

invitations Will be mailen 

dnys. The tournament win conmi. ac- 
upm the arrival of tho morning irtin 

,Ti Jf.i:. on the ilay set. Kntrlos should 
be sent In addressed to Lucas and 
Sv.-ecney before August 2r,rd as no 
ertrlc."- ^i"' l"' f»iv -I'-r^d »ffr that 

Then ask yourself if you've ever known 
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The smooth, even flavor of the sun-cured, 
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Ends— Catf-her. V/iinl: pitcher. Pnkcrs; 
Ih. Taylor; 2h. M.'Oregor; .lb, Buker: 
.:• cf. Auronson; rf, I'ridham; 
;;. Jlj: i'<'r. rapitnl"— Catcher. Pike, 
pitcher, Wliit- lb Ir\ine .'1> .famea, 
ih. Bray; p-^ Hopgood, cf. Shlelda. rf. 
Crogliam ; K. Millie 

l.apt Wednesday wao a cU'lc balUMy 

Xat*rni»diat« Oame. 

The East Knd and t^npllal interme- 
,liMt.- biiU t'-Hins win meet this evening 
rft ihi NiMth Waul gioundM. The teama 
%, in tinc lilt field as ■ follows; i&aat 

at Kaslo. 

■ t:«ver i««v» fewa* ttft * iesj .^ 
Mil a bottle of €WiiBl»«**» u 
Cholera and Dl«,rrt»W8«. «-*-«*'-*''' 
almoat certain to'Nf 
tM obtained ll'hM, 

A H* 


Tuesday, August 8, 1911 


15,000 Acres of Picked Land 


Upper F raser Valley 

The soil is sandy loam and black bottonn l<.ud. Water 

transp-rt.-ttion at the door, and railroads projected, Portions 

of this land have been farmed r.mtituiously since i86l, and 

are still producing crops as great in quantity and strength as 

when first cultivated. 

Price Per ^J ^f| Prince Per 
Acre ^t •\J'\J ^^^^ 




Visitors Wbi In Yesterday's 
Matches -Miss May Sutton 
VVill Play Today— Further 

Natural Resousrces Security Co., Ltd. 

Joint Owners and CSole Agents Fort George Townsite 

Head Office. Bower Building, Vancouver, B. C 

E. C H I L D S 

Victoria Offic*. 643 Fort St.. Victoria, B. C 

TA(X)MA. Auc :. T!if tr^-pptlPtli 

annual PacdfU- N"ori.liwe!,iern Tennis 
• fiurnHmpnt opened here this afternoon, 
with play in tho first round. The 
j-reater part of the matches were vlsl- 
t'ors opposed to local players. The 
visitors won. Miss May Sutton, of 
California, will malte her Initial appear- 
ance here tomorrow afternoon against 
Miss Dorothy Kershaw, of the city. 


H. S. Tyler, Tacoma, defeated D. K. 
Pulford. Tacoma, 6-2; 6-0. 

H. W. Hibbttid, Lewlston, Idaho, de- 
feated Allen McCutcSieon. Seattle. 0-0; 


I.. K. Richardson, Seattle, won from 
Hill Hudson, Tacoma, by default. 

D. L. Wyles, SeattJe, defeated Ray 
Thompson, Taeoma, 6-4; 6-2. 

E. B. Ueckey. North Yakima, defeated 
R. R. Benhani. Salem, Ore., «-;*; i-6; 6-Z. 

W. B. B'lTiU Tacoma, defeate I J. G. 
Wlngate, TacomH, n-i, S-i. 

Women'H singles — Miss l-ordhiK. 

Portland, ilefeated Miss Krance.s 15iir- 
rlU. Tacoma, 6-2; 6-1. 

Miss Schaeffer. Portland. dpreatpd 
Miss Livingston, rieattle, 9-7; 6-4. 

Miss Marin Kalllle, Tacoma. de- 
feated Mrs. Henry Hewitt. Tacoma, 



g-H. «- 0. 

Men's doubles — Heriham. Salem. Ore., 
and Tyler. Tacoma, defeuted Keen and 
L'aldwell, Tacoma. 6-2; B-3. 



IkJ ^Li^^ 

m m m jfrniMMMM ^a 


fl /Hs 

R. H. E. 

S 13 2 

IS 10 1 

Alnsmlth : 


Previous to 







WASHINGTON. D. C Aug. 7.— Wa»hlnB- 
ton and St. I^ouU «plll even In today's 
double-header, tho locals winning the first, 
while the vlaltora won the sacond. Groome 
allowed only two hits In the flmt game, 
one a scratch. Oray was driven from the 
mound In the second Inning of the game 
and Cashlon, who relieved him, was wild. 

First game— ''■ "• =-■ 

Washington \ * ° 

St. I.0UIS .i ,. :, 

Batteries — Groome and Street; Pelty and 

Second g»me — 


Bt. l.,oul» . 

Batteries — Oray. Cashlon and 
George and Krltchell. 

PHII.AriJ'rr.T'THA. aus:. 7. — Phi>arl»irh'" I 
defeated Chicago In two games today. The | 
first was a pitching duel between Scott 
and Bender. Neither team scored for 
twelve Innings, during which Chicago got 
only one runner as far as secotjd base. 
Murphy scored the winning run on his 
single. Mclnnes- nacrlflce an out and 
Thomas' single. In his last four games. 
Bender has plicbert thirty-eight consecutive 
Innings without glvtng a base on balls, and 
thirty-four straight^ innings without being 

scored on. J '» '^ ^ 

The second contest was a battle between 
pitchers Morgan and Walsh. Strunk scored 
the winning run In the tenth on his triple 
and Colllngs' drive over Callahan s liad. 

Score: r, m p. 

First gams— "• »• *'• 

fhlcaRo I I * 

Philadelphia ••• / .. " ' 

Bcott and Payne; Bender. Danforth ana 


Second game — ^ « a 

Chicago - * * 

Philadelphia * , 

Batteries— Walsh and Snlllvan; Morgan 
and I.,lvlngstoh. 

BOSTON. Aug. 7. — The errors of Olannln. 
Boston shortstop, a recruit fronrt the ^Pa- 
cific coast, together with four hits. Includ- 
ing a home run by I.,a»ole. netted Cleveland 
six runs In the sixth Inning and gave them 
the game. , 

The hitting of t«jble featured. 
Score: V' 

Boston ? 

Batterles^Wood and Oarrlgan: Gregg and 


NEW YORK. Aug. T.— Detroit began a 
fight to recover first place In the Atnsricttii 
league and although thev won the first or 
the series. Philadelphia-s douWe victory 
over Chicago kept Detroit In second place. 
The game was close and exciting- 

Score: "" "• ^: 

T^etroit ' " ' 

New York . ■-J.;-; , «,„„.„„. 

Batteries— Summers. Works and Stanago, 

Caldwell and Sweeney. 




CHICAGO. Aug. -.—.Toe Tinker, reinstated 
Chicago shortstop, retut^ed to the gs^mo 
with a venecanre today and was lars^elv 
responsible for ChlraRo's victory over N«v^ 
York. He faced Mothewson four times for 
two slnitles, a double and a triple He 
stole home while Mathewnon was winding 
UP to deliver the hall. He made tbieo 
runs and his batting drove In four runs 

nevore was hit by a pitched ball and 
hwd to UBYB fhr gftTTlft __^ 


.Jewelry will be marked in plain figures 
about 30 per cent below cost. 

This is an ()|iportunity seldom met 
with, getting Jewelry cheaper than ever 
before offered. 

Also about one dozen Modern Plate- 
(}lass Show Cases, 2 Kireproof Safes (Tay- 
lor & Hall make), magnificent large 8ft. 
Hall Clock, Westminster Chimes, Va, V2, % 
and strikes, will be sold at half cost. 

R. H. E. 

. 1 S 2 

Chi'.a)ro ...... ....... in « 

^'Xttlri^'^s— Brown 'iw' AfVhef':' Mathewson 

and Myers. 

CINCINNATI. Auc. T.-Ms^ttfrn w-,-. esHv 
for the locals. Clnclnnntl knorklnjc him out 
of the box in the .hlrcl^ rvrrlue w«, ,no - 
fectual. Smith nitched good hall at "H 
stages A portion of the gate receipts 
"„ donated to the National PloyRrounrts 
Association. t> tj r> 

Score: ^- "' .^j 

rlnrlnnatl ................ » *» i 

P,„,,r,i.,_smiih and Clarlia; MattMn, 

Perdue and Kling. . • . ^ 

piTTSRrRG. Aug. T.— PlttBburg defeated 

Philadelphia toflay. Chslmers allowed only 

rtevViopr'rr in"to''"rimi.."" Adflms was strong 
Hi- lire-. 


I'blUilelphia ■ ■ ■ • ■ •_ ■ 

Rnttfrli's— ArlauiB and Ollison 
ai'rt Monin. l.mplrer— Kloni rikI PrPniinn. 
ST l.OI-lH. AuR. v.— St. l.nulii won a 
hard-fought (tamo from Prfloklyn today. 
The locals stnrlfd the scorliiK In the third 
Inning, scorlnc two runs. Brooklyn tlo.l II 
IP the fourth end St. LowiH wept ahrnl n 
thr fifth Xnsero nn.l Dnblen nivl 
„,n we,;^' ,01. ..ff til" find for r11,p.illnK 

'"'^:^:'- ''■ 'L- '^■; 

Brooklyn J ' :, 

St. T.ouls ..„ 

Batteries— Srhsrdt. Posnlon and Berner; 
Pteele and Bresnahnn, Bllds. 


Meeting for Drafting' of Boh.duiea for 

Z.ooal Football lieagaaa on 

aiat Xnat 

The pohediiled meeting of the Vic- 
toria and District nssoclatlon football 
Icngiie will be held on Monday evening, 
the 21st Inst., at R p. m. All entrle.«< for 
thft .'-.cnlor. second division and Junior 
grade scries will close on Ihnl dalt-. 
At the same gathering medals nnd cups 
will be presented the league winners of 
last season: Senior, V.W.A.A., Secppil 
Division, N.W.A..\. .lunlor, High school. 
All interested nrc expected in aii"nd. 

You lose half the pleasure of 
motoring without the protection 
of an 

ALuto Duster 

We are Clearing the Balance of Our 
Stock at Special Prices 

2.50 Dusters, special price. . .$1.95 
.50 Dusters, special price. . .$2.85 
$4.75 Dusters, special price. . .$3.95 

These Dusters are designed es- 
pecially for motoring. Made full 
and roomy, collar buttons close up 
to neck, giving absolute protection. 
Colors are grey, fawn and khaki. 
Materials, linens and drills. 

Washable Vests 

Balance of Men's Fancy Wash- 
able Vests to clear at two special 

$1.75 to $2.25 Vests, now .$1.35 

$2.50 to $3.50 Vests, now^ $1.85 

Neat stripe and? spots in cash- 
itlefes, linens and mercerized ma- 
terial, all sizes, 36 to 44 in. 

All Panama Hats 

Every Hat to be cleared at two 

Ten only, Panamas that were $10 — 
now • $5.7o 

Five-only, Panamas that were $5.0Q 
............... $3.50 


Our Entire Stock of 

Straw Boaters at One 

Special Price 

The former prices of these Hats 
were $2.00 to $4.00. Come and take 
' your choice at this low price. 



Successors to B. Williams & Co. 

614 Vatcs Street 

, .^^^,r l-AMT T^ IJl.^ l->T(:i^I7n ARROW SKjN 


Factory and Office 

570 Johnson St. 

Wf mamifaclurc ;;n<1 stock Sail.., Tents, Flags Canvas 
Covers, ^WaterproofTarllaulin.. Bag.s and Camp Furniture. 
Oil Clothing, and best Rubber Boots— everything for Camp- 
ing and Railroad Camps. 

Practical Sail and Tent Makers 

F. JEUNE & Bro. 

Phone 795 


T H E CAN A D I A N "fe A NK 

ALEXANDER LAIRD, General Manaqbr 

CAPITAL, - $10,000,000 


of The Canadian Bank of Commerce will receive ^«P<»»'%;°f^*. ^jlf 
upwards, on which interest is allowed at current ye«mr>:|lg 
delay in withdrawing the whole or any portion of the deportt. 9ng 
deposits are welcomed. __^_^ ^jSt 

Accounts may be opened in the names f*'^'\^ "**• I^SSSS 
onerated by any one of the number or by the stirvivor. AJOigigglJ 
of t!iis\ind save, expanse in est.blish5n|r the ownei^ip •l*jMi*i«r 
after death, and is eap«:i«Uy uwful J*'^ » « »». J^SJ ft 

; ■ '.••>- , ,' , / ,; ,. .3,' 

c ^ •■« t 

7w ^m 4 mmm 


^.1, ,-^i J6.Al^^M4Ak4)^i~J^^lu-iJii^' 


-■^'•^^mmitmitmi t 


r uoscJay. August 8, 1911 

> 1 






Two Centurlei Included In Total ot 

Mainland Eleven — Visitor* Save 

0»ci« Thronrh Call of Time. 

While prtri of the Vancouver fli-st 
flpven was playing In Victoria on Sut- 
■.'.rda:', bii 'if those who are generally 
(,11 thp, team, stayed at home to meet 
ilip .Mhlon team who were dpcldertly 
below their nstial strength. 

Vancouver won the toss i' i 
tr, bat, and bat they did wUh a ven- 
fifi\nre. Murphy took things quietly, 
v.-l,ji„ Slndi'n fnrfpd matter?. The 

bowling was very much on the spot and 
the first wleket had to play for its 30 
whtin Sladen was neatly taltcn at point 
hy Rober.son. v,'ro88fleld followed, 
hitting freely, practically breulclng 
down the attack although Murpliy wltli 
47, Sweeney 3, and lUlngs v\ith 6, de- 
parted before Crossfleld. who went out 
at 164 with an Individual score of 60 
not altogether faultlesH. Crane with 
ten notches, was -badly missed, and 
Peel was well catight by Kaymeiit for 
4. bringing In Barrs. Now commenced 

! ., .^,-,,,.1 score. Crane and Barrn gave 
:ncxcepted»cha!}ces. but their 

! rv-i HMtn-n of trff hitting was neverthe- 
less a treat not often seen. When 
Crane im^i. HK ttio field was notified of 

the fact and the batsman given a 
chance to get his century. Not many 
minutes lattr the same courtesy was 
extended to Mr. Barrs. These two bats- 
men hud put on 204 runs since the fall 
of the sixth wicket and were not out 
with 100 and 107 respectively. Van-' 
couver declared at S p. m. the line of 
play being continued until 7 P- ni. on 
account of the lateness of the start. 

Albion, well fagged out. started badly 
2- 1-2. Roberson st'ck until 33 was re- 
corded, when he attempted to get Into 
the game. His foot slipped and the 
catch of his beauUfur bit put him out 
of It. It was an uphill fight. Ismay 
brolhert. each scored 34. Bayley 49 
and Hewitt ;!2 not out. The other four 

wickets n. A hundred and eighty-two 
for 7 wickets was not at all bad for a 
side six hours in the field. It was a 
draw and a very creditable one un.ltr 
the clrcumBtances. 

The folic. wiiiK ic th*^ si-otp: 

\ iiuiiumT — l»l lnnln««. 

Murpliv. c Cnopcr 1, White *' 

filaden. e Roberson b E. V:. Iismay 
CroBsfleld. c and b E. W 
Pwfeney, b H. A. Umny . 
IlUngsworth. b W'hito . • 

Crane, not out. ■■";■' 

Fowl, c riayroerst b Spam. 
Barr«. not out 


lumay fil 



', 100 




\V.,Is«,v! Davis and Roden did not bai 
\nt In-lnno. 



H, fi-glT. b (•roanflffld 

H. A. tBir.ay. c and b <-rn«.i.fl.-H 
W. Roberson, c Rod^n 1) I^ari ■ 
A I". Rasley, b CroBSfleld 
(■ A. roopor. b Crossfleld . 
K. VV. Tsnmy. b llllnsaworth 

H. F. Hewitt, not out ^- 

.1. Spain, b llllnRnworth ' 

r. naymrnt. b Crossfleld " 

H. E. Southern, not out _^'} 

E.xtraa . • ■ '' 


n. White did not bat;' 


Albion. »«.cond on their own proundt a.«o 
had a leather hunt. Mr. AcUroyd, ot Saan^ 
ich Rave a really fine exhibition of hlH 
l,\.'»hl!ltle« with the willow mnWlng 100 

wiui not marred with » elnr'* "aw. With 
8"lcket„ Sown for li.e. Saanlch clo.ed 
*heT' arcount. #endln« Albloh to the bat 

Their ">•«< eff°'' "'^^ *"" T'*". P"-""""" 
48 run«. The .erond =4 for 7 wickets. 
The following Is the soore; 

Unnnlch— 1«t Innings. 

A. K. Parnwell, b l.upton 

Arkrovd. not out 

R I>unn. 1> Klelcher 

WllB..n. b FleKbcr . 

r t.tttlP. n Asnby ....•■ 

llrotiirhlon. o nav)e» t> a. .v 

H r>. (■'olion. Ii Aiibl>y 
II H Cilliin. b I.upton 
,1 ■ K ' rinrnptt. c- I.Upton 1> Anhbv 
Mf'drl, rrol "Ul 


y,.unR clld not bnl. 

.^Vlblon— I"* Inning*. 




I s 

I I 





(> rn Hi h W i l s on 

ming events held there on Saturday 
there were a number of errors. It 1« 
stated that the winner of the half mile, 
.\. Folli-, is not a Victorian, and that 
S. Warn, of Cumberland, was third in 
the 50 yard event and not second a^ 
reported, As will be seen by a glance 
at the appended of winners of the 
chief events, which is official, the ath- 
letes from this city did exceptionally 

50 Yards, senior champions'hlp — Fir;-t 
heat: 1st. K, Warn, Cuiu'nci mml, Zuu 
L,. Godfrey, Victoria Y.M.C.A.; time 
.12 2-5. Second heal; 1st. H, McW'at- 
ti-iK. unattached; 2nd. •! McNeill. Vic- 
toria Y.M.C.A.; time 29 seconds. Final: 
1st tgold) H.Mc Walters; 2nd (silver). 
J. McNeill; 3rd M)ronze), S, Warn, 
time 32 2-r,. 

100 Yards Junior cnamplonship — IM. 
(gold) F. lienderson. Vancouver Y'.M. 
C A.; 2nd (silver), J. Cameron. Victoria 
Y.M.C.A.: tlm© 1.24 2-5. 

100 Yards, boys under 16 (open) — 1st 
(J. Cameron, Victor'a. (One prize for 
open events.) 

220 Yards, senior champlonshtp-r(12 
Btartexs). Ist (soldi J. McNeUU . Vic- 
toria T.M.C.A.; 2nd lailver). H. McWat- 
ters, unattached: Drd (bronze), F. 
Crompton, Victoria VM.r.A.; no time 

100 Yards, ladles' championship — 1st 
(gold). Dorothea Hay, Victoria, 2nd 
(silver), Hilda Badman, Vancouver; 
time, 2.08 2-5, 

Life saving championship — Ist, S. 
Liindsay and W. Ketmlng, Vancouver; 
2nd, v. Pomfret and W . L,ong. victoria. 
SSO Yard? char>i"!""«'bin — 1st (euld). 
A. Folle, iinattachPrt, vancouvt-r, 2ii"J 
(silver). O. Siiup.son. Vancouver Row- 
ing club; .'Ird (broiv/.e), I>. Godfrey. Vic- 
toria Y.M,(',A.; no time given. 

Diving championship — Ist (gold). Ij, 
UosB, Vancouver y.M,r,A.; 2nd (silver). 
T. Taylo- Vancouver, unattached; Snl 
(bronze), J. Cameron, Victoria Y.M.C.A, 

HAVE YOU $3,000 

We ran ^Imw vii \\h<';-e t > (l"ulilc 
ncxL three niontlis. 

this ;imiiiint in'^'de the 


:^n X 120 r-F.KT, I<rXXiX<'. THKornii '!'( ' AiAS^iN, with 

" house worth $4,000. Thi^ 1- -11 the .Xorth side and in a 

good location. $3.oo<:) ni^li. .01. 1 ihe hal.'ince in 6, 12 18 and 

24 months. Price ^l-£,OU" 

P.\Xl)(.)i^.\ .WiXNLL: Ct.iUM'.iv, ^. X TOO, renting- at $40 
monthly. This is a prominent corner ;ind a splendid apart- 
ment-house site. Trice ?11,000 

PANDORA AVENUE, just east of Cook, North side, 50 x 
90, with dwelling: fents $30. $2,000, cash, balance easv^ 

' Price. .....,: . • :..,.,.„• • ;, ' • • ' ' •„::..:. 11 :.,:,:i;.. ' ,,. 

We have no hesitation in saying that these are the three' 
b^st huy,s offered on Pandora Avenue, and will prove big 

I I 

n'lnt,»r. b Hnrnwit . . • 
A DavlP b Wnnon 
Klrkbanv t> Ilnmett 
Hallam, V, WtlBnn ,. 
Kletcher. not ""' • 

\V. A»hbv, b Wilson 
M lAipton, b WllA^'fi 

' r. t.nwp. b VVIl»on 

c. Anthony, run out . . • 



Albion — 2nd Inilng*. 
.1. r. Anthony. <• O. Cotton b Toung. . 

j^ p. Fl9tcbnr. b Young 

J r. I,,owe. b Young 

p. Winter, b Young 

H. HallajS, not out • • • • 

H A Davl*. c Parnwell b Young 

h" O. Klrkham. c Cotton, b Parnwell. 

F. VV. A»hby. b Parnwell 

Extras ' 


■ 1 ^ 














Marriott & Fellows 

121 2 Douglas Street 

Prlsoe Bupert Brings HewB of Sknlls 

and 8ton« BammerB Being Fonnd 

at Dlgby iBland. 

W, Scott and M. M. L,upton clld not bat. 

D. O, ROBLIN, Toronto, Canadian Agent 

Any team wUhlng a gam* tomorrow aft- 
ernoon on the' Garrison grounds at 2 p. m., 
may i:eallM Its ambition by aiJplylng to 
Ciiwrbrd Cc ates. phon* t.»a«. 



Official tut of Those Suco«B«ful » 

BaoeB Held at Vancouver 

on Statirday. 

In the account received from Van- 
COUvAtdf *hB i B.!C.^ chfcmptonablp BWlm- 

Traces of primitive dwellers qn Prlnco 
Rupert harbor, where the Grand Trunk 
Paclflc Railroad Company 1b building a 
new port at the western terminus of 
Canada's new transcontinental line, 
have been found when excavating for 
the auarantlne station buildings at Dig- 
by Island, according to advices brdught 
by the steamer Prince Rupert. Fifteen 
feet below the surface skulls, stone 
hammer heads, even the ashes of a dead 
camp nre which may have flickered 
many centuries ago, liave been uncov- 
ered by the picks of workmen. How 
long It has been since these primitive 
residents sat about the camp Are, 
around »which clam shells were scat- 
tered fifteen feet below the earth, only 
a skilled archaeologist who could frace 
strata after strata deposited through the 
centuries could tell. The skulls appear 
to be narrower In the forehead than 
thoBe of the Haltja Indians, who have 
made their homes In the vicinity during 
the last century. 

muncy lO Ludii 

In Amounts from $5,000 
Current Rates 

m. r. vviiisuy 

Sayward Block Douglas St 

Tel. 714 or R 2378 












Tomorrow (Wednesday, August 9th, at 9 o'clock^ we wifrptace on the market the only subdivision left ^-^^^^^:^J^ 
citv limits, This meansimuch to the homeseeker or investor. It means that the last opportunity's here for one to obtain beauti- 
ful parklike lots, close to a good car line, and within the city limits, at ground ftoor prices. 

Already men *h. greets.. ^C^^^ m streets and water will be laid as required ^y^^^ 

A building restriction of$..opo to $4,000 insures to homeseekers the right kind of environment and also tends to immediately en- 
hance the value of improved lots in this district. 

i,.. , J, ' --I ■■- u-ni'- itn \'''irtnrii ind ve^ t-^'"'- nfiroN .irn little liielicr than 

Richmond park is right in the city and is sufrounded Dy tne best humc= m Victoria anc >e. -- , 

,. . CI 11 J v;^«M tn hnilfl their humc- m Riclini.'ml park. Perhaps acquaintance 

many lots in outstanding districts- Several. people have decided to build then numc. 11 1 

will mean a like decision by you. 



Price Lists 




Come In 

Get One 

■ mi S ttiM*i*ii<yW* ' i 





PHONE 1494 






Tu»(d«y, Aufluat 8, 1911 

ACREAGE— 5S au'c^. 5'.. miles \ict..ria. irm.Iv all j^-ood land, only short distance from Cordova 
|",a\ suiial.le mr Mil. division. \'erv ea^y ternu' ^dven -m tiiis. Price, per acre ^325 

GOOD BUSINESS BUY, Jolm-un Street, 
(KiMJo, Ijelweni I'lancliard and (Jiiadi'a, 
pi'i iducin^" reveinu' Syo per mmitli. < 'n 
U'l'iii-, prue $lo,OuO 

RESIDEInTIAL lot. c.rner lot, Fcrn- 
wodd Road. ()4\i.V]. clnse lo car. Terms, 
U cash, halance at 7 per cent. \er>- suit- 
ah'ie to huild nn. Price $1,500 


MODERN HOME, 7 house and lot 60x120, on Superior Street, between Usweo-o and Muni real. 
One-third cash, balance 1 and 2 years at 7 per cent. Price $4,500 


/y'\\ f' I r^ — c 



Money to Loan 

At Current Rate From $500 and 




Money to Loan 
Phone 1076 

Stores and Offices to Rent Fire Insurance Written 

1112 Broad Street P-0. Box 498 


S! Look 


^IOXTERl^^' AN'FA'UE. modern 7-roomed hf)use, beautifully situated near the 
sea on two acres of land, all under cultivation. $6,000 cash, easy terms. 
Price $16,000 

OAK BAY AVENUE, corner of Hulton St., a new 6-roomed bungalow on large 
lot. One-third cash. Price $5,500 

BEACH DRIVE, a thoroughly modern 6-roomed residence, with all up-to-date 
improvements, on lot 75x150. Delightful sea view. One-third cash, balance on 
very easy terms. Price ..... i • $8,400 


Parkdale, three lots, each 50x112. 3 minutes from new car line. 

Cleared and cullivated. Price each, on easy terms ..$325 
Hillside Ave., double corner, 120x180. Street to l^e paved and 

widened to 75 feet. Trice, on easy terms $3,000 

Oak Mount Subdivision, 14 lots. Terms 1% cash— 6. t2 and 18 
months. Price $5,400 

Linden Ave., lot 60XJ58. near Fairfield Road. Price, on easy 
terms $2,300 

Shelbourne St. — Two lots. Price, each, on terms $450 

Bank Street — Four lots. Price, each $1,000 

James Bay — Lot 60x115, close to sea and cars. Price, on 
easy terms «. $1,500 

Victoria West — 1>4 acres, corner Lampson and E. & N. Ry., 
400 foot trackage, ideal site for factory. Terms very easv. 
Price $6,000 

Oak Bay — One block from sea and car, level and in grass. 
Easy terms. Price $1,250 

Pemberton & Son 

Corner Fort and Broad Streets 

Victoria, B. C. 


P. O. Box 618 
Real Estate 

^Members Victoria Stock Exchange 

636 View Street 


T iri 


Phone 244^ 


We offer ten acres on Cedar Hill Road close in at a price 
below present value. $4,500 cash will handle. Call in and 
get particulars. 

Ground floor, Sayward block. Phone 2964. 

Esquim alt and Nan aimo Railway 
Company's Cieare3 Lands 

The Cleared Lots at Qualicum Beach, • 
Nevvcastle District, are now on the market 
in tracts of from thirty to forty acres. 

For plans and prices, apply to L- H. 
— ~^olly, Land Agent, Victoriar-of — — 

Local Agent, Parksville. 


I nave a small blocK of lots 
on Monterey avenue and Hamp- 
shire road south, close to Oak 
Bay avenue part of the Noble 
property, wliK-h are particularly 
choice buUdlner sites. The fruit 
trees are large and In full bear- 
ing, and the land la, without ex- 
ception the most fertile In the 
district. Two pt the lots are 
very larfire and one has a flne 
greenhouse 60 ^fiet long. Prices 
range rrom $1,260 up. 


Oak Bay KeaUy Office. 
i05« Oak Bay Ave. 

Phone FF160B. 


Do you know there's lots o" people 

Settln' round In ev'ry town, 
Cluckln' like a broody chicken, 

Knockln' ev'ry good thing down? 
Don't you be that kind o' poultry — 

'Cause they aint no use on earth. 
You just be a booster rooster, 

Crow ari^ boost for all you're wcrth. 




Cordova clumncl, 50 acres, about 

•jiiri f, p' ■.vatTfrontnge; r!c!i 
s . ;, :,i;i>i ;ill \<\'^\. III! rock and 

;. I ^-:ullly heach; $325 per 

iirii ; easy ierms. Tiiia Biitiuiil 
i iierest you If you are looking 
111- waterfront acreage as It is 
tiio best buy on the market to- 
il :t\-. 

Qiiii'lrn rM!-iior, being I-".- ff^f^t nn 
Quadra by- 120 on .Ual.«rli)iua, 
I)r()duclng revenue. Price $21,- 
BOO, on terms. 

Kdmonton road, four choice lots, 
JnOO each; goiid tonus. 

Jilnckwnod f?ti'eel, between Bay 
snd Kings roa'l, rrlce '$l,05(i; 
t r r n \ "i p M s >■ . 

It will bf lo your :\ilvanlnge to 
scf uf for investments. 

A. W. Bridgman 

Real Estate and Insurance 
1007 Go\cnimcnt ."^t 

z>0]iT &z.Bi:Biiri 

Coal — The coal measures are 
riov; being opened up at Port Al- 
bernl, which will also be the ohlp- 
pinK point for domox coal. 

Residential and buys In 
Port Albernl at reasonable prices, 
ViV.'l beautiful W9.terfrnnt nronor- 
tles on the Somass river and lake. 

Improved 40-acro farm on good 
road. KuKy lerm--^, $4,000. 


Aibernl ninl Port Alljernl. n. C. 

50 ACRES, South Saan- 
ich, 4iwo i:oad front- 
ages, first-class soil, 
close to electric car- 
line. Per acre $225 

J. F. Belbin 

Office Phone 1166 

Residence Phone R-2684 

617 Cormorant St., Victoria 

— BUT — 

It's mighty good horse sense. Foofish "hot-air" boosting 
flicver gets a man or a town anything. At the same time it is 
a pretty poor policy to put a peck measure over your candle 
and then feel badly because people don't admire your light. 
Victoria is in for a big move this fall, a move that has been 
due her for a long time. The more people who hear about 
her meanwhile the better. Tell the truth, but tell it good and 
loud. Modesty is a punk policy—in business. 

We have re-edited our entire lists and catalogued them with 
a view to spotting the investments booked for a quick turn- 
over with good profits this fall. It will be worth your while 
to lool' *hcm nvcr. 


g I 

Richardson Street, lot 55 x 1393^. $400 • cash, balance ar- 
ranged. Price ..••••• $1,250 

Southgate — Lot 48 x 125: cheap for all cash. Price $1,500 

McCaskell Street — Three lots, 40 -x 100. One-quarter cash, 
balance 6, 12, 18 and 24 months. Price $2,000 

Shoal Bay, just over half-acre. On terms, $2,200 

Burleith— Two lots, with a 50-foot frontage on the Gorge. 
One-quarter cash, balance i, 2 and 3 years. Price $2,400 


Real Estate and Financial Agents 
1205 Langley Street Telephones 2967 and 2026 

Advertise in the Daily 


Money Makers 

RI<hiiionel Ave. Xrar Fart St., "< 

room liiiii:<<> un Iwo iBrRo loig, cor- 
ner, only $5,000; oasy IprniB. 
I'rlnr SI. — I'losc to lllllsldp, I w,< fhv 
l.iis. hlKli iuiil dry. I'llrr #1.000 
rn'ii: iprniB I-.1 cnsh, Ijalamp i'< 
.•iMl 1'.' rnniillif". 
J'nlrlli-ld llon<l — ''Insc tn r.lml'ii n\p.. 
one lot. t>enmlfally dlliiatGct, flue 
Bhart'? Ire"", pi?" >''<^ •>>• '.;0i); rgiilrk 
«Bli."ni>2,IOO J ]-3 in«h, balaticti on 
cBO.v term". ' 

Apartinrnt Site — ( nok Kt. ii,rii" r, 
(loir In; J10Kl'20: only »13,fi00. 

Bagshawe & Co. 

1216 Broad Nt., Opp<mllf> C'oloHlM. 
PhniM 2271. 



Eleven Lots 


all in (pardon 


TiiMi'lo tlip city limits wHli clt.v 
wiitcT, cieLinc iigiu nnd teie- 


.•\t propptit .""olllnR values In 
llilfi district tlie.sf lots are worlli: 

r'our iot.s at »r>r>o $3,300 

Seven lots Rt ?r,nn 93,500 


. 95,700 

For quick sale w« ar« Inatrttotaa 
to t«k» f4,MK) on •»«y iarma 


loOaUam Bldr. OoarUs St. 

Telephone' 2829 

•Phone 28i. 

1104 Croaa .'5tr!5et 


2 Acre.s on Hurn.-=i.I,.. INm.I. J'-'H cash S3000 

H Acres, 5-roomed liMu'se. 10 .o'Pi- trc^s, m., cherry trees. 2 Rood wells, 
excfU/'nt watfr, .m r>.n<l ovoMoolu.ii^ .soa. .?IOaO cash. MMiiS^fMl^ 

_ . . WooW 



IpoiAwa PCMBorroN -bla. 

TCWAflT. BjC'. 


Tf yn>i have, you can p\it by a llttlfi f'>r a rainy day. 

Why not buy a STEWAUT lot? 

Wo can soil you a lot within a mile of the l:i:-Hnos.s cf>ntre ai tho City 
for »350 and give you plenty of lime to pay for It. Stewart will grow as 
rapidly as any other seaport town at the t-rininus of a transcontinental 
railway, thi.i being so .should make 11 a town of at least 25,000 by 1918,, 
Vour lot then should bo worth K'."00. 


all for 

121 Acr^-r. una r,-roonied house: .couldn't ho ho\Uv l.w |...ulti.v rMncli. 
KOOd water, small orchard. $500 cash 

. 93500 

G. E. Deakin & R. T. Lougheed 

Royal Realty Company. Rooms 8 and g Green Block. 


with Ihp wholp or ri portion of an 
acre of <holc;c gurtln-n fr.mllngr on 
Ihrco ntrpol!!. and In nno roslllon 
for io.ibdlvl«lon. This la a golden 
opportunity for Invoslment, an wo 
ran dellvor this at an pxcepdlnttly 
low flKurc on very easy terms for & 
limited time. 

Welch Bros. & Co, 

lOOa OoTtramant M*. 


Two acres olT limisrlas strefl, 
nn 1 'i-riiilc rliclo. Itlic for Suh- 
ilividinK, i)rico $fi,;!00. We ad- 
vl.«o .Nif.i lo act (iiiicklj'. 

Dalby & Lawson 



SYDNEY— On Saan- 
ich Rd : 5 acres and a new 
orchard: near school and 
church. Price . . . ?1,575 

— ID acres. North Victo- 
ria: 2 miles from City 
Hall. ;4 cash. Per 

, acre f 1,500 



620 Johnson St. 



We have the exclusive ■■!• otf 
one of the nicest Uttle hOliMM 1» 
th« best part of this district. Th» 
cottape is beautifully flnl»h<sA""llii- 
sido and out; contains S r^oHw, 
is fully modern and on a larg* 
lot. The owner Is iMTlny And 
win sell to a responslbls fwi^ on 
particularly easy terms. 8iBiii|l 
cash payment, and balance tHwi. 

wmxam (MM 


Grubb & Letts 


Heal Kswts m ms^muiff 

arsen Block, Brted (m%iiiii 
PhoiM Silt. 


. ■?(. 


iiW hM W M W WI IIiM M W W i l ii l I ii wyiijW ii' .n i H Wi ' 



Tucaday, August B, 1911 

^rrrnrriTiTA nATTY rOT.OMST 

.X^Jk. v^**^-^*- 

More Cheap Lots 

Lots 6, 7 and 8, Vancouver Street, l.ctween Kind's Rnad aiul Bay Street, 50 x ii7- 
Terms $450 casli. Pr'uc. eacli ?.l,350 

, 1- i^ri,-o S450 • terni-^. Siso cash 

No. 33 Second Street, 55x105 1 rice jp-it^v. ici lu. , ^i^u 

14 Cor.- Edmonton and Cedar iiiii rds. .. 

3 Montreal Street, James Ba>\ Mxiuj... 

Hillside .\\eniK', moni20 

Princess Strf;et, largo lot 

Kasterdalc : lots about '*i acre : 

Wellington St., 60x134 

Grafton St., 60x134 

Foster St., 60x134 

large !"t. ^X,500: 




frmn ^350: 

; ?900: 






Telephone 30. 


Established 1890 


HII ^ 

General Sales Agents 

Get in on the ground floor— buy a lot in this beautiful division 
before the prices rise. 

Terms — 10 pe r cent cash> 10 per cent per 


Corner Broughton and Langley Street* Phone 1518 

Investors Take Notice 

The (Irancl Trunk Pacific Hy. Co's branch line to Daw- 
son, starting- from ELLISO N is an assured fact. 

Did vou ever knew anything in which the C T. 1". and the govc-mnont ^^^'^ •■';\^'- 
..te.l in', to fail? \nur is No. Tli en make a point of >nterv,cvvmo- us tomor- 
row and learn whv y<lJ,iSn.\- lots offer y m the safest mvestmeut m !.. L. at the 
price which is— inside lots ^'250. corner lot> J?350. . m term-- ..f— 


ELLISON is the head ..l navigation on the Skeena river. , ,• f • f 

ELLISON is the shipping cmiro of a great mining and agricultural district. 
F:LL1S()N is commanding the attention of all shrewd investors. 

ELLISON will become one of the iniportaui towns on the U. i. i- ime . 
in I'l. C 

'rnVEI'tfe" ;POR • I LLU ST RATED- B O o 1< L 1 •. T A X IX 1 ' LA N^. 






30 feet on Douglas Street, south of Furl StyrrK 
60 feet on Douglas Street, south of Fort Street. 

60 feet on Cormorant Street, near Douglas. 
60 feel on Fort Street, west of Quadra. 

COOK STREET, corner lot— One-third caslr 
Price $1,300 

TRANSIT ROAD, double corner— One-third cash. 
Price • • -^I'SOO 

BURNSIDE ROAD, 2-;^ acre— One-quarter cash^ 
Pj-jcg $3,500 

nA.K BA^ AVENUE. 3-4 acre— One-third cash. 

--price.'.. ^6,000 


Manager Branch Office of Great West Life 
P. O. Box 167. 

For further particulars apply- 



Real Estate, Insurance and Financial Agent 

1205 Broad Street, Next to Colonist Office 


Corner Fort and Douglas Sts. 

Phone 2612 

Brown & Nason 

1295 Doug-la* St., Phone 2371 

Cook Street, fine comer. Price ..$2000 
Myron Street, lot 50 x 125. PrU-<- 5950 
Gorge Road. 2 lots on corner ...94000 
McPherson Avenue, fine large lot ?13S0 

ijAK BAT— Hampshire roiS, lot 

50x180. Lane at side and rear. 

Snap at $850. 
risBuard street— Lot 60x140. 

Price ?1.150, 
Corner Kings road and Quadra 

^rwt. Ijot 60x135. Price $3,000 
Jaitfeaf |toy— Six-room house with 

half acre of ground, $6,000. 
All the above at one-third cash, 

balance easy terms. 

Queen City 

Askluid & Proctor 
1413 Pougrl-3 St., Phone 27J4. 

Oraers taken here for WelUurton 

Business Buys 

Fl»erniird Street, Just above 

, Quadra, one lot 50 x 140, with 

six -roomed house. $2000 ca!«h. 

hal.-ince arranged. Price l^OOO 

Cormorant Stareet, near Pickle 
Works. 33' X 87. $1500 cash, 
balance 1 and 2 years at 7 per 
cent. Price 85500 

Tort Street, 60 x 120. with seven- 
roomod house, concrete base- 
ment. , TertftS can be arrar.srs.l. 
Price i....^ ... ?18,000 

Moore & Johnston 

632 Vateg btreet 

Fhcna 627 

Delay is dangerous. 

Your home may 
catch fife before you 
get your goods insured 
if you wait— 


aAKDBK CITT-Quarter -^cr- blocks, cleared garden land^ good bcor^ 

,ng orchard. $350 to $600 each; car line, olty water, graded streets on 

»n« property. Term* $WK«aki, balanca «16 IP«>n|h. 

TKtJTCH STREET-Modern up-to-date new residence, eight rooms and 

furnace. Thk price is a snap at $6,000. 

OAK BAT - TWO lots. 50 x 161 feet. high, level and cleared, each 

jl.OOO; terms $100 cash, balance $20 per month. 
BEI.VEUBBK-A few choice, high level, grassy Jot.. 60x110. Improved. 
Term« »f.o caih. balance $15 per month. $600 each. 

best buy in the city today. 
TWO New Houses Woodland Koad, a snap. 

Valur.b.e Froporty — On Govcrn- 
mcni -street pnxllament 
buil'.uig.'J. full particulars on 

Broughton street, hftwccn Po\ik- 
las and Bianfhard. 1 3-4 lots. 
runnlnK to Courtney. 

Qovomment street, nimr Cormor- 
ant, 60 X 120, IMT front foot. 


Rooming House, hPBUtifuMy Kit- 
untrrl, full particulars on ap- 

To iet, furnlrhrd or unfiirni.-ihpd 
« house on Edmonton 
road, with plenty of ground hav- 
ing fruits, vegetables, etc. 

1 T. L Meyer 

Phone 24<g. Boom in. «S< View 
St. P. O. Box 334. 

Get These Today 

T.'jt oil Kowe Street, 5"xlL'.'i. r;i;<y 

terniH $1200 

I.ot on Corner King's Boad, with 

fihiii'k rcntlii;; $10 per monlli. 

I'rlcf 8900 

liOt on BlcUmond Avenue, near 

i)ak H;i\' avenue, 60 x 120. 

I'rico . ." »1100 

rive Choice tots on Harriett Bd., 

noar the (iurge, price each $800 

Ritchie & dusty 

1304 Douglas Street 
Phone 2310 



McPherson & Fuilerlon Bros. 

618 Trounce Aven'ie, Victoria, B. C. 
Phone 1888. 

Forman & Co. 

1212 Broad Street. 
Phone 55. 


\ lartre two-storv. eight room resiciencc and {oiir;lots com- 
mandiiig a lovely 'vie vv over Oak Bay ^d SJirrounding country 

F..r particulars apply. _^_______ 


1002 Broad Street 

All Fine Lots 

A corner in Fairfield Estate, near car line, very fine, 
and no feet square. On terms .$3,500 

No. 572 — A half-acre lot, on Lilian Road, Foul Bay, 
on terms $2,100 

No. 242 — A corner pair oil' Topaz Avenue, high and 
sightly, on terms $1,700 

No. 488 — Abeautiful corner in Oak Bay District, 120 
feet square, on terms $2>750 



Rooms — 5, 7, 9 and 11, Mahcn Block 

Insurance^ — Fire,- Life and Accident. 



•Monfrey .we. — I'lnp new H-room 
I, "'%;ali)W on lot (>0xl2O, one 
l)|ock rrom rnr; n snap at 
IH.Ci.'iO; spread ov»>r Mvr years. 

Belmont Ave. --ThrM) lot"! with a 
nice cottage. Price H,600; 

uangff>rcl street- .New 7-r.xini 
nouse.. full easement, furnace, 
hurlap. built-in cupboan:*. 
Price M-OOO; IBOO caah. balance 

Nescott & Morrison 

mown », «o«dy »lo«lt 

•mwfi* i«$i 

Johnson Street 

,10 X "' hetwpon Store and "^^'harf. 
60 X 120 between Douglaa and 


I' torrn.s 

For ftiU particular* apply 


Room 10. Mahon Block, 
p. O. Box 785. Phone 119. 

iMne double corner close 
to carline for a few da}■.■^: 
$450 cash, balance 
Onlv ^1,050 

•ol* Affaat 

Gordon Burdick 

MO BroiurlitOB at. 
V«a>b«r«oa Bloak, Vtaoa* 8S0S. 


Double Corner in Fairfield 
Estate. 1^0 X 124. Thi.s 
I'- in the best part of l'"air- 
fici'i Estate. Price. .$2,000 

Durban St.— ( )nc large lot 
for, on terms $1,000 

Harbinger Ave. — Tlie hesl 
lilt on the avenue, for, on 
terms $i>875 


<34 Tlaw St.. riiolia 8307. 

Xhre« lot? rlod* to r>oi]g1a.ii Hfreet, 

no rock. «ach, only tWtO 

New House and 2 lofii . , . .fl,860 
N«w Bungalow. Chapman utreet 


Lot 60x135 to alley, on eaay 


Special for a few days. 
Broad »tr««t. only. p*r foot.. 9800 

All on easy terma. 


Gorge Heights Subdivision 

All $400 Lots Sold 

And we've only mx n\ the $500 lots left. Onc-fniivlh l)al;mce vvv\ e;i>>. 


In a l)eaiUilnl -ilnatinn overlnokin.o: the Gorge. .Xhonl 
,,n nirrln .m.! 11 1 iic-vear-oUl full bearing trees to er-eii 
h)t. 'I'rice. per lot" ^1,250. .One-fourth cash, bal- 
ance (k 1-' and iS months. Si/e of each lot i,- fUx-'35- 


Corner Broad and Trounce Avenue Phone 1722 


A Money Maker 

A hoiisr .111(1 large k^t im .'^iiiiorii ir St.. close to Menzies 
St.. within 100 \ards of where many ilnuisaiKls of dollars are 
now licinu spent. The lot i.s do .x i..|o. 'i'hc price i.< $3,500 
("Jii icrnis. This nraetieally iji\es vn ihe house free of cost, 
as liit> in this hlnck aic scllin.u; at $3,000 cacii, and smaller lots 
at that. 

Let n- ,-Ih«\\ }-ou the i)ropcrly. \ 

Leeming Bros., Limited 

insnr.-inee and rnstrmm Prokcrs. 

S-;4 Fort Street 


Direct from Owner. S to 10 acres between Victoria and 
Crofton, Vancouver Island. Must have house, improvements 
and sea frontage. 

Particulars to 


1248 Barclay, Vancouver,^B.C. 



9&00 — Lot. 60x110, Forbes" street, 
lieUveen Hnultain nntl Kinf;s. 

1800 — Lot 50x130, Florence atreel. 
elope to Willows Car. 

$1400 — Lot 100x110. double corndr, 
KtnKs road and Aaqulth. 

$490— Lot 51x120. Walter aveftua.- 

Gorge View P.-irk. 
tSattO — itix !oi», 50x115, Bun>«ld« 

ro»,d. within two-mile clrcl*. 
i^OO— Lot 40x160, DtJUfM^ll 

ClOiH) to Douci** ^^'Uf 
•06O— U>t S0xl4«» 

Terms on all the above prop«||l«MS^.j 


vtaMe iiaa. 

■^\ ^ ' tfft >. * ^ 


■"::im^, X 



Tuesday. August 8* H11 

Bed Comforters 

A medium weight com- 
forter, filled witii Russian 
Down, with covering of 
English Muslins in colors 
navy, red and lij^ht: colors 
very neat patterns: si.^e 56 
in. by JO in. 



On the Waterfront 

( )ur Special 6-lb. Blan- 
ket, in a nice, soft, woven 
wool: a good, serviceable 
blanketime,,^ X 80. They 
come in either pink or blue 
striped borders. 

649 Yates Street Tel. 3039 

Agent for McCall Patterns 


Prince Rupert and Princess 
May Bring Many Passengers 
— BotJT Vessels Returned on 




Coal Fields Being Opened Up 
Near S k i d e g a t e— Salt 
Springs Found 44 IVIiles from 
Prince Rupert 

The stpumer Prince Rupert of the G. 
T. P. reaihed port from Stewart and 
Prince Kui>ert on Sunday, and the Prin- 
cess May of the C.P.R. from Skagway 
and nortliem ports. The Prince Rupert 
brouKht 120 paasongei-o south and the 
C. P. R. liner had ICj, mostly from 

,t riinot* mitiert. 

ties claimed for 11. The developed plans 
of the tumpany for the next three 
months are a completed wnKon road 
rrnm« water to the mines at the 
Intersection of the cross-cutting tunnel, 
uiKl .shipping facilUles will be arranged. 
Tastinr Oo»in«ld. 

.V Portland company i.-i developing 
coal mea-.-^ures at Yakoon Lake, a Van- 
couver company has a diamond drill In 
transit via Masset. for the purpose of 
testing ground near the Western Htet-l 
Corporation's hoUlinKs In tlie interior of 
llie isla:u1. 

News was biuuphl by the steamer 
that the mineral claims of Frank 
Koundy on Alice Arm have been bonded 
to a syndicate reprfsenied by Captain 
.li.lm living of Victoria. The sum in- 
volved is I'eported to be abovU $16,000. 
The ore body in the Koundy claim bears 
a very close resemblance to that 'which 
was found in the Comstook mine. It Is, 
in fact, so similar that old miners who 
have seen both say that It would be 
Impossible to dlstingulaU the difference, 
and that from the northern mine n^lght 
easily be taken aa coming from the old 


Wireless Message from Osai<a 
Sliosen Kaisha Liner Says 
She will Arrive One Day 
Ahead of Scriedule 


Puuti :>uuiMU riLuTS 

Bitter Tiarbt on Amossr Skippers WIio 

Hake Bnsinaas of Pllotliig: Vessels 

To Bound Forts. 

A bitter fight is on among the pilots 
af Puget Sound, who have been cutting 
rates of late. The first intimation that 
a war was on between the pilots was 

wl i ci ' i .1. tJhHM i b er B A C o ., of Lii re r poo l 
operating the British tramp steamship 
Hornby Castle, last month refused to 
take a pilot for that vessel at Port 
Townsend for MukUteo, asserting that 
it had come to their knowledge that 
other steamship operator.'! wer« getting 
pilotage at fiO per cent less than they 
were, and that they suspected they had 
been grossly overcharged In the past. 

Since that time It has developed that 
the supposed gentlemen's agreement 
that for two years or more had existed 
among the Sound pilots had been badly 
undermined from the inside, and that 
a majority of the pilots working with- 
out contracts had been quoting different 
rates to different companies, and In 
some cases had solicited work at less 
than half the iVib a ship contemplated 
by the regular scale. 

It Is now known that at least one 
party to the gentlemen's agreement has 
solicited business at tne rate or av a 
ship, , and that, rather than lose out, 
others of the guild have met his prices, 
though 80 far It is not detlnltely known 
that any ships have actually been taken 
up from the high sea Umlt at this 

Just what the status of the situation 
Js few persons besides ihe pilots them- 
selves Know, and tney naturally «ire not 
anxious to talk, but. there Is no quea- 
tlon that the J125 rate has been "shot 
to pieces." In slang phrase. 

A wireless report from the Osaka 
Shosen kaisha liner Chicago Maru re- 
ceived on Sunday by Messrs. R. P. 
Rlthet & Co.,. agents of the line, states 
that the steamer . will reach Vicluria 
this morning at U o'clock. The 'Jap- 
anese steamer Is making a fast tri;> 
She left Yokflihama on July 25th ami 
is one day ahead of her schedule. 
When the Chicago Maru was at Yoko- 
hama the chief engineer, Suyematsu, 
was honorea. being the recipient of a 
gold watch from the Emperor of Japan s«rx']ccK rendered tc his country. 

The steamer Keemun of the Blue 
funnel ll'.ie arrived back from Tacoma 
yesterday to discharge 1.670 tons of 
general freight at this port, and Che 
Protosllaua of the same line is to sail 
from the outer wharf tomorrow home- 
bound to Liverpool with a cargo of 
over 10.000 tons of general merchandise, 

The Water of Quality 

Yel f}A43l >• »ol o incdicin«j 
...just a pure, whole- 
some spring ''^^^^BToS 
i_ water. -^^^y" 

Victoria, B. O. 

Are You Going to 

The Old Country 

oTBringing Your Friends From There ? 



CONSULT US. A pleasure to give information. 

AJTD trnm 




City Pa.ssr. and Ticket Agt. Tel. 1242. Dock and Freight Agt. Tel. 2*21 

Keatings in the Pantry 

Bi^ hungry cockroach 
A helping of h L maeLf-:- 

Excursion Rales to Eastern Points 

Dates of Sale— August 14, 15. 16, 17. 21, 22. 23. 28, 29, 30; September 

1, 2, 4, 5, 6. 7. 1 


BALTIMORE! r •I?li2 

BOSTON • !i:'„„ 

MONTREAL, ;„„';„ 



TORONTO ''l'^" 


WINNIPEG ''"••*" 

BT. PAUL Minn. ^"•'"' 

CHICAGO ;.*• „^ 

roitT v.'ii-ij:.-.:a ; """" 


DUUUTH °°-^" 


COUNCIL BLUFFS, via Bt. Paul l-li, 

KANSAS CITY, vta St. Paul »''-2" 

OMAHA, via St. Paul 8^.90 

BT. JOSEPH, Mo., via St. Paul 63.i0 

Tlnal Return October Slst, 1911. 

For Further ParticularB Apply L. D. CHBTHAM, 

1102 Government Street. City Passenger Agent. 

Afenta for all Atlantic Bteamahip Lines. 



Southern California 

li i?,v-KRSbR-rr^P^^fnE^r ;;;'^'^ 

For Southeastern Alaika. "t^. ItAMOI^ 
or CITY OF SEATTLE leaves Seattle 9 p.m. 
July 2H. Aug. 4, 10. 18. 22. 2S. 

Ocean and rail ticket, to New York nnS 
all other cities via San Franclaoo. 

FrelBht and Ticket otflcea, HIT Wharf at 
and 1210 liouglaa 9t. 
i R. P. RITHET i: CO.. Llfl.. Asentt. 

For further parllculara obtain lold»r. 

iikaffwp.^ p.f> 

And Up 

Will Take You 


^ Tn I,nxnr>- and Comfort. 

ThU InrliulPR nil neoessary espenses 
:ibo,'ir.l Biid iislinre. 

• thf Tivln-Serpiv StpnmslilpCI.EVKI.ANu 
7 000 toiisi. First <Tiil«e lenvlng 

w Y,„k octobfr :ii. 1011- •^«-;^- 

<l online n-nvtnp; -San KranclHCO 
•hrnnry ft, ilM^. 

Unid Inr llliiftnlhil linnklrli. 


41-45 Broaaway, N. I. 
Or T-ooal Agent 


Augukt SaUinss 
r:ampanl» ii.iir2i;-....i,-,.A«gllat 16th 

Pr>(n'-"rila. ; . .•. .* . . . . Alintuat 22 nd 

Maurctanla August 28rd 

Lusltania Augrust 30ih 

C. A. SOLI/Y, PassenRCr Agent. 
!2t0 DouglBB St., Victoria. B. C. 

Cowichan Lake 


Cowichan Lake, V. I. 

(Ilnder new manaEjement) 
The finest fisliin:? and 
tourist resort on Vancouver 
Island. Boats and launches 
for hire. 

Stage leaves Duncan daily. 


Among the passenBera of the Prince 
Rupert was Mr. Wm. Manson, mayor 
of Prince Rupert, who came south to 
interview Hon. Richard McBride to ar- 
range for the government approval of 
the settlement made by Prince Rupert 
with the G- T. P. regarding assessment. 
Shortly before he started south Mr. 
Manson made a trip up the ^l^eena as 
far as Kitsumkalum, where he m^t the 
settlers, who are anxious to secure the 
construction of a bridge. It Is recom- 
mended that Hellsgate be the point 
where a bridge should bo erected. This 
la near the Little Canyon, and within 
easy reach of Kitsumkalum also. It Is 
likewise about half way between the 
Lakelse and the Copper River valleys. 

Another recommendation made by the 
meeting was that the government should 
be asked to take . over the ferry, now 
operated as a private enterprise, from 
Copper PJy=r atktioh oa n>* f^ T P-i 
to Copper City, on the opposite aide. 
Salt Springs ronni. 
The latest discovery in northern 
British Columbia Is reported by arrivals 
on the Prince Rupert, the discovery of 
salt wells' 44 miles from the G. T. P. 
port. The salt springs are at Mile 44 
on the right of way. 

During construction davs the spring, 
which Is quite a strong one bubbling 
up out of the earth at that point, was 
discovered by one of the cooks In the 
camp. He took the necessary steps t6 
secure the location, and since then ex- 
periments have been carried out. The 
brine Is so strong that it is not dlWcult 
In a crude way to collect considerable 
quantities of good quality of salt from 

Mr. A. D. McMorrla, who ha» returned 
to Prince Rupert from Queen Charlotte 
Islands, after inspecting the workings 
of the Pacific Coal Company on Hklde- 
gatc inlet, Ave miles from Queen Char- 
lotte City, said seam.s had been opened 
up for a distance of two miles. There 
are six commercial seams, as w^ell as 
many stringers. The <:o«\ !» a- flrRt-ciaaa 
anthracite equal, Mr. McMorrls says, to 
the best Pennsylvania anthracite, and 
samples brought over to Prince Rupert 
have all the appearance of the proper- 

Secure Health 

while you may! The first good 
step is to regulate the action of 
your sluggish bowels by early use of 




Maater of Prince Kupert Haa Copper 

rroperty In Group BTear Oranby 

Oonipany'a Holdlugra. 

includln'* 2.000 000 fset of liim^^^r. 'd.htui 
tons of flour, copper cathodes, whale 
oil, and general freight. 

The R.M.8. Empress of Japan is due 
at tbe end of the week from tlie Orient. 
The white liner, which Is bringing a 
large shipment of raw silk and a good 
complement of passengers, left Yoko- 
Ihama on August Ist, and Is expected 
to reach the outer wharf on Friday. 

The Kamakura Maru of the Nippon 
Yusen kaisha line, which will sail from 
the outer wharf on Saturday, has all 
her saloon accommodation taken up. 
Among the passengers will be Mr. A. 
O. G. Munkhouse and wife of San 
Francisco; MIsh T. Donan, a mission- 
ary who Mb returning to the Orient af- 
ter a vlalt to this country; Mr. and 
Mrs. F. A. Tucker, who are also mis- 
sionaries bound for the 0,rlent; Miss 
B. P. Reed. Miss M. L. Sawyer, Mr. J. 
W. S*;yf:K"ir SHiI Vt'lfe of TCeiw Tnrlc: 
Okakura Kakruae, of New York; Mr. A. 
'W. Dolan, of Opokane. and Mr. James 

/Sprinkle round some 

On the pantry shelf. 

keating's Powder is odorless and 

harmless except to insect life. It 

may safely be sprinkled around 

the pantry. 

For sale by all Druggists 
In tins only lO, IS, 20, 35 cts. 



Kepreaentfttlve of Kallroad Commiasion 

Leave on O.T.P. I<luer — Freight 

Mattera To Be Slacuaaed. 


Sold Everywhere. 

In bosea U*. 



Aak About "Olympic," larreat, 
fineat ateamer in the world. 


E. B. Blackwood, Vali-.i and Oovertiment 
Ii. D. Cbetham, 1102 Government. 
W. E. Dnperow, (J. T. Dock. 

K. Stephana, 1201i Government. 
C. A. BoUj. 1210 DouKlas fUreet. 
Co.'a Office, 619 Second Ave.. Seattle. 

Capt. Barney Johnson of tJie <*. T. P. 
steamer l^ince Rupert is most inter- 
ested In the development of the mines 
at Goose bay. Observatory Inlet, where 
the Granby company is arranging to 
build a smelter. 

About three years ago. before it had 
been established that there were valu- 
able copper deposits In the Goose bay 
district, an acquaintance of Cap t. John- 
son suddenly found himself pressed for 
funds. As the result, of a small loan 
the man voluntarily relinguished a cop- 
per claim in the district and pertectlng 
the title Capt. Johnson foiinri that he 
WRs located in the hotbed of the Gran- 
by mining properties. 

Plans have already been made and 
snnic of the contracts let b.v the (Jranby 
(■<imp;iny for the ronstructlciii of a 
Hineltor, docks, hullrllngs and otlier 
properties to the amount of J2,i)>^v,000, 
,-111(1 mcmhers or tlie corporation say 
Unit a l)lK town will rimelop. 

Two other claims. slnUJar.ln sire and 
value to that owned ny Capt. Johnson, 
are being worked and each is estimated 
to be worth $lf>(),0!)U. Capt. Johnson Is 
imv!;iK cxlen.sive surveys and tests or 
Iho iiroperty made. 

Adjaated Oompaaaea 

Messrs. Janips *i Jarvis a<l.UiKlPil the 
rf)nipasses of the G. T. I". 
Frinci- .John hefrire shp if-ft 
north on Saturday. 

lor thf 


40c a Package 


1418 Douglat St. Tel. 1646 

We Make 

A specialty of Preacrlftlon work. 
The purest obtainable druga and 
chemicals are purchased with this 
object tn view, our stocks are 
always fresh and pure. 


Hail's Drug Store 

Oaatral X>nar Btor* 

Oor. T*tM tMA XHimglmm Mn«M 

•MU Ml 

Steamahlp Otnclala Hera 

Mr. H. 1'. I'ranklln. vlce-prosldi^nt or 
the White Star line, and .Mr. T. M. 
Larke. ag^nf for the line nt Seattle, 
are visltlnff N'ancouver l.sland. 1"hey 
left yesterday mornlnR on a motor trip 
to Campbell river. 

Tor 'W'ast Coaas 

The steamer Princess Mary. ^ alter 
lakliiR. the Chinese passengers icri at 
William Head hy the Kmpress of In- 
dia uiicn that vessel was released rrom 
quarantine to Vancouver on «un<la.v. 
salh'd from the C. P. H. wharr last 
night for west coast ports with a lair 
complement of passengers. 

O. W. Car-Ferry Arrives 

Tlip (Jrent -N'orlhern Kallrnad com- 
pany's car barge Sidney arrived in 
port yesterday morninsr in tow or the 
mir Karle and moored at Kvans. Cule- 
mnn At tivan.'^ dock with eight car- 
loads or material from Pennsylvania 
for the U. C Klectric company tor 
despatch to Jordan river. 

Tlie British steamer tlceano arrived 
at Auckland July 31. 33 days out frorri 
San FranelBco. and whlln enterin.t the 
harbor coiiidcil witli a o<5aBtlng ve«s«l, 
but received only ellght damage. She 
had on board a total of 1,624,942 feet 
of lumber, fjf which 113.942 feet were 
laden at San Francisco, 600.000 feet »t 
Tacoma and 1,011,000 feet at-Siyflks. 

Among the passengers of the steam- 
er Prince Rupert, of the G.T.P., when 
she sailed for Stewart and Prince Ru- 
pert yesterday morning were Messrs. 
James Ogllvle and E. C. Lalonde, of the 
Dominion Railroad Commission operat- 
ing bureau, bound, to Prince Rupert, 
wihere a meeting '^111 h6 lUOd on Aug- 
ust 11th. 

The question of freight rates between 
Victoria, "Vancouver, and Prince Rupert 
will be taken up before the commission 
at Prince Rupert, the Prince Rupert 
Board of Trade maintaining that the 
rates arei not on an equitable Msif, 
The contention Is that ~th« i- «iaa^*» 
should be made by welglit .iisteaa b| 
space as at present. 

Another question to be heard by the 
commission at Prince Kupert is an ap- 
plication for an order under Section 
233 directing that the G.T.P. company 
construct a bridge across part of tho 
entrance to Cameron Bay so as t'o 
leave an entrance of 45 foet for the 
passage of barges and oliher small 
craft undorne'i til. 

Mr. OkIIvIc m<'t with misfortiino on 
his way wosi. ll. «,is m ilo' sni.ikintc 
room of thi tr.Tiii soon arti-r ii i<it 
ReKina ;inil went to th.' I'ullnian to 
Ket a muKazino lie had in his berth. 
When lie arrived he found that his over- 
coat and bag were Trils8lh(j. He soukIu. 
the porter and the brunette attendant 
asked hlni If h" ^vas the gen'lman in 
No. 11. Mr. Ogilve said Iip wa.s. 
'I'Well," said tho porter, "th(> rnan wlio 
was In No. 4 said he was Kolnp to take 
that bag and overcoat from No. II for 
a friend of his and after I done l*-ush- 
cd off his coat 1 gave It to him." 
Mr. Ogllvie found no trace of his bag. 
Other passcnKers of the Prince Ru- 
pert were Mr. George H. Pope, right of 
way agent for the G.T.P.. Mr. H. P. 
li'.innning, v.-ho Is Interested In mines, 
Mr. W. H. Dempster, a cannery operat- 
or, Mr. F. Neale. of the Stewart I^and 
luiiipiiiiy, bound lo Stewart, Messrs. n. 
Dorrell and J. \V. Bryant, H. Tmwar- 
tha .Tames of the Tyee company and 
Mrs. James. Copt. Joihn IrvlnK, who is 
bound north In connection wtlli some of 
his nilnlnpr ventures In Stewart and 
Alice Arm districts, Mr. H. Howson, 
Mr. J. C. Cliadwlck. Mrs. W. L. ("had- 
wick and Miss Cliadwick, tourists 
bound to Stewart. 

The Prince Kupert took a Rood onrKO 
of Rpnoral frelRJit, InciudlnK a larRo 
conslRnmri ' of liquors and provisions 
for Hazel ton. 

There is urgent need 

of a clean, healthy condition 

of the teeth. Did you ever 

realize that your mouth was 

the gateway of your body and 

• Kat jK^ t66ih SrC tiiC '^liQfds Iti. 

the j^ateway ? Do you know 
that one's health is n«>er better 
than his teeth? It is a fact. 


When the numerous bacteria of the mouth 
begin to muitipiy, due to unclean con- 
ditions rendering the mucous membrane 
auscet>tibls to specific fever germs, 
you swallow these {(erms every minute 
and infect your digestive organs. No 
wonder stomach troubles result. 

If you are seeking gooa aealth the FIRST 
thing to do is to keep your mouth in 
hygienic condition — disinfected with the 
well-known mouth antiseptic: 

502:00 DNT 

used for this purpose for over 63 years. 


OR ' 


Free from the harmful ingredients j 
found in many dentifrices, gives the 
teeth a beautiful lustre. 

Toil«t countprs the World over 

American and Ginadian Scientists teil u* the 
common hoaie fly ii the cau»e of more disease 
and death than an)' other agency. 





n.r Oiivemmenl Wireless. 

kill all the flies and the disease 
germs too. 

C p. m. 

Tnlnodb — FriKKy; wind. P. \V. .■ %fi.(il; 51; 
nea smooth; In. Prenldent, 12:05 p. m. 

OalW Laio — Overcaiit; 29.91; 6.1; «ea 

Point Gre.v — Clear: cslin; 2*. 98; 70; 
pBdied In. I'rlnco Rupert. 2 p. tn. 

Estovan — Fogiry; wind. liRht S. E. : 29,66; 

Trlanffle— Koftfj-; wind, B. 'W. ; 29.34; 60; 
den».>; 12.50 i>. in.. KinafiftSiAf, «Oiithlv.-.unrt. 

Prlnc« Bunflrt—Wlnd, ll«h» N. w. ; 29.95; 
7)1; In. Princess Royal. 3 p. m. ; out. 8. H., 
4 p. m.; in. Celrlana. 3;4B p. tn.; In, rity 
of Beatlle, nut, <l:afl p. in., northbound. 

Dead Tree Point — Clea.r; wind, light. 
B. ■.:•«» amootti; out. Princess Beatrice, 
1 p. m., eaatbound. 

Deafnssa Cannot Ba Onrad. 
By local appllciitions. as they cannot 
reach the diseased portion oi: the ear. 
There is only one way to cure deaf- 
ness and that is by constitutional rem- 
edies'. Deafness is caused by an Innamed 
condition of tlie mucotis llnlnK of the 
l-:ustB(hian Tube. When this tube Is 
InOamed you have a rumblInK sound or 
imperfect hearlnK, and when It is en- 
tirely cUmt..!, nf,afncs.-5 is the result. P.nrt 
unless tho inllommation can bo taken 
out and this tube restored to Its nor- 
mal condition, hearing will be destroyed 
forevpr; nine cases out of ten are 
caused bv Catarrh, which is nothing 
init an inhnmed condition oT the mucous 

We will give One Hundred Dollars 

for any cnse of Deafness (caused by 

catarrh) that csnnot be cured by HaU'« 

Catarrh Cure. Send for circulars free. 

F. J. CHKNEY & CO., Toledo. O. 

gold by Druggists, 7.Sc 

Take Hall'B FaftiUy.PUU fof ComU- 

BoscowitzS.S.Co..Ltd . 5, S. VADSO 



534 Yates Street. Phone 1925 

Shelbourne St. 

10 splendid high, clear, level lots. 
Price en block, easy terms $5,250 

Prior St. 

Close to Hillside, 4 high, dry, level lots. 
Price, easy terms, each $975 

The B. C. Realty Co. 

622 Trounce 

Phone 2443 

Afraid to Eat? 

Does the fear of indigestion spoil the enjoyment of 
your meals ? It needn't. Just take 


and you won't know you have a stomach. They will tec to it 
that your food is properly digested. They are among the 
best of the NA-DRU-CO preparations, compounded by 
expert chemists and guaranteed by the largest Wholctklc . 
druggists in Canada. SOcabox. If your drvmtC ImV'-tlot/; . 
stocked them yet, send us 50c. and we will milUyo^f fetfp^i 

National Drug and Chemical CO. or Canada UMITCS. ■■**■'•*'■■*■- ' 

I m^n li ^^ i t ii m iiiiii i ii i i r{ |ii *iii sij 

The Bank of Vancow' 

Head office— Vancouvtr, B. C 
Authorized capital .....•••* *'» • • • • • • • .• • ••«•»• •! 





Savings Bank Depai 

ijopovitB of •!.•• «n« wp*«5^!S?!tf*** •** *** 

A «on«r»l ^nkliiic^ l^lo«M t»* l W«tg !ij .. ^ 

Brancfeea ■ tta- -COVf- ' Cgttag t r 
(Waatmloatair J^MtlOity fW»l 

I W. H. Gottlj^, 



li? h. 

Tuo»day. August H. I'^n 




PtTB!,ir NOTU'K In t)Br<-t>y clven 
«l,al, urpWr the ainli'Mlly < .ntHlrie.! In 
eeclion 1 ;i I "f tho "ImihI AcI.' u. n:«ula- 
ilun h.m >i«<'n uliyrove.! l.y the J^Uuun- 
«nl-(;ovt.riior In c'ouncU llxum Iho 
luinliiiurii ttal«i price* ol IUmC und uuc- 
„,,<J-v;*.» Uiv.d a.: ll'J a.i!cl $5 ysr acre. 

Tlil» r«*f 'il«'-'"" furllifir piovlrtpg that 
tii„ nrliurt nxeil tlKTi-ui "hall Hi)i)ly to nil 
Unci* Willi rubpirc.t to 'vhlth th« apyll- 
catl'in t'J puri,lia»e 1h ulven ravurublo 
(.(,,, gUloratlmi aflnr llils clalr, iioiwlih. 
riatnUiiK t''" '"il-f '■•' "nch uppllcallou or 
i.iiy ilfl*y tliiit nmy .'luvt; orciirii-l In 
lii.. rnnalucrtttlon or the satiiu. 

KurthcT notice is hp'eby Klv<ri i ,i i .i.i 
pumoiiB who ha\ ti vx-tnllnK appl"Ulun» 
to i)urehai*« luiidK uiiiloi tin-, p; •• \ l.slonn 
of Hectlon M or 66 of tlio "Laiia Act" 
and who aio not wUllns to completa 
FiiKli tMiiL'lia»iii omlur the prices fixed 
by the uforoaiild rogulatlon shall 
ln) at llbiirty to withdraw Much appli- 
,g.tU)nB and receive refund ot th» 
,...r"y« iiupouUud oa Account of such 


wiLjuAML-Ji. uosa. „ 

Mlnltiter of LaDds. 
r ><< of L.ttiiiiH, Vlciotia. U.C. 
April Srd, 1911. 


Notice U liereby Klveii that the reserve 
of a parcel of land biluaL«d on 
Inland. noilcM of wnlch uppcarod "' J"" 
BritiMli Coluinhla Gazette or the 25ti. 
of February, luun. being dated zjra 
February, lyou. is cuucflled to permit 
of the lands being aciiulrod by pre- 
emption only and for no other_ purpoaa 
nuBT. A. RENW'ICIv. 
Deputy Mlnlbtar of Lands. 
Department of Landsi. Victoria. B. C. 
ApiH 6th, 1911. 


notice; Is hereby given that the re- 
•«rv« exlutln/r over vacant Crown land* 
in Cariboo UlBtrlct, situate on the South 
Fork of the I'Vaaor Ulver. notice of 
which, bearing date of June 26th, 11)07. 
was published In the British Columbfa 
Uazotto dated AuRust 29th. ll'OT. Is 
canvulled in so far as the same relates to 
lands surveyed as lots numbered 3,i)iO, 
8 049a. 3,089, 8,049. S.042, 3ii51. 3.u.".:i. 
11,043. 3.041, 3.04B, 8,044. 3,077, 
a,0«2. 8,078, S^OTtt. 3.080. 3.081, 
3,088 S.OBb, 3.UB0, 3,usiu, 3.i''^i, 
3.09K, 3,l0u, 3,089, 3.10.'i. 3.112 

8.180. 3.132. 3.133. 4.1.S6. 3.i:il. 

3,037. 3,036, 3,038, :i.oltt, 3.047, 3,Or.4a 
8.054, «,057. 8,053, 3,084, 3,0'.i7. 3,10j 
8 101, 3,095 3,0')l>, S.oya. S.lOfi. 3,10.! 
3,103. 3.0»0a, 3.0!>o, 3,111. n.iii. 3.i:i4 
8 126 8,126. 3,llitn, 3.1 I'J.;. 3,10'.' 
ailioi 8.104, 3,107, 8.04i;'i. 


All persons having claims against 
ih.,' Estate of William Robert Jackson 
deceased Intestalo are required on or 
birfore the 10th 'toy of August, liiXi. lo 
Bf\d full particulars of their claims 
duly verified by Btatutory Declaration 
by registered post to the undersigned, 
and on priu after eald last-mentioned 
daio tho Admlniatratilx will proceed to 
in^frttTUtf -"thB '*)»»ate^ dWtho- *l»"«;ett»<*d 
)(m«>ngst the, partliiti entitled thereto, 
hHVlns regard only to tho claims of 
which she shall then have rejeivcd 
Dalid Ihif. 2"th day of July, 1911. 

.SollcllorH for Mary Kills Jiukson. 

Close In 

BUSINESS r.i II.!)l^"^ 
(.\ I'.rKni'.TTF. 

AT ip'J;{n) THE FRONT 

Maynard & Son 


an & CrooK 

123 Jfemberton Bldgrs. PUoiie 1865 

3 , i' I» i , 


Davies & Sons 



NOTICE is hereby given that the re- 
serve existing upon Crown lands In the 
Llllooot IJlstrtct and In the Kamioopa 
Division of Yale District, notice of 
which was published in the British Co- 
lumbia Gazette, dated May Bth. 1910, 
la cancelled In so far as the same relates 
to tho lands In LlUooet District sur 

vcyed as lots numbered - *■ *"'" 

1.830, 1.820, 1.821. 
1,809, 1,806. 

3,or.:i. 3 048, 

Ha\i' only tlirin- wooks ti> clo;ir 
nit tlu lari't' ^tock oi 

8.056, 8,066 
061. 8,060 


3 0«6 a.OCfia, 3.0li;t. 3.062, 
3,0BM, S.OfiP. 3.0(i7. :i.0f.4. 

,. M '. >!0 7 0! g'.P T l'. 3 .1 17 :!. J, D CS, — s-ot: 

8 075 8.07 4, 8.»!t2, ;i.ii!i4, .i.iv.ij. j,u:<.ia. 
i.UZ. 8.1J.7, 3.120, ;n23. 8.1^7. 3,131. 
8.128, 8,122, 8.I2I. 3118 and 3.114. 
Deputy Minister of l^ands. 
Det)artment of Lands, Victoria. U. C, 
May 36th. 1911. 

New ard Second 
Hand Furniture, Etc 


l.#4 3. 
1 r,47, 

1,64 2. 




1 IT 4 1 


1 42 5a, 


1. «:>'>. 

1 S"* 2 
1,64 5," 
, 1.629. 



1,636, 1,636, 
and 1,616. 
riepiity Minister of Lands. 
rippBrtniPtit ot Lands. Victoria. B. C 
May 26th. 1911. 

Instructed by Mrs. Spalding we will 

sell at her residence, 483 Superloi- yi., 

James Bay, on 


2 p.m. 

All Her Desirable and Well Kept 

Furniture and 

Including very good 4-pleoe parlor 
suite, upholstered and in oak frame; 
oak Morris chair, up. balance rocker, 
extension table, oak sideboard, bam. 
music stand, set of shelves, and tahlew, 
library tables, portieres, lace curtalnH, 
uj). rock,! rs, tapestry table cover.s, 
clock, footstools, carved inlaid tabic, 
carpet squares and rugs, hall, bamboo 
hall stand, um. stand, table, curtains, 

DINING ROOM — fcix. table, couch in 
oak frame. 8 dining chairs, up. easy arm 
chair, 6 dining chairs, lot of rugs, two 
pair lace curtains. &c. 

(2) BEDROOMS— Two very good 
Iron bedsteads, spring and top mat- 
tresses, almost new; dresser and stand, 
two chests of drawers, two swing mir- 
rors In oak frames, two washstands. 
toilet sets. !«■'•» curtains, bedroom 
chairs and tables, almost new carpet 
square, lot of rugs, llnolpum, Ac. 

KITiniEN and tH'TSlDE— Kitchen 
toble and chairs, two good heaters, 
lawn mower, garden hose, step ladder, 
garden tools, lot of paints and brushes. 
&c. On view Monday afternoon and 

morning of »ale. 

I ' of M e nilBH 

NOTICE la hereby given that all 
vacant Crown lands not already under 
reserve, situated within the boundaries 
of the Land Recording Districts of Car- 
Ujoo and LUlooet, and the Kamloopn 
Division of Yale Land Recording Dis- 
trict, are reserved from any uUenailoQ 
under tho "Land Act" except by pre- 
emption. ROBT. A. RENWICK. 

Deputy Minister of Lands. 

Department ot Lands. Victoria. B.C. 
April 3rd. leil. 

Skating Rink 

938 Fort Street 

Stoves, ranges, carpets, linoleums 
and Other gooils too numerous to 
mention must be cleared. 


noTZox xo coi)iT.s,AcroKa 
AddlUOB, Parllazuent BuUdlng*. 

i SEALED TiiNDEKS. Bupersorlbed 
•■Addition, Parliament BuUdlnga." *IU 
i)b received by tho Honorable the Minis- 
ter of Public Works up to noon of Tuea- 
uuy, the i5th day ot August, 1911, for 
iho erection and complatlou of an addi- 
tion to lUa I'arllttnieut Buildings. Vlc- 

Drawings, speclflcatlons, contract and 
Ivjinis of tender, may l>o seen on and 
alter 16th July at the oHices of tho I'ro- 
\inclal Timber Inspector, Vancouver; 
tlie Government Ac>int. ^>ew VVealmln- 
bier; and thu Department of Public 
\» orks, Victoria. 

Intending tenderers can, t>y applying 
to the undersigned, obtain one copy 
ct lh<J drawings and one copy of the 
i>VGCinvatlona. by dfposttlng a aiarked 
cheque for $500; said deposit to be re- 
funded on the return of drawings and 
speciftcatlon with lender. 

Each tender must be accompanied by 
an accepted bank chettue or certitteato 
«jf deposit on a chartered bank of Can- 
ada, made payable to the Hon. the" 
Minister of Public Works, In the suni 
of J25.000i which shall bo lorfeitcd 
If thj party tendering decline to enter 
into contract when called upon to do 
eo. The cheques or certltlcates of d«- 
' posit of unauccessful tenderers will be 
returned to them upon the execution oj 
the contract. 

The succcaaful tenderer shall ftimiah 
a bond of a guarantee company satis- 
fflr-iorjf; to the Mlnlsi4r of Public Works, 
1 ,.uil to "ten (10) per cent, of the con- 
.;.ct amount ?'i the duo fulflUmeut of 
■ .- contrac. 

Tenders win nvt 'oe considered unless 
made QUt on the forms supplied, signed 
with the actual signature of the ten- 
dcier, aad enclosed in tbe envelopes fur- 
nished. .-T— •- : . — '■ ' — ■ 

Tho lo»»»t dr a»y t«Wler not n«cM- 
f;irUjr «oc(ipiwi. 

Public Works Engineer. 
ivrnrtnior.t of PubUc Works, Vlc- 
r-vu. B. c. :sih Jane.' 1911. 

Oniv jToods without reserve can 
be taken in. .\11 .cfoods with re 
Hor\e on laid aside or stored to be 
removed liefnrc September i. 


Messrs. Stewart Williams 
& Co. 

Dulv Instructed by John Kngel, K.sq.. 
will' sell by public Auction at his j 
dence 2225 Oak Bay lavenue. at the cor- ■ 
ner of Hamp»htr«> rond. on 

Tuesday. August 8th 

at 2.30 Bbarp 

The whole of his< new and well-kept 

Household Furniture and 

Including: Drawing rcom — Piano by 
Palmer of Toronto. S-plerc Parlor Suite, 
up. In green velvel, Mftliognny Centre 
TrtMe. Brussels Carpet Square. Plcturea. 
t>ri ; inetils. etc. 

Pining room— Hound Flxtenolnn Tnhl*.. 
6 Oilk Dining Room Chairs. Oak Side- 
board. Clock, irlnner Service. Pictures, 
Linoleum, etc. 

Kitchen— Monarch Range On use only 
thre« months). Kitchen Table. Kitchen 
Chairs, C-'Oklng ftensils. Wash Tubs. 
Wringer, nearly new Washing Machine, 
Bt,jl^r, S««t of Irons. Baby Buggy, 2 
Hammocks, etc. 

Bedrooms — Two handsome Iron and 
Brass Bedsteads, Ostermoor Mattresses, 
Pillows, Bureaus. Washstands. Toilet 
■ware, Chllda Cot. Oak Cbalrs, Carpet 
Square. Rugs. Pictures. Ornaments, etc 

About a dojsen well-bred Minorca 
i Fowls. 


SBALKD Tf-"N"DLKS. superscribed 
•Tender for school house, Dennian 
Island." will he received by the Hon. 
the Minister of Public Works up to 
noon of Thursday, the 10th day of 
.\nsiist. 1911. for the erection and com- 
p'.etlon of a largo one-room frame 
school house at Denman Island in the 
Couiox Klfcctoral District. 

Plan.i. speclrtcatlons, contract, and 
forms of tender may bo seen on and 
after tho 17th day of July, 0911. at the 
olTioes of the Government Agent. Cum- 
berland, B. C; George Dalzlel, Lsq., 
Secretary of the School Board. Den- 
man Island, and at tho Department of 
Public Works, Victoria. 

Kach proposal must be accompanied 
by an accepled bank cheque or certlflJ 
cale ot cleiwtu. on a chartered bank 

Honorable the >Ilnl«ter »/, ^„ ^"''''o 

Works, tor the sum of 1200 which 
shall be forfeited IC the party ten- 
dering decJlne lo enter Into contract 
when called upon to do so, or If ne fall 
to complete the work coulraGtea for. 
The cheques or certificates of deposit 
of unsuccessful tenderers will be re- 
turned to them upon the execution of 
the contract. 

Tenders will not be considered unless 
itiade out on the forms supplied, signed 
with the actual signature of the ten- 
derer, and enclosed In the envelopes 
j furnished. ■ 

The lowest or any tender not neces- 
};arlly accepted. J. E. CxUlFKlTH. 

Public Work.s Engineer. 
Department of Public Works, 

Victoria, B. C. Mth July, 1911- 

TM3 t ioimt ' Is n e a r e o r n ei 




Stock— "''^• 

Alberta Canadian (^11 "* 

Amer.-Canadlan Oil t2 

Canadian Northwest Oil... .03 

I'anadlan Pacific OH liMi 

Alberta Coal and Coke... .01 
IJlamond Vale C. and C. . • • 

Granby '♦ "« 

International C. & C *- 

Nicola Valley C. & C 

Royal Collleriee • 

Western Ct*l & C. . 


B. C. Copper 

B. r. PackerH Com. 

C. N. P. Fisheries 

Dominion Trust Co 1 

Great West Perm, la) .1 
Great West Perm, (b) ..1 

Stewart Land 

Bitter Creek 

Gtauler Creek 



Lucky Jlrti Zinc 

Main Reef 

NuRget Gold 

Portland Canal 

Portland Wonder 

Kambter Cariboo 

Red Cliffs 



Stewart M. * f) 

Coronal lo I* 

Kootenay Gold 
a. A. AVarrants 





.05 . 













Take notice that the undersigned in- 
tend to apply at the next sittings of the 
Board of Licensing Commissioners of 
the city of Victoria for the transfer to 
Adam Paterson. of Victoria. B. C. of 
the license held by them to sell spirit- 
uous liquors by retail upon the pre- 
mises situate at No. 661 Johnson street, 
in the city of Violoria, known aa the 
•Colonial HoteU" 

Dated at Victoria, B. C this 7th day 

of July. 1911. 
















.23 . 





In one (lay week 
we had .seven clients 
lookinp: for lar^e room- 
ing: houses for rent. 
Every got^d rooming; 
house in the city is filled 
to cai)acity. livery well 


Between Brnail and Douglas Street* 

(k) .\ (hi en ;i lo-fDot lane. 

ffiii^O PER FOOT 

This is a sumimr price. It should be worth more "very 
early in October." 

Certainly iv'w is the -tinu' tn buy. 

Bevan, Gore & Eliot 


1122 ('.ovcrnnient Si., nc;ir cdrnei- \ icw Street 




Tbe Anctioneer, 

Stswart WlUUuni. 


May nard& Son 


We iX-e.-in Falls Co.. i^Imllcd. of Til 
l>oml'.'noti T.u^i r.uildins, \ ancauver. B. 
c ail mcorporaied Pulp, Paper and 
Po'wef Cci-.^.r-*uy, glv-« notice <i>->t on 
Monday, the first day of -May. l:.i;. ^^ a 
■<■■. ,a i.-> aiT'v to tne Wa;-; • >- 

1 ... office in V-.. .. i 

: ' ^ . •.-.:-.- ind us« !..'' -•: 

, ', • ,..,-, Ir.let tu i.-j 

VicU'i-.a - :-■"'■ "' iiie Coast .i;.-- 

.jict .s to lie taken ; r. 

vif i>\<-! • f**' from tuo m^.. i;i 

,f Link Klver a:.. I Is to be used uu 

A Ui 3. Coast District, for pa- 
'.', ai < •-•'■■■:- ■.■■■■•■ ^ • ■ii ptaaia, hyUiau- 
lie jM' > ' ■ ■ 'I- 

Xno . >• • ' for Is also for 

»ti, lingo <<; ^I'H w,-»icr In Link l^nke. 
n hicii cropiies Into the aforesaid LinV 

' .'sfgned) OCEAN FALLS CO„ Ltd. 

Iv, t-h« nistter of the e>t..-ife of Avllmr 

Edward StanfcrS. "n;o .- f Pander 

Island, B- C., deceased. 

A 1.1. PERSONS Who arc indebted to 

U-.f above cstHi > , <» 

)uno\:nl 11ier<>c' 

with the win aniit-x.-.l ; .■; ; ;, wc. !,, .,•;.! ..U 
,^*rson.s who hav,> unj o;«iir,s :.K.iinst 
thp said estate are requlnd to w.-n.l ir, 
il.elr accounts, duly auih."nilcftirt>, t.- 
the undersigned, on or before the fir.»i 
day of ScrtfniHcr. 1911, after Kkhlch date 
t!,(- administrator with the will annexed 
•nil! pii-HttKl in ,l5Stribut« the <-p«fttr tc 
t!. parlle.* enlttled thereto, hftving re- 
(janl only to .«ui h claims as may ^»v.> 
htcn then rece;v»^l. 

T>st«>d at VIrtotiA. P ^ "■- -^■■i-- 
,1«v of .July. ISll. 

■^lltfSnN'T^^X PELL, \d!?l!ni9'trntrir 
Willi th« will ant»x«d. 

Instruct** by th« oi»oer#.; w« w|il:^Ii 
at our Salesroom. 1314 Broad street, oii 

Friday, 2 p. m. 



This sale consists of «• lot "1 ' - 
^ Suable goods, antlqu* «ld otiwrwise. 
Ku!l parueulara M»t. . ■ . 

Princess Theatre 


Vnder and by virtue of a warrant of 
execution Issued out of the County 
Court. h«'«tl at Victoria, in an action 
wherein Mark Fisher. Sons & Co., are 
Plain tSflfs and Sam Kee is Defendant, I 
nave seised and taken possession of a 
qnaattty of goods, suUlngs, pantings. 
linings, etc lit lots) and will offer the 
same tot ssUe at PuWlc Auction at my 
onice, Courts, Hastlon str^t. on 
Tuesday niJtt. Auiust 8, ISfn. «t 10:J0 
a m. Terms at sate, oasto. 

{Furnished by F. W 

Stock — 

A mat. ropper 

.^tnal. Copper 

Amor. AKr. Chemical • 
AmfT neet Sugar • . ■ 

Amer. Tan ptA 

Amer. far & Fd>-. . 
Aroer. Potton Oil . ■ • ■ 
Anicr. Ice S«curltl»8 . 
Amer. Locomotive -. . 
Amer. RmoHlnB 
Amer. Suear • 
Amer. Tel. A Tel. . . 
Amer. Tobacoi. ptJ. . ■ 

Amer. Wooleij 



do I'fd. 

B. * O 

B. T. R 

<•. P. R 

rpnfral Leather 

rhes. * Ohio 

C. ft o. W. 

do nM. 

C. M- & ««t- P 

do pfd. ' , 

Cn\o. Fuel * iron . • 

Colo, ft F<»uthern 

ron. Gas 

D. ft R. " 

in pM. 


do ist pfd 

An Snfl ptA 

noidfield C«n« 

Clt. VOT. nfd 

Ot. Xor. Or«, ctfa . ■ 
tlMnoM Cent. ..■••• 
Inter- Meiro 

Stevenson ft 
Hlfth. Low. 


51 'i 

55 • 


104 Vi 


17 H 


50 K 

53 H 
64 H 

74 «4 





■ 27 
77 «4 

1J4'* 112H 

141 «i 140% 

it n 

5SH »«% 

F. O. RlGHARpS. . 


.Wag HORN 

stockbrokers' and r»..aiiciftl Ag-euts, 


Funds Invested for Cllrnts In Mort- 

grapes and Real Kstata. 

Stocks and Bonds on London. New 
Vork Montreal and Toronto Exchanees 

'■vicii! and ^old on Commission. 

Romano Photoplay Theatre 

Monday and Tuesday 

TIK n t ^ - :■ ' ■ ' ■ ' 

Inter. Hanrester 

Kaa. CHy Sout1»«m ■ • 

t: * N. 

T.«blKb v«n-- 

>ti«*-k«y Co - ' 
i f^h Ino ..... 
\ M. fL P. 4k 8. S. M. 

i An titii. 

\ M.:-K. * T. 

! ■ do pM. ■ . -•" 

I JTo. Pacific 

i Vat. Le»<J .....■'> •■- • 
! X- P. of T«Mt. tst pfd. 

2n<l pM 

i Vf •"'ops. ■ . .' ■•■• 

V ^. r'eptrni 

V. T. O. ft tr. .,..:... 
VrtTffllV *• 'Vrestem . ■ • 
V"r>r. Psrlfi" 

^* — "'- Ms" 

Pr^unert Steel >~ ' 
■ojillT.'sv Steal Srs 

ii» tt»yi 

84«.*. M 
146 1»» 

jU3k iSJk 



51 Mb 











184 «* 











situated apartment 
house now under con- 
struction is assured a 
profitable business from 
its opening day. There 
is money in building 
modern apartment 

Take a look at the 
site we are offering on 
View , street, above 
Cook, four lots 240x120 
feet, for 


Brilisti Gaoadiao 


909 Government Street 

Members Chicago Board of Trade 
Victoria Stockbrokers Association 

104-106 Pemberton Building - Comer Fort and Broad Streets 


Dealers in Local Stocks, Municipal. Government, Railway. 

Trust and All Other Debentures 

Private Wires to Chicago, New York. Boston and Montreal 






Members Victoria Stock Exchange, 
ir McCallum Block Phone 766 

For Sale-Waterfrontage 

Lots of 2 acres and upwards, on Portage Inlet and the Gorge, magnl- 
n.^nt buUdinc sljrhts. OYcrlooking Bsauimalt Harbor and surrounding 
country, without excepUon the loveliest spot near Victoria. Some oi tni» 
property is on Burnside Boad, 


9 McCallum Block, Douglas Street 

Phone 2648 

Hugh Kennedy, Mgr. 

Phone 544 

P.O. Box 1048 

0. H. Bowman & Co., investment BroRers 


Mahon Building - - - " Victoria. B.C. 

Members of the Victoria Stock Exchange 

▼Is'W Str*«t, 240 ft. frontage by 
120 deep, on terms ^46,000 

2l»Tia St., near corner of Bridge 
St, 120 ft. square. 1-5 cash, 
balance 2 years. Price .. .|4,000 


111 an Its UCpdi i.»^*^*"-J »,.*w^u.i .J^ 

(Established 1720) ' 


I2I0 Broad St., Victoria 


Investors' Securities Co. 

Phone 2323 

E. T. WllllamBOB. A- C. Hounsell. 
1816 DmiTrlss St. " 










:i >. 



so , 

1 21 "H 




rOKlWEKI. V .^ 

W K A I- 1. 



College Chums 

AU the weeV 
nesday and > 
sale during ' 
cfvcita l»ni» «;■>!- p. 

and 3UC. \Ve<1- 




•'A L\HU4;liUr s- 1 tt.-.; ,<in. 
"His Imaginary Crime." 

"Tl'-nrt of a Motlipr." 

Ren. Irnsj * Steel : 

do nfd: 

RA«-k tWxnd 

s T^nclflc •••••. 

;- ju. Ualltrav . . . . . 

do pfd. 
Tetin. r-orr 

TeT»l« ~: 

Twin ' 

dr. :■«; pf'. 
1I" Ind pfrt 

r. R. ?■•■--' 

ft«h ' 
A'R. Car rh«mi 


is IK 






in* % 
lis , 

'iM '■■ 




*SALE • 

i 1 


S-" ', 


- • "^ 












npfi - 

l^evo■ • 

iing cotnedy. 

• id Tuesday 

ASS. Mograph: ■•''^ 
Tvestern dram - 

.■•.■■ -A I 

Optlon — 





l^ V TV. Pt'>>fn»c<n & C<^.^ 

■1. HIalj. 1j<*w. <1oi>p. 

11.61 U.SR 11.47-4* 
i tl.^B 11. X" 11.-" ■ •' 

J1-S7 31.45 :!-•" • ' 

n.M I3.i< II-"- 

triw-YinKin retitrsl . "" r 

Mnn^v r>t1 ^»^^ 

Totel !i«l»-!<. 510,4 fl" i«h»r*-ii. 


■nl»->ifil ^5• F. W. Sttivcn^nTi * ■ 
-J- Or-^ri Hiitb. I..r,». 

i.s», f-ihi 9:\ 

Tenders are Invited for the purchase 
of a Saw Mill on Port Simpson harbor 
twenty miles from Prince Rupert, and 
"5 miles south of Steu-art, capacity, 
twenty thousand feet per day. which at 
small expense could be increased to 
fifty thousand. Property consists of 
1 1-2 acres with 300 feet frontage oa 
harbor, a two storey mill building 50 x 
152 feet, boiler houe^ ieparate 35 x 
40 feet, blacksmith's shop, and six 
houses. There Is an ample supply of 
water under gojd pressure. Two tim- 
ber limits on Observatory inlet esti- 
mated to contain 10 million feet' of So. 
1 timber. These limits are easily log- 
ged and towage is good. One Crown 
granted claim on Works Canal cstlma; 
ed to contain 4 million feet of timbtr 
It wntalitts 165 icres. The machinery 
consists In part of: i No. 3 De LKiach 
mMl vrith top and bottom saw. 1 lOO lb. 
Waterous boiler guaranteed for 150 lb. 
B C. tesu 1 3 3x14 inch Waterous en- | 
gine, 1 Sxl-^ Johnson engirt, 1 30-lnch ! 
three saw edger. 1 Duke lumber trimmer, i 
1 cut-oft saw, 1 Paragon planer, mayh- | 
er and moulder, 1 Waterous log haul, ■ 
1 Johnson shingle machine capacity 25 
thousand p^r diy. Full pp.rl'.»;ulars will 
K* furnislied by the undersignsd, who 
r^Iji ^^^e-wc tenders up to the 31st A.UK- 
iist The lowest or any tender not ne- 
i ccisarily accepted. 
t O. K M.ATHF:w,'5. 

I Victoria, B.C. Assignee. 

Fiewln & .'^ons. Ltd. 

Watertront Property 

Residential or buslnes"*. one and one-half acre.s. One of tho best 
buys in the city. This cannot be duplicated. 11 you want somelhlng. 
select at a bargain. See i 


Phone 3653 

301 remberton XlpoK 



Phone 77 

P. O. Box 363 

w. r*n m-,iViV\r iU5t what yoo want In lumb*r. sas* *B« >««|**> 
w» pan mo^Dij _ _^^ Ulem lo Iron: doora Howard** 

...arned .".a^h, rraln fir and th. Ute.t 

ich flTTs tb< . .-■■ 


f '^B?. 



... ' T>- -1 

"• ■ — , * ... . 




r-K ■Bftil'T. forwerlv proV'T^i'-tor 

• f -Pilot Mi-.iint <M«n» SeiitlnH." 

hfjS 8ucc<^1fi1 -^ M Mill«r ns oditor 

-_., .......ripio,- ,(,f ihe Chilliwa'-k •"New 





K4 li 








<« V 


I,»r.l - 


Rhnrt Rtbf- 
BrpX. i - 
Jan. .<.... 

#-U i-\ 4K*, 47 
.U.Oft li-Ofi 17. RS 71. 8S 

IS. SI le.TO i«.«o 







» 10 

l>.tl >.«T ».4« 

vtt «.«• e.4T 


A Pipe for 

Every Face 

Tb»l thrrf Khould be a pipe i*r every f»-<"'»' 
tvp/? emptomtij/fi p^rhap*. more lh»B •rythini; 
eke ibo wido diTersily ot pip*- nrle» m. "»« 
RBP. i-.TngT-. For the roilew man, tUe batinets 
man, the proffwionai Jnan. ar.a the man cf 
quirt and tbor-shtful haVita. thr-rt i» a pipe t« . 
mH their indiTidoal needt Ortainly ,tt» «0* . 
of BBB pipe. IkJit sny d'^ier ^'S***-'****!* 
Phow you. win doawaltrtt* h- c»|«l» ^>.*Wt » 

factory that ha* for 7"^ 
tioa for produ<rinf Iha 
aataed vitli fair usatfik 
Hygieaicalll^ '* 
•re 4ia<)4r 4M4 





Tu«id«y, AuQUit 8, 1911 


One c»iit a worU latli linertluii : I" pertont 
dltrouni ior iix or more coiiseruUvf lri»tr- 
lIoiiK — cash witl; oidJir. No njvei Uireiiii'ii' 
Biiepicil for UfH !hun tu ciiUi. 
Bu»ln<ini Btul I'loU-sj'onal i,'urU»— of lour 
llnc» IT uudu-r — Jl.OO per week. 
No a<lverilai.ineut uharged on account tor 
Kn than ):!.0U. 

Phone No. IJL 



L^TK.Ncn. and Seal Engraving— General 
k5 engraver and •irmU (u'ter. L.eo. 

^ r.'wiher. S16 Vv'barf St.. bnhlud P. Q. 

Anr GL.\SS— A. V. Key, over tbUiy 
- yeara- -P-'^-^ce In art Sla" pleaded 

It'^'ilflnja"'' Wo";k^:nd*;ro°r^/MrVal'e. SU; 
phone 6'J4. 


AGGAGE Ufllvery — Victoria 
Lo.. Utd. Tel. 129^ 


CJiHORTHAND — Shorthand School, 1109 
55 Uroad fit.. Victoria. Shorthand, lyp.- 
wrltlnK, bookkrpplng telesraphy thoroughly 
taught, (iraduatea till good poaUiuna. 

K. A. Macmlllan. principal. 

iJA.-AVENGlN-G— Victoria Scavenging Co. 
io office 18J8 Government St.; phono SC2. 

Aahea and rubblah re moved. 

1709 Govern- 




BLUE I'rlnili.K— KK":trlc Blue Print & 
Map Co.. i:iB H'^>'«1'>- »V *,°'"h. "'aur-' 
lug, maps, draughting; dealt-* In aur 
v,.yor»' in.trumeiua and drawing oftlco aup- 

plUB. ^ 

UUKBINDEKS-The Colonist has the 

beat In the province. Iho 

rt-ault la p gual In proportion. 

B" OTTl.Ka-AU HlndB of bottle. «'»'J|;'«»' 
Good prlca. paid. ^'r^"'".. '"""' 
Agen cy. 1620 Store St.; phone H 8». 

I>UtI-DING Movers— Sandham & Lester, 
3 building mover. and contractors 
K»lrvU-.v, Vancouver. B. C. Residence 4b9 
Bth' Ave.Mv. -iE»Umate» fn<-nl.bed on «p- 

C' <AFE— Money properly Invested lead, to 
J to fortune. Thl. result may be at- 
talne« by purchasing the best liSo meal In 
the city at The Strand Cafe. 

CAFE and Restaurant — occidental Cafe 
Restaurant corner V. ^tt>•f and John.on 
Bts. MealB 16o and up. Satl.facUon guar- 
anteed. . 

CARRIAGE and Wagon Dealers — Wm- 
Mable. Importer of MacLachlan bud- 
gies, trap.: cannot be beaten for durablllt). 
Warehouse 717 Johnson St ^; phone 13.!li. 

/"XARPENTBRS — Capital Carpenter and 
KJ Jobbing factory. Alfred .lones. builder 
and contractor. Kstlmates given on oU 
Slagaoii of structures, shop fitting, etc. 1002 
Vancouver Bt. Oiiico vuuu» L,IS2S; res. 

STORAGE— H. 8. Byrn. 1JD2-4 Wharf St., 
foot of yates. rommlsslon. storage, 
warehousing: manufacturer's aeci.t and 
Bond No. 10. Phon<> 394; P.O. Box 408. 

EAS and Coffees — Pioneer Coffee & 
Spire Mills,, Pembroke St., Vic- 
toria; phone 597. 

HOTEL- Alhambra, Mrs. S. Thompson A 
Son.,,le.or.; U. D. J h"'" "'"?."' 
mirnuK--. Cuiner Carroll and W at-^t ^ ».. 
Vunoouver. H. C. Van.nuve.;. '" '^ .>^',:' ^J 
Situated In the heart of the ^"J ,„„^'"^'' " ,^. 
equipped throughuul. Midday 1""^'' "i spt- 
ilaliy European plan. Famed for good 
wluakey. ^ 

HOTKL— Blackburn. A. E. Blft'kr.urn, pro- 
pi Ulor. Thl. well-known and P'H'i"^^ 
bo. el entirely r.bullt »"'» "■'''"'■" 'iVSl'! 
now open to It. pai.on. ,•""••"" ,',";^'Voom 
commodious rounia. nr»l-ila«« •' "'"«/"^h 
bHst attention to romfovi nf »t"'-«^"-..„^r"^" 
can plan. J1.60 to $2.00 per day. European 
ylan . 75n upwards. am VVi-»tni!;ia.ei .vw 
OTBL— Dominion. When you arrive at 
Vancouver, take large ttuto bus. which 
» ill take you to this hotel free. Our •e'/'f * 
the beat obtainable at the prlcj). A""";": 
can plan. Jl.BO to $2.00 Per fay- A-ito 
niak.a une trip dally around S>tanle> l-arK. 
F. Baynes. proprietor. .^ ' 

CARPENTER— .1. 8. Hlokford, commlf- 
slon carpenter and contractor. Esll- 
mates given on all kinds of Jobbing: men 

sent out by the day. Phone VI 835- 

/-XA.RPENTER— T. Falrhurat, 20!iO fhauoir 
\J St., Oak Bay; carpenter and builder; 
repair work, contract or day work. 

TIMBER— Captain C. J. Brownrlgg, lim- 
ber lands, mining. Ofrioc. Rm. 33 
Prince Rupert House Bastion Bq. ; tel. 2720. 

HE Globe Window Cleaning Co., window 

cleaning and Janitor work a speciality. 

John Biaasel. 2115 Say ward ave.. .Spring 

Ridge, p hone 2609. 

yPEWRITBR Repairing — For Sale, Un- 
derwood Royal, any slie carriage, any 
make. Room 4 1112 Qo vernment St. Dwyer. 

^mVPSWIHTER' ftEiPAlRINtl— PUpne 2320. 
JL W. Webster. ME. ' All makes of type- 
writer, repaired, rebuilt and guarantaed. 
Xo. 8 Sloody Blk. . Yntes St. 

UNDERTAKING— B. C. Funeral Furnish- 
ing Co. (Haywards). 1016 Govern- 
ment St. Promr* attention. CharBe. reas- 
onable. Phones 2235. 2236. 2237. 22S8. 2239. 
Cha». Hayward. Pres. ; R. Hay ward. Sec; 
F. ra.elton. Mgr. 

UNDERTAKINt; — W. J. Honna, under- 
taker. Parlors 920 Yates St. Gradu- 
ate U. 8. College of Embalming. Contrac- 
tor to H; M. Navy. Office phono 49S; res. 
phone Oil. ' 

VACUC.M Cleaners — Duntley's vacuum 
cleaners for sale or rent: rnrp»l» 
cleaned on the floor without removing. Buy 
a Uuntley and keep clean. Plume tl43 \V 
I. r;;iK<-i. T2S Trtt*-«i St. 

^^A.^"(•O^VI':R island EmpUwui'Ml Bvirpnii 
office hours 10 to 6 p.m.; Balur- 
days 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. Phone IISO. 1325 
I'ouRlns at 

VOICE Production and .SlnulnB -l..»3"nH 
given by Paul Edmonds, of London and 
rarla. baritone wlili Tetrajzlnl on her 1909 
British lour. Ktulio I!' HIbbtn Block. Gov- 
ernment at Phon.' n ?495. 


HOTEL— California Kotel. 19 Johnson St. 
Ne»Iy ruled up from bottom to top; 
good accommodation, sporting gallery, com- 
prising llfe-slied photos of oil the noted 
sports and athletes up to the present day. 
Bar always supplied with be.t goods 

Thos. McManus. proprietor. 

OTEL — New Brunswick, nlce.t location 

In Victoria. Nicely rurnl.hed room. 

«t mod»«at« "fH-loe..^ Weekly-. ^^^„,„" 

cars pa., hotel. Two entrance., cornor 

Yates and Douglas, Phone «17- ^ 



ARCHrnt;i-nLWAL Difcatfh.isman want- 
ed; state experience and .alary want- 
ed. Box 4;i,'l. ColonlaU 

EXPERIE.VCIEU blacksmith helper want- 
ed at B. C. Auto To.p. '■»" age and 
Auto work., cor. Dougla. and Pembroke 
sis. ^ _^ — 

EXPERIENCED sawyer wanted to run and 
take oharge of small sawmill. ApplJ 

749. Discovery st. 

pOD, smart boy wanted, at the Colonl.t 

Job Department. 

oon~"»i"d^ hoy* wanted vo carry The 
Dally Colonist: honest ■¥"* '"i.'! I'^'e'lJ 
boys ran be Independent and "\»''^,/^7^ 
own money by carrying The Colonist In 
the early mornlns and have t^e rest of the 
day for their own pleasure. Apply at once 
at The Circulation U.:pariiucal at The Col- 
onial office. - 

.\N and wife seek engagement, English, 
us gardeuor; can milk and tjuder- 
alai.da horses; wife a. cook or caretaker 
institution or private; good references, war 

rl8 . P. P., Gold en. 

V\'"ANTED, truktworthy, leraperet* man 
VV as partner In profitable city busltjuBs: 
good wages guaranteed; capUnl requlreiL 
»35U; state last emplo.vmvnt. Box &»■ 

C olonist. ,, 

\A TINTED, reliable youth or man with own 
VV horse and trap lo deliver towels once 
weekly, -\ipiply Balmoral, between . and » 
ie mr -■-■ ■ « ■' ' : ■•''■ '-•'V ■■■. .— ■-- -y.-"^. ■■-■r.,-,-..^ . --■ 



A CCOl'NTANT texperlericed; will keep 
•ij^ «ut or toolts far piufcasional man. or 
storekeeper. In evenings. Bo« 3S J tJulonlat. 

UUKKEEPER. experienced, requires ap- 
pointment In olflce or atore. S42, Col- 

BUSINESS opening wanted after October, 
iO ye*rs old, man led; held position 
over 30 years. manager general store; 
would Invest capital according to prospects: 
references given uud expuclutl. Write par- 
ticulars. W. Le Daln, Mai Bay, County 
Uasiie. P. C jue. 

BVS1.N'E.SS man t30j well educated, of 
inorough iniegniy, wiaiiea i eKpuuaHilu 
position with firm or gentleman of sound 
staudliig. Advertiser Is experienced book- 
keeper and aerretury. is used lo control of 
cash and correapondence. and to carrying 
through varied matters of Importance. Ad- 
dress \V., Hox 123G. Post Office, Victoria^ 

CX\NVA.SSERS wanted: good proposition 
> to right ladles; experience not necess- 
ary, but ability required; call between 10 
and 12 a. m., 121 i'embertou block. 


ONE Reliable Man In every town to take 
.j:U^.. :or b~:'. cus'.om-n'-sd- clothva -n 
Canada. Highest commission. Rex laUormg 
Co.. Limited. Toronto. Ont. 



NTlWl'E Jewelry, diamonds, oiigravliifs 
and jiielurta bouK'i' and sold. >li* 

A. A. Aaronaon. 85 Johnson St. 


ANTBD » «<u>4-.a»llk«r ■"* 
Api>ly asss Cedar HIU rd^ 

.r.s, rcta! 
of cement work 
rls * Davles. P 


OBs em^nt — f i nu i ' a. 

tilUIUl.t ■ 


'TfOT . g S.r t . B t'l y Hh i kIb Tuini ' i - , — It fetwT i 
fc r-*^ T *^ "■ *^ :;' I S2.!c tl''*' "•'■•'^(35 Imrvftrt, 
ers and manufacturers, men's lurnlshlngs, 
tents, "Big Horn" brand ahlrta, overalls. 
Mali o'dera nt tend' ().„,. (n 

U'HOi.ESAI.E VVfnes and Liquors — Tur- 
ner-Be«(un Co. Ltd., Wharf St., Vlc- 
lot'a — wl olesale only. All the leading 

brands of liquors: direct Importers. Vv'rlte 
for lists and prices. 

\T?M. F. DRVSD.ALE. Contractor and 
VV hulldftr. Office 1033 North Park St. 
phone 642. 

WOOD and ■Coal — Cheap fuel. Try a 
heaping double load of short cut mill- 
wood, delivered to any part of city at $3 
C.O.D. by Cameron Lumber Co.. Ltd.; 
phone 864. 

BR()WN Leghorn yearling hens and Tou- 
louse geese for sale. J. West. Third 
St., off Richmond rd. __^ 

DHlVINtJ horss wanted, of good slue and 
.ondltlon and not more Ihan 8 years 
Old. and ucvuatomed to cars. 173i. Oak 
Bay ave. . 

1.'\iO.K aaliT, three good horse, and express 
»a«<in, also 1 lot ou Audley St.; 

.•heai>. Apply lu34, Burdett e av e. 

iTlOR^aale, .Thor'^rghbTed Pekln Ducks. 
1 Rankin atiain. breeding penji, $1.5« 

t'ukinlHl. _ 

H<)K.SE wuiiiid ■'"■ delivery wo-k. about 
110(1 llis. I> W. Ilanbury. 70j Ion at. 


TiANTED- A bright youn« man for de- 
livery wagon. A,pply^_«3» J ohnson St. 

l^irANTEU, a first-class grocery cl«rU for 
W our Cumberland branch. Apply lo 
S-imon Lelser & Co., Ltd.. Vates si., Victoria. 
B. C. , 


E.NS and chicks for sole, cheap. 
Beach drive, end of Foul Bay car. 


HdUSKS -J-or Bule. ear of heavy and 
light at Sale Stable Burlclth Park. 
(.1 ilKllowrr rd. . eredlt will be given on 
fill nlshlnn approved security. Stephnnson 

ami I lenii, P. tJ. BliX n»», pHvn >' B tt ll*i» 

ami V JO;*. __^ __^^__— _• 

OllSF. for sale — The .tandard bred 
roadster "•Dolly," sound, good action; 
also rubb.-r tired buggy and harnesa Beau- 
mont Bogga. 1120 Fort St. 

WTA-NTBD. flrst-clas. .tenographer. Ap- 
VV ply to Simon & Co.. Ltd., ^ates 


W/A.NTED, men and women to learn the 
V\ barber trade; wages paid while learn- 
ing the largest and most complete school 
In ihe northwest; wages $18 to ».ia per week 
when qualified; call or write for free cata- 
"~u". !!;r ... i.-ii.Ai .!. A. Moler Barber < "I- 
iege, 846 Malii' St.. Vancouver, B. C. 


CIHACFFBUR requlrcH situation; running 
' repairs; good rifcrences. Bo."c 4V7 


CtO-MPO.SlTOR, 10 yeai%' experience, seek. 
J .iluallun. . JfpnA.-J'o.t Ofllcc, Ca.lle- 
gar. B. C. 

ENG'L1'.SWMAN. 2B and slnijle, ieek* «ltu- 
atlon as chauffeur to private family: 
would accent salary with board and .room 

It de.iredi-^'^X>" Box ¥81,' ■l-olonl.t.: --'"' 


IAOl.'ND — .Bicycle; owner can have .anifl 
. by paying for this ad. J. B. Sewell, 

Watson' . Shl py anl.. 

TTVJUND — J. M. Burne.. 584 Johnson St., 
J? will return a sum of paper money to 
the person who lost It Wtdneailay evening 
in the B. C. Junk and Hardware Co. store, 
by proving, and paying for this ad. 

LO«T. 'n~Bolv;e„ brindle bull puppy; I'e- 
ward for his return to 4ol Niagara 
anyone hnrborliw s ame will be prosecuted. 

IOST. strayed or stolen, white Pomoran- 
J ian pup: finder please ring up 87. Re- 
ward. Anyone found harboring same after 
this notice will be proac culed. 

LOHT, btwcen $35 and $40 In bills on Sat- 
urday afternoon. l''lnder please re- 
turn to Box 673.. Colonist, or 213 Vancouver 

TO.ST, by worltlng man, nbout $55 In bills 
J vcsurday lufl.rnoon. between' Cormor- 
ant, Governiiletil and Je«hn«)n sts. Finder 
will confer a favor by .leaving half of the 
amount at Qox a90, Colonlgt. 

LOST — Crawford Blcyolo, No. 152365. last 
Friday; return to 2838 Blackwood St. 

RUIT Trade — Young man. 18 ycamf ex- 
perience, desires situation, wholesale or 
retail: expert window dresser. Reply Box 
U40, Colonl.t, 

.VNDY man wants steady Job. motor or 
engineering worka. 3117 Delta .t. 



AliE nur»c, experienced, seeks engage- 
ment. 1". O. Box 1404. 

r OST — Perl***! and 'iwarl.. brooch.; 
VJ on return lo this office. 


CtAI'ABLE woman wanted for general 
> housework; plain rooking. 110 Med- 
ina Bt^ 

/ *_>MPANION-HBLl" wanted for family of 
I,..' two In country, near Kainloops. 2..i- 
Mi.n7.iea at. _____5s_a,,.^^^„^__^___^^ 

PLASTERING wanted, any kind, contract 
or day. 425 Colonial. 

^l'rL''ATliiN wiinted, by mlildU-aged man, 
© as <^oacli.nirtn ; citn do chorea of any 
kind. t). Allen, Ma y wood i'. tJ. 

ni'LATlU-N' wanted by practical gardentr 
5 . and gi 
leiiiiia aiiu 

- . an 
I en 


md groundsman; undertake cricket, 

:; s-,--j!i ..uifr'. 

with references; married. J. H. Bulla, 8'J4 

l'"ort at. ___^ 

rpilli handy man — Work of all kinds, odd 
lobs, roofa, gutlera and chliniuys 
cleaned, carpetB laid. fumiluic repaired, 
leleiiholie U203. 

rpRAVHTTLEU (30), with ability and ex- 
i perlence. requires position. H. H.. 
7ao Princess ave. 

LOST — A black kitten. Finder please re- 
turn to".il0 Crosa St. . off Belleville. 

LOST — From transfer Waggon, artist's 
palrtlc. nndrr rewarded on r<«iurnlnp 
same l o police ofhce. ________ 

IOST, Black Cocker Spaniel puppy, an- 
J swerln« to naino of "Bowser," Sub- 
stantial reward. Victor EUot, cio Bevan 
(Sore & Eliot. Ltd. 

IOST, bull bitch, color dark brindle, an- 
J swers to the name of "Ducheas." 
F-lnder ■please notify Mrs. H. Morion, 3102 

Washington ave. 

^'rR.WED, to 3111 Wasliingion ave., black 
& and tan collie dog. Oivner can have 
same "o.v pti V li.a . i;.pcngC5 . ^^^^ 

rttt».'/\ K.I.^W.^ HI '— Any man who ri covers 
qpOU mv nooiU whiih were siolen on 
Friday nls*it. Aus. 4, '11. from Ih.- (iorise 
refreshment stand. Inrludlnt? i khIIoiis of 
Ice cream with can cigarettea. cigars, can- 
rtlps; value fiver JSOO. J. Chrlaty. T&S Yates 

BAGGAGE promptly handled at current 
rale, by the Victoria TransOer Co.. 
phone 129. Office open night and day. 

C" ARPBNTBIW:— tlmponant mass ineetliig 
will bo held In Labor Hall tonight at 
8 p. m. .All union and non-union men 
please attend- 

CARPETS. Upholstery and bedding clean- 
ed without removing, by m'Uve power, 
termii moderate. li;03 Jubilee st. 

COLl.N'LEA Mending Syndicate — Clothln,; 
of all kinds marked and menrteri with 
efficiency and despatch; parcels collected 
and returned; terms very moderate. Apply 
the Mi.-nding Secretary, care the c'olonlal In- 
telligence League. 19 Mount Edwards. Van- 
couver St. 

I'kRAWTNf:?. 1911 Cycle, winner No. 24. J. 
-f H. Newman, clo Rophcr, clly; call at 
GOj (iovernniei,t st. 

E'.MPHIOSS hotel — ^Ladje. ' Halrdresalng 
pallors, open to the pulHJc; halrdrcss- 
ing, ahiimpooliiB. manicuring and scalp 
ireainu'iit. .Vlis. Biooui. I'liohe KiSO. 

ITMSHBH Employment Agency, 692 John- 
■ son. corner Government; phono 2990. 
Prompt personal' ariention given to orders. 

"VfOTICE — Having leased tho store and 
-1^ furniture of the Grill and Lunch 
Counter at 641 Fort St., to Messrs. A. Nel- 
iion attrt W. Frtjjlsham,^ the.,junder8lgncd wqi 
m>t be reaponslbli' for any debts ctfn'^ractad 
by .aid firm after July 7. iSlL H. E, 
Churchy . 

ROOFS and Gutter, cleaned and repaired; 
fireproof painting done. KngclKin & 
Archment. 726 Court ney Bt; phone 1978. 

S~ AN Francisco Veterinary College; .esslon 
begin. Sopt. 16. Catalogue free. Dr. 
C Keane, 1818 Market .t., B. F. 

THE late.t Sheet Metal .winging elec- 
tric .Ign. of all de.crlptlon.. made by 
B. C. Sheet Metal Work*. J. Market. 1916 
Oak Bay ave. 


:T(irs'i: ki' 

» .lannor. 

iiflman bi'bkb pcititui as hoiei 



X V B LL f ur nishe d o m t 

M B mt M rl a hl i ) 

OUSE — 'Wanted small hou.e, 4 or S 

.,,*,«^^ ,^*v^i,,fr r,^1y; pri43a not to 
■.vceed »i,800; ea.y term.; on or clo.a to 
ear line. P. O. Bo x 173. 

I WANT to purchase 30 or 40 feet *tth 
a house, on either View or John.On 
.str.'fta between Quadra and Cook. If you 
hav.' anything to offer send particular, and 

;.i!efB. Box 620 Colonist. 

__^ __«^ — I '■ 

\\TANTED, from owner, only, lot. on Cow- 
VV khan si., on easy terms; what hav» 
you to offer? P. O. Box 178. 

r,g >.«Bi!« »"d all kind* 
"Reasonable prices. Mor- 
O. Box 117, Phone F '.JH'*. 

Phone F128S. 

-Lloyd, Chimney sweep. 

/^OiOTHES Cleaning — Clothes cleaned. 
\J dyed, pressed, repaired and alt.?red. 
Leave orders at Wat.on & McGregor, phono 
746. Rutley's, 645 John.on St^ 

OLOTHES Cleaning — Gents' clothe, clean- 
ed dyed, rr^palrpd and pressed; um- 
brellas and parasol, made, repaired and re- 
covered Giiy W. Walker. 708 Johnson St.. 
Just east of Douglas; pUone L1267. 

C1LOTHES Cleaning — Wah Cbong. ladle^ 
J and gent.' dry cleaning, prca.lng and 
repairing on hhort notice. 1726 Govern- 
men t St., V'ctoria. P. C. 

C"0AL and Wood— George Burt, dealer In 
all klnd» of wood and coal. DelUered 
to any part of city, at current ratea Phone 
628; yaid. 736 Pandora. ^ ^ 

C~~OAL am: Wood— Hall & Walker. Wel- 
lington .CoIUeirlcs coal. Comox nnlhra- 
clto cual blatk.mlth'. and nut coal speclal- 
Ty prepared Phone 83. 1232 Oovernment. 

VTMONTRACTOKS— Brownsey & Knight (.\. 
\_J Wr/>wniu«v. Mavwood P.O.: Geo Knight, 
812 Caledonia Ave). Carpenters and bulld- 
ers. Alterations and repair.. Plan, and 
estimates furhl.h.'d^ 

CRUSHED Rock and Gravel — Producers' 
Rock & Grave; Co. Bunkers. Store St. 
foot of Chatham 8'.; phone 306. Crushed 
rock, washed .and und gravel delivered by 
teams at bunker, or on scow, at quarry and 
Srave! pit at Royal Bay. 



Douglas .1. 



tJT.\.vi>.\Vtl> bred horse, harness and rub- 
J^ ber-tyred buggy for mile; will sell horse 
separately. If required. 

Box 371. Colonist. 

tjaSLLlNG oui. by pair. or lot of ten 
Jo pairs flrse claw homer pl«eons. good 
breeder*, a'so few squabs. Apply 439 Que- 
bec street. ___^_^^_^^_________^___-_ 

\\r\.NTED. »ome yonuK pigs, about three 
VV months old. VVrlle. , quoting price. P. 
O. Box 682, Victoria. ■ 


^ K V H!-P. .V i. mfr\t}i^t %vanled for the coun- 
-Vpply G. -M.. CowicUan station. 


■( lUL wanted, about IS or 20 tor lious!- 
jr work. ApDiy SSO. Queens a ve- 

t1 IRL wanted to wash dishes and asaisi 
r in light housework. Apply 910 -Mac- 

lure St. 

HOUSEKEEPER wanted, for .Ing'.a gen- 
tleman; country district. 895, Col- 

Elwood W a t k I n a 
en Blk., ci 
Phone 2188: re*. 

■piRAYMAN — Joseph 

W^harf St.: phone 171. 



DRAYMEN — Victoria Truck & Dray 
Phone 13. 


Rooms 1 and 2, Green Blk., corner 
Trounce Ave. and Broad. 

phone L1398. 

RCUITECT — H. S. Griffiths, lOOJ Uov- 

ernment S t. : phone 1489. 

ARCiiiXSCT — ThcmSLS Hr-"jpt?r — in j'rttc- 
tlce In B. C. for 25 years. pians 
and specifications furnished on application. 
Office. New Royal Bank bldg. ; phone 827. 

AUat'?T First. Miss Devereaux'. Agency 
will remove to 3114 Fort at., uchlnd 
Hlffh Scho ol. 

IVIL Engineer. — Topp & Co., Civil En- 
gineer, and land .urveyor.. Room 211 
Pemberton block. Phono 2998. P. O. Box 

^IVIL Engineer — George A. Smith. Brttlah 

BEDR<.K>MS and one large room for light 
housekeeping, with kllcheiietle, two 
block, from po.t office. 734 Itumlioldt .1. 


."VOR rent — Front room w-lth alcove furn- 
' l.lmd for houK'kceplnK. ga. .love in 
439 Superior street.^ 

LADY help (young) wanted at once; do- 
mesticated ;good home; references. 
phone R207 8. 

LADY help wanted for cooking and house- 
keeping; wage. $20. Bradley-Dyne. 
Sidney P. O. 

\''<.ii;.M.J man, 23. de.ires position aa gar- 
JL dener. experienced Inside and out; ox- 
<,ile!U references, would go In comiu^.-ilBl 
house a» rose or carnation grower; under- 
stands chicken raising. C. R. Robinson. 

Stoncley P. P., Nanalmo. B. C. 

xroL'.VG man. age 19, wants work, of any 
X description in of ' 
Room 10, Royal Hot"^- 


^^ „^„. ._ broMi<fimt. If de- 
sired ;"sprln'g""R!dgi., close to tar. Apply 

14.'!K Vlnlng St. 

EUROOM to let. breakfast it desired, for 
two young men. 

ruufUMrx IfOB SALb 

1324 Pembroke St. 

PLAIN needlework wanted, dklly. 
677. Colonl.t. 




TiURNISiUED large front hou.ekeeplng 
room; no children. 1037 BUrdette ave. 


OUSBKBEPINli roonl. to Ut; ga. .tove. 

S* wt 



Room. — Furnl.hed 

MCJlNT Edward., Vancouver St.; three 
suites only left; sitting room, 2 bed- 
rooms, kitchen and bathroom; phone. 234. 

TEADY Employment — Sewing machine 

operator. and folder.: beginners 

taught; electric power; union wages; 8-hour 
day; half-holiday Saturday. Apply Turner, 
Beeton &■ Co.'s Shirt and Overall Factory, 
co r. Wharf and Bastion St. . . Victoria. B. C. 

\^TANTBD — Lady help for oVmntry, two In 
VV fa mily. Apply Fred. Quirk, Ttoygl Oak . 

«"T -^ * \"** tcD "Ir: for d'.?rr!?!*tl.-^ K.-li*i arna.ll 
V\ '^"family. 'Apply 1560 Oladslono ave.; 
phone R2684. 

BOOKICBBPER. experienced, desire, rttu- 
atlon; hlghe»t reference* Box 878. 

Colonl.t. . . 

" ~ woman desire, po- 

_ "as housekeeper or help. Address 

1". or Box 741> or phone 1389. 

Certificated maternity .nurse; terms 

C^.VPABLB English 
J .Itlon 


C10.V1F0HTABLH room, suitable for lw<i; 
J se'|)aratc beds, oleclrlc IlKht; open flre- 
pla<ie; terms, $1.75 each; also alngie looin, 
$2.00 per week. 834 Cour te ney St. 

t COMFORTABLE furnished rooms, with 
J board, If desired; on car line; clow to 
park. 647 Niagara St.; phono r.!<'"^5. 

FURNISHED "roottn, by week or month; 
hot and cold water; telciphone. 1020 
Yate. .t. 


UIlNISilED room to let. iaiB Cowan at. 

\URNISHED rooms to lot; bath. h. and o. 
1144 Pandora ave. 



S.N'.iiP — Double corner, 100x110, Lilian 
and Hlrhmond; price $1,850. Owner, 

537, <'oionlst. 

AW.NAP In acreage; read our ad. on pago 
12. Heath & Chaney. Say ward bloclu 

■ Phone 

moderate. Phone »Sl. 

,RESS.VAK1NG wanted by Jl??, d^^ • ,.«^f *^ 
local re 
phone L 2676. 

L) '"locaTVocomtaendatlon. 3009 Cook St.; 

T'XPERIBNCIEJD Dressmaker require, wnric 
IZi by the day: te 
Bulley. KSO Fort .1. 

"Vy the day: term.. Jl.Tf per day. Mlsa 

\;\7ANTED — A flrst-clas. presser on lad'ca" 

and L3084 

„ Work. — B. C. Steam Dye Works, 
tho largfi.t dyeing and cleaning works 
In the province. Country orders solicited. 
Phone 200. J. C. Renfrew, proprietor. 

DTE WorkB — Paul". Steam Dye Work.. 
318 Fort St. We clean, press and re- 
pair ladles' and gentlemen", garments equal 

to new. Phone 624. 

LECTRICIANS — Garter A McKenzle. 
practical electrician, and contractors. 
Phone 710: re., phone. L2270. R2667. Tele- 
phone and motor work a apeclalty. 1S19 

Broad St. _____^______ 

ELECTRICIANS — Foot & Tuson. electrical 
contractor.. Motor boats, gasoline en- 
gines. Phone A1448. 735 Fort St. 


Albernl. B 



NE large, furnished 

electric light. bath, central 
838 Princess ave. 

housekeeping room, 


lel — Housekeeping rooms. 827 Fort .1. 

EMPLOY'MENT Bureau — White Labor ' 
Agency. It you want men for any 
kind of work, please phone 2630. The 
Strangers' Rest, 1418 G overnment St. 

MPLOYMENT Bureau — ^Wlng On. 1709 
Government St.; phone 28. 

GLASS and Glazing — Every description of 
glass, plate, sheet, prismatic ornamen- 
tal, leaded, etc. The Melrose Co. Ltd. 61S 
Fort St. __. 

G.\RDENER — C. Peder.en, landscape and 
lobbing gardener: tree pruning and 
spraying a specialty. 846 Pandora; phono 

GARDENERS — Green & Tucker, gardening 
In all Us branches; landscape work a 
specialty. Address 1919 Cowan Ave., city. 

C^ ARDENER — Landscape Gardener. James 
T Simpson. 961 Johnson St. ;r phone 
Rlisn. ExpTt on all garden and orchard 
details. Pruning and cleaning from In.- 
serta rosrs a specialty; lawns graded and 
fliii,ohed In first, second or third quality, ac- 
cordinc to contract. 

CIVIL Engineers — Gore & McGregor. J. 
Herrick McGregor, manager. Land 
rurvoyor. and clvU engineers. Chancery 
Chambers. P.O. Box 152; phon& A504. Fort 
George office, J. Y. Templeton, manager. 

CIVIL Engineers — Green Bros. .Burden & 
Co.. civil engineer.. Dominion and B. C. 
land .urveyor.. 114 Pembortttn Blk.. Vic- 
toria, B. C. Branch office In Nel.on (13 
year s) and Fort George (1 year). 

IVIL Engineer — P. C. Coatea Dominion 

and Provincial land surveyor. Roam 

34 Bo ard Of Trada. 

CIVIL Englnejsr — A. I. Robert.on, Brltl.h 
Columbia land .urveyor. 623 Fort St., 
Victori a, B. C. : phone L1647; P. O. Box 792. 

CIVIL Engineer. — Swannell & Noake., Do- 
minion and B. C. land rorveyor. atid 
civil engineer.. 1219 Langley St.; P. O. 
Box 642; phone 377. , .__ 

CIVIL Epglneerii — ^Clarence Hoard., A. M. 
Can. Soc. Civil Engineer.. M. Am. Ry. 
Engr. & M. of W. Assoc. Civil engineer: 
Railways. Highways. Concrete. Office 401 
Pemberton Bldg.. phone 884; re* Bmpres. 
Hotel, ph onj 1680. __^ 

CONSULTING Engineer — W. O. Winter- 
burn. M.I.'N.A., consulting mechanical 
engineer. Office. 618 Bastion Square; roa 
48 S Dalla. Dd.; phonei 1631. 

DENTIST-— Dr. Lewi. Hall, dental .ur- 
surgcon. Jewell Blk., corner Tate. 
and Douglas Sta. Victoria. Phone.: Office 
557; res. 122. 

TWO room., 
roan or North St. 

moderate rent. 1252 Den- 

fm-^ lr.t — A .ulu of ono or two furnished 
X housekeeping rooms: ga. rtove. and 
electric lig ht; cioso In. 1120 Vancouver .L 

hou.ekeeplng room.; 

lectrlc light, bath; central; adult, 
only. 638 PrInceM ave^ 


garment.. Apply Herman, 854 Yates 
French Dry Cleaners. 



OMAN wanted, age 20 to 40, to take 
charge of small tea room. 862 Yale. 

YOUNG girl wanted, from the Old Coun- 
try, aa general servant for faTnlly of 
two. Apply 1560. Pandora ave., or phone 





OARD and room, $6 wetikjy. 858 North 
Park 'at., close to city hall. 


Ith or without lodging. 



,'ARE— E. G. Prior & Co., hard- 
and agricultural Implementa 
Corner Johnson and Government Sts. 

H~ ARDW.VP.E — The Hickman Tye Hard- 
ware Co.. Ltd. Iron, steel, hardware, 
cutlery. 30 and 34 Yates St. Victoria B. C 

JEWELERS — A. I'etch. 1416 Douglas St, 
apeclalty of English watch repairing. 

JUNK — ^Wanted: Scrap brass, copper, zinc, 
lead cast Iron sacks, bottles, rubber; 
hlKhest prices paid. Victoria Junk Agency, 

Ifi'jn ;S'.oi'e St.; phono 133C. 

LANn??CAPE Gardener — F. Street, F.R.H.S. 
garden design in all Its branches. Ad- 
dress Lake Hill. Victoria: phona 19»3. 

-CaldwelVs tirntisfer, general ex- 
pi'ess, aak', livery and boarding stables. 
737 Cormorant St.; night and day; phono 

GovernmeulsL ^____^ 

I>OARDINO~lHou»e (The Poplar.) corner 
> Bellovllle .1. and Oovernment (opposite 
Empress hotel. 2 minutea from C. P. R- 
docks and P. O.; the best for the price In 
the city; board and room $1.00 per day; 
connected with the hou.e Is a refreshment 
.tand. ham .andwiche. lOc. ; tea. 5c.: good 
meal.. 250., .erved in time for boat.: no 
ovrchargc.: Iw.t Royal Dairy lev cream; 
cigar, and tobacco, ■ fre.h fruit., nut. and 
candl e.. Miss L. J. Green, proprietress. 

C ^COMFORTABLE room and board tor two. 
J ll'iS Yale. St. 

YOUNG girl wanted for light houw>- 
work, from 9 to 2. Apply 320 Men- 
zles St. ^ 

L. B., Pliono YIti06. 

TpNGl-ISM woman, 

J2i situation aa housepiald; good roter- 

ENGLISH woman wl.he. position a. chil- 
dren's nurse; experienced; Canadian 
references given. Box 131 Cdoiilst. 

GENTLBWiOM.\.N desires position a. 
housekeeper or companion-help. Ad- 
dress M., Suite 204. WaBhlngton Court, Van- 
couver, B. C 

C-1 IRL would like children to ears for 
T evenings. Box 412, Colonl.t. 

Ij">URNI.SHF;D room. 
. 62:; Niagara St. 

on car line. Apply 

[T^OR Rent, large double room, suitable 
D for two gentlemen. 1031 Pandoi;a ave. 


UUNISHEXJ Room* 1422 Fort SU 

i^ 1 

per week. 

3jj.._o«,.,«s fr,.ra tl. 50-22 
1211 Laiigley. 

A GOOD wml-bu.lnes. property. .Ituate on 
King's rd.. consisting of lot lOOxlOO, 
with four 2-slorey houses, situate thereon; 
revenun $852 per annum; price $10,100; 
terms, $3,100 cash, balance 1, 2 and 3 years. 
Empire Real ty Company, 641 Fort st. 

BEAUTIFTTL corner lot on waterfront in 
AlexarKlra park aub-dlvislon. Oak Bay; 
size of lot, 120x200ft. ; price $5,000 on easy 
term.. Western Land. LIm'Itcd. corner 
Broad ahd View. 

C^tOTTAGE, modern. 6 rooms, bathroom and 
J pnmtrv; lot 60x130. $3,000, terms; In- 
cluding gas heater, range and fixtures, be- 
tween Dallas rd. and Menzles. Owner, Box 
SB4, Colonist. 

Box 62G Colonist. 


Ink. $7B0. 50 X 120. 

"VJBVVLY furnished bedrooms to let. 588,. 
JN Toronto at., td't fJoverninent. 

OUSEWOBK wanted by young woman, 


plain cooking, by the day. Box 859 


-W. F. Praser. D.M.D. Office 
'32 Y'atc. St. Gare.ohc Blk. Office 
hours: 9:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. 

O. Strong, medallist Royal 

IIRST-CLA8S Nursing Home for maternity 
Ml.. K. H. Jones, 731 Vancou- 
ver St. /hone 1308. 


V cam-ay ) 
irer St. jTho 

T^OO^S~ ai 



X^ Academy of Music, London, Eng., and 
three years' student wllh Leopold Godow- 
skv, Berlin, Oermany Is propared to receive 
a ilmlled number of pupii. for piano. Terms 
and particulars at Messrs. Fletcher Bros.' 

Mu sic Slore. Govprnjnenl sL ■ 

7"ETERINARY--8. F. Veterinary College. 
Session begin. Sent. IB; -catiilogue 
DrC. Keane, ISiS MArlCet 3,1., B. FT 


ROOMS and board, beautifully situated 
near Gorge, close Iff car line; terms 
modcrnte. Miss Chamberlain. 1237 Sunny- 
aide ave., off CralgtlQwcr rd. ; phone R lis*- 
SAXONHURST, 517 Government St., close 
to Parliament bldga ; under new man- 
agement; 1. place for home comfort; also 
table board; sure satisfaction ; worth a trial. 
Phono 2441^^ '^_ 

riAO let. front bod-.lttlng room, with piano 
X and verandah, for couple, with meals, 
from Augiujt 12 for one month; near <-ar 
line. Beacon hill park and beach. B17 Gov- 
ernment St. I'honO:2441. 

TEACHERS wanted — Applications will be 
received until August 10th, for tho 
position, of principal and aul.tant teach- 
ers of tho Ladyamlth schools, at salarlc. of 
$125 and $55 re.pectlvely ; .tale age, experi- 
ence, etc.; per.onal Interview. aoUclted. N. 

A. .M orrl.on. .eoretar>-. 

rrtEACHER wanted for (3oId.tream .chool; 
-L salary $50 per month. Apply B. Bur- 
ne tt^secretory^ 

TEACHER wanted for tho Msissett Pub- 
lic school; .alary $75.00 per month. 
Apply Secretary. School Board, .latlng at- 
talnment . and enclosing testimonials. 

rnBACHBR wanted for Mayne laland 
X . School. Salary $60.00 per month. 
Apply. J. W. Bennett. Mayne. B. C. 

TEACHER, for Ellison public school; du- 
ties to commence after summer hoU- 
davfc . Apply to Michael Hcreron, .ec. 
Board of Tru.te.* Elll.on .chool, Kelowna, 

B . C. ) 


CXOTTlAOB to rent, at seaside: 5 room. 
J and partly furnished; splendid situa- 
tion, close to beach; terma moderate. Ap- 
ply H. C nclgeeen. Metchosln P. O. 



ioY desire, po.ltlon a. hou.ekee>per, 
help, or any position of trust; conri- 
fortaU'e home preferred to high .alary. Ad- 
dress y.. Cowlclian Bay P. O^ 

XtEWLY furnished double and single bed- 
-IN room; also bed-slttinB room; 5 min- 
ute.' wal k from Po.t Office. 521 Slmcoe at. 

XTICB front bedroom: for two gentlemen. 
JN »ZB Johnson Bt. \ 

ROOMS (nicely furnished) : breakfast or 
board, if desired; moderate terms. 821 

Michigan St. ' 

first floor, 810 Douglas, cor. 

COOK St. — 2 .Lots. 56x160; $850 each; $250 
each wll.l handle these; ba-lance easy. 

VV (tiia.t,t: Of. 


MPREiSS ST.-T-100xl32: prlce2,000: one- 

Green and Burdlck Bros. 


A UNDRESS would like a lew day. 
week. Box 454 Colonist. 


OOMS to let; 

ROOMS (furnished) for gentlemen; e'^a'T 
convenience. 1 113 Cook .t. Phone L1661 


ROOMS, with 
John St. 

or without board. 

, ADY living In beat part of Jame. Bay 
Li win undertake the dally care of chl - 
dren. For particular. a*ply Box 44 1 col- 



to the B 

R rent, a new, modern 8-room house 
; five minute, to car. Apply 
Sale. Co., 584 Johnson st. 

MATERNITY NTJBSB (exporlenood). Mr.. 
Maxwell. phone M 1627, clo Mrs. 

Wa!k«r, WonKt')n , Esquimau rd . 

RS. TuUy. pianoforte teacher. offers 

.pedal rata, dtirtng vacation inonth. to 

young student* Write Studio, Head .t., 

Victoria Wc.t. ^ ^j__ 

POSHTION -wanted as head waitress; com- 
ipetunt to take charge; no o-bjerctlon to 
go ou t of town; reference.. 668, Colonl.t. 

OSITION wanted by a refined young 

woman, with ono year and a halt 

hospital training, to travel as !»*/ « ''°f- 

panlon, maid, or care of children. 452, 

Che.ter ave., ^__ ... ■ ■. 

REFINBD, BngllBh lady de.Ire. position 
a. help. hou.ekee>per. or any po.Itlon of 

trust. Bo x 502, Colonial. 

CJCOTTlSH Glnl want, situation (house- 
C> keeping) ; 12 year. In Ja.t plact;. Ad- 
dress .Miss H., Lake 11111 P. O. 

rno rent, largo, comfortable, nicely furnl.h- 
X ed rooms, very convenient, with break- 
fast It desired. 1250 Pandora st. 

To rent — Large front furnished bedroom 
for two gentlemen with board. It de- 
sired'.. clo.e to Parliament buildings. Apply 

4&3, Quebec at. — — 

rno let, two double furnished rooms, cen- 
-L tral; .ullable for two gentlemen. Box 
399, Colonist. . 

TA\R.M at a bargain — 240 acres, Parks- 
-C vine, K. A N. railway, togetlier with 
dwelling, and outhouses, 4 horses, 8 milk- 
ing cows, 10 young stock, 100 poultry. Im- 
plements, etc., the 'Thole as a going coii- 
cern. Owon-Dcvereux Investment Co., 230 
Pemberton block. Victoria. ^ 

IrVOiRBES St.— d..ot 60x123; price, with new 
' canvas tent and stove. $715; cash $2Sn 
and J20 'per month. Union Real Estate, 820 
Fort St. ; phon e I.,2757. 

ijiirvoj. -<=^., Just off Richmond ave.— Two 
-T lots. 60x105. at $450 each; terms. 

iHB Portland. 72S Yates St.; European 
plan: running hot and cold water, and 
n heat and telephone In all rooms. 




ANCIENT Order of Foresters. Court North- 
ern Light, No. G985. meets at Foresters' 
Hall. Broa.i St.. 2nd and 4th Wednesdays. 
W. F. Fullorton. Sec, ^ 

C.^N.VDI.'VN Order of Foreatcra, Court Co- 
lumbia No 834, moeta In Foresters' 
Hall Broad St., 4th Thursday. Visiting 
brethren wplcom<> Alex. Peden, Chief 

Ranger; R. W. O. fe'Avago, Hoc. See. 


LIVEItY — Victoria Transfer Co., Ltd. 
129. Best service In the city. 


LITHOGRAPHING — Lithographing. en- 
graving and pmboaaing. Nothing loo 
large nad nothing too smnll; your stationery 
Is your advance ag.nt ; our work Is un- 
equalled we«t of . Toronto. The Colonist 
Printing & Publishing Co.. Ltd. 

A.=;SAGE — G. B.lornfelt, Swedish maaaage, 
m.dlcal gymnast Ics. vibrator treat- 
ment. 821 Fort St.; pho na 1856, 

Earaman. electric light 
massage. 1008 Fort 

THE Daughter, of England Benevolent 
Society meet In K. of P. Hail the third 
Tonaday of each month. Secretary, Mi». A. 
K. Ctttferall, Ll ndeii avenuo. 

NIGHTS of Pythias, No. 1, Far West 
Lodge. Friday, K. of P. Hall, .corner 

Douglaa tiiiu Pandora ut2. 
of R. and S.. Box 644. 

J. L. Smith, K. 


JX baths, medli 
•St.; phono B19fi5. 

-The Melrose Co. Ltd., 


Fort -HI., undertake every branch of 
the palntlns and decorating business, and 
guarantee satisfaction. ^ 

I>nOUT Brna.. Art l..caded Glass Workers. 
We f'^urn nn leaded glass, prismotic, In 
copper or load; bevel plat, and mirror work. 
Ad drew 721 Vley; -phono 24n2. 

PATENTS — Rowland Brlttaln, 
attorn'>y. Patents In all 
Falrflf'.d Bldg.. op. V. O 

NIGHTS of Pythias, Victoria Lodg^, No. 
meets every Thursday at 8 p.m.. In 
K of P Hall, corner Pandora and Douglas 
^t's visiting Knlghta cordially Invited. 
E C. Kaufman, K. of R. and 3., P. O. Box 

FOR sale, a general store In Albtfi'ta; all 
cash trade; $1,500 to $2,000 a month 
at 20 per cent, net profit; no expenses, no 
rent; building Included, $2,300; stock at 
cost; all fresh; buyer can have three 
months' trial. Sander., Over Northern 
Bank . . W\ 

CI ENTLEMAN wanted to Invest $1,000; 
J unique Ofpportunlty ; absolutely safo In- 
vi'stment; only gentlemen Intent on busi- 
ness need apply; lihla .will stand the Cullcst 
1 n V estlgn tl on. Apply Box 572, Colonist, 

t-^ ROCERY store, 3 years' lease; doing 
r $14,000 year; tor sale for few days 

only. Box 97 3, Colonist. 

In drug 

JAURNISHED new house, 7 rooms, a blocK 
. from car, splendid view from tho har- 
bor; lease for one year to good tenant, with 
piano. 308 Catherine .1., Vic tor ia West . 

FOR rent, cottage, 5 rooms. Willows 
Beach, furnished or unfurnished. Ap- 
ply Box 470. (Colonist. 

HOUESE. furnished and unfurnished, to 
let. Apply Harris & Sturgess, 1229 
Dougla s St. 

MODIiRN 6-roomod furnished house to let. 
near Willows car and beach; $50 per 
month. Box 527 Colonist. 

WNHR would lease unfurnished modern 

SlTUATaON wanted a« housekeeper; at 
to take full charge. B ox 463 Colonl 



THE Waverley, Douglas .L, nearly oppo- 
.Ite city hall; modern; well appo.avod 

room., wi th or without private bath. ^ 

\X''ANTBD. one or two gentlemen to .hare 
V\' bedrotim in comfortable home. Box 
505, Colonl.t. . 

lot. -, ^- . „ 

Western Land. Limited, corner Broad and 

POR her sake! Buy a home, not a house. 
Look at this: 'One of the best built 
.hoti.PS In Victoria, containing 8 rooms, 
spaolou. halU, ipanoled and beamed, largo 
r.arlor and dining room, with bay wl.ndows. 
■fireplace and mantel, nice kitchen, scullory 
and pantry seiparate: upstatra. 4 large bed- 
room., bathroom and separate toilet: down- 
.tair., lull basement, cement floor, furnace. 
toMet. and fruit and food cellar; nice o., 
back lane, lawn and shade trees, mBgnlfl- 
cent view, near car and high acJiool; ahao- 
lutely new and a Wg ibargnln at »d.7O0; 
easy terms. From Grubb &. Letts. Green 
Block, Broad st. 


TOM'AN wants ho.u8e work dally, 10 to 3 
Box 678, Colonist. 

\"\'^\NTBD by reapectable woman, pi 
VV' BJ'wlng m' hir own, home; refercn 

Box 560, (Colonist. .- .. 






.rouou ..... w..iy 
(^, Pottery r-o. Ltd.. cor 
S'' . Victoria B. C. 

Sewer pipe, field tllo, 

flA^f^r r^r»t» *tr Tt 

Broad and Pandora 

■T-J' irMBINO— Colbert Plumbing A 
1 ' Ing Co.. Ltd. For flrat-cla.s 
i^nshlp in the above lino givo u. 
T.mporary office 755 Broughton St.; phona 

work - 
. call. 

164.^ ^^__ 

SONS of England, B. S.^^'xandra Lodge 
llfl, meets 1st and 2rd Wednesdays, 
K of P. Hall. Jos. P. Teii.i>le, 18 Erie St., 
Pres.; J. Crilchley . Sec, S llney, B. C. 
tJoNS of England, Pride of Island Lodge, 
kO No. 131, moots 2nd and 4th Tuesdays 
In A. O. F. HhII, Broad St. President, W, 
H. Trowadalc. 520 William st. Secretary, 
W. Dawaon, He ad at.. Thobur n P. O. 


1>ARTNER wanted, with $500, 
business: must be qualified druggist. 
Box 557, Ci>lonlB t. 

KOOMINO House businosB for sale; good 
location, 7 rooms: $300, Box 587, 

WANTED — Sell your business, why not 
do so at a profit? Wo have purchas- 
s'rs for severol good biislneaaes In the city, 
if the price Is reasonable. Have ready buy- 
ers *^9t'~ boarrting and rooming lioiiaea. .J,lat 
your retail huBliuaa with us; we will sell 
it. I'hono us and our reprcsonlatlvo wl'l 
call upon you. Your affairs are confident- 
ial. Harris 4- Sturgess, 1229 Do uglas St. 

;7ANTED, lo purchase In Victoria, good 
paying buslne.<is. Address Box 71i, 


V\TANTED, upstairs work In good country 
VV hotel; best references. Box 491. Col- 
onist office. . _^ 

VTTTDOW (^x-tralned nurse) would like to 
VV take one or two healthy children to 
care for- short periods not objected to, large 
house healthy'^ location; references ex- 
changed. Mrs. Ewart. Ladysmlth. 

take over furniture, bargain, 

Box 528 Colo- 

TO rent, 10-roomed house, 
$600. Leaver, 738 Fort st. 

$85; furnlturi: 


rpo rent — Furnished house, B rooms; 
-I latigo grounds, close to Dougla. car. $30 
Harm an, 1317 Broad, ^^ 

TO let — Very nice bungalow oR Superior 
at root, 7 rooms. 2 lot. and tho choicest 
rose garden. $40 per month. Harman, 1317 
Br.-,ad S treet. 








f^ OOD Stable to irl. 

917 North Park St. 

MOIiER.N ground floor o.fflce to rent, 
with vault, suitable for store, Juat oft 
tjovernuient at. Apply B. C. Land and In- 
vest .nont Agency. Ltd. , 

nLUMBlNO— A. N. Atkinson plumbing 
'stove titling. 2644 Blanchard; phone 

■r»BAL KBTATE— Tr»ok«ell. A""*'""" .* 
K CO.. real e.tate.. timber^ loans^ rental. 

and Vic- 

'^T^. 8Jr"i2lV'^^; tel. 17*3. 

L'vi. fruit farm, Imiproved. to rent, 
close to clly. Box 4«0, Colnnlst. 


rpENT to lot. for two, with board, fanr 
J_ beach, good bathing. P. O. X^nK U 


CASH buys goods enough to se- 
cure tho oxclualvo agency for 
Victoria- and vicinity for tho gr-atost pat- 
ented noveltv of the cnlurv: act quU-kly. 
Roohi 7. Winch bulldlnit. Vancmivor. 


GiENTlLl'i.W'.VN wants room and part 
board, with private family: state 
irrma to Box bSS, Coioniifl. 

DK,K.SS.MA1CBR (experienced) would Ilka 
work by the day. E. D.. 51 Oswego St. 

Jnni'B Hay. ^_____^_____^___ 

TTRESSNlX'k^'^t^—'l'he MlaaPs RobfertS? AD 

-L' .Moniles St .. phon e L1727. 

RESS.MAKERS — ?drs. and Miss Ingle, 
late of Regent St., London, are now 
open for commissions; day and evening 
gowns a apcclallty. 647 Nlagaia at.; phone 

L 2665. . 

rESSMAKER. experienced, wlahes fiw 

engagements for country. Box 866. 


rOUNG Japanese woman 
L w< 
Box 530 

X work. «42, Broushton at. 


P. O. 

IAOR .ale, boom of piles lying In Bazan 
; Bay. To view. Apply Basan Bay 
Brick and Tile Co., Sydney. 

A.NOB for »ale-rAivply Point EIllcc Boat 

Hoti ac. 

Tj-AOR sale a lady* English bicycle In gooil 
r condition; price $10; Inquire W. F. Hall 
1602 Richm ond ave. 

Ij-\OR sale, cheap, antique mahogany chest 
: of drawers, alroiig. serviceable; also 
handeome American organ. R. Reld, 1134 
Caledonia ave. 

IAOR sa'c — Furniture, including kitchen 
^ range, gas rango. extension table, buf- 
fet couch, kitchen table, chairs, linoleum, 
etc., $60, 1013 Vanc o uver aC 

FOR sale — Good, fine double-seated Glad- 
stone carriage; fit for single or team; 
ou-ihlon, scats and lamps; good condition; 
set harness, chaff cutter, skip of bees, fruit 
'boxes, etc. Hell cheap: leaving clly; must 
clear ouL App ly 1431 Edmonton road. 

;\OV. sale — Wngon. suitable tor c-presa or 
contractor. Apply. J»09 Blt>nch:ird at. 

T7VOR sale, 200 acres, subdlvldod Into 20 
-T acre blnoks, rich bottom land, with 
ryoBK traverslna: onoperty. on main road, 
within Hi miles of ParksvlUe and 2 miles 
of MoBrlde Junction; en bloc, $38 per acre. 
140 acres, with small frontage on aoa; all 
verv good land and level, on main road and 
close to Nanoose Bay and railway atatlo-n: 
$"8 per acre. 30 acres, with crook, u miin ^ 
from sea and Craig's Crossing; straight alder 
bottom: $T5 per acre. 00 acres, overlooking 
Nanoosn Bay. $25 p<>r acre. T- o r further 
particulars, apply dlroct to owner, P. O. Box 

1075. Vict oria. , 

TTVOUR roomed house In north end. on stonf) 
Jf foundation; s-tone fence; $2,050; $250 
cash, balance as rent. Wallace & (.larkc. 

1120 Yates St. (10 _______ 

TTVOR sale, ah 8-room house, just completed. 
JO largo reception ball, paneled, vestibule, 
dining room, paneled, willh built-in buffet: 
large pantry, kitchen, fireplaco In den and 
reoe-ption hall; beamt^d collInK; three bed- 
rooms sowing room. Apply 310 Vancouver 

rooms, so 
St.; jdionf: 


L 2740. 


bualneas lady. 

I>LBAiS.'VNT front bedroom; 
329, Michigan st., third now tiouse. 
NFU RNTI SH EdTouso wanted, about S 
or 9 rooms. A.pply P. O. Box 683. 

1 A •'ANTED, by married couple, no children, 
VV two or three unfurnished housekoeip- 


system and are 
Writ.- for pn.mphlel 

LaiiKloy .'Street. 



RED Cross 
rcQUlro a waterworks or 

do not 


and odorleaa. 

Ha.Trla & Co. 1107 

IrroR sale, B lots 50x135 each, In Albln* 
^ at Gorge View Park. 2 minutes front 
r^r line; for quick ealo, $2,000; easy torma. 
Box: 475, Colonist. , , 

I71OR sale, 6 roomed modern house, ^gonil 
Princess ave. 

fVpply. after 7 p. m.. at 8S3 

rton sale, 7-room house In Hollywood 
nark- nover boon opcuplod; all con- 
venle..ccar'lot 50x100; price ,4.000 ;__,1.00O. 
cash, bn lance easy. B ox 474. 



SAW ; 

ng rooms; must be rcRSonable and central. 
OK .'oo"'°;, .,._™- to T'tro n, Roval Ho- 
Snpiy, lilatino ^criss, lj, i -" • < 

tid, or phono 1294 

X-XJFAA^ furnished house wanted to rent, 

VV proferaft)ly facing sea or park. 



Bickers, Colonist. 



'ANTED, 2 or S furnished rooms, ault- 

oiblf! for housekoeplttg. or furnished 1 

B 1-odmed cottage, by young couple. Box 


VV near a 
Laugher. Jubilee Hospital 

rent, wnall cottage or. shack 

near .oa preferred. Miss Nora 


RESaMAKER waht. work by the day: 
phone L 2947. _^ 


!«a n d y 

rpo investors — Wanted. Jlf-O.OOO, al 6 per 
1 rent, flrat mortgage city proiierty; 

gilt-edged security, in one of the fairtest 
Srowln" and moat Important clllos n Saa- 
katohewan. Write in first olace to 348, 
Box Cplonl.t, Victoria, D. C. 

i:CKl<ANr> Park. Wost Pender Island — 

.•^oaaido aummor resort, good boating 

and bathing; ral.-s $10 per week. Mrs. W. 




FFICKR (retlrod* and his wife would 
bo willing to take as boarders for Ihu 
summer months a married couple ino chil- 
dren 1 or t W.I or iiiiee laillAft, of good fam- 
ily and position. Very comfortable, well 
furnishod house, overlooking the water, 
and with all conveniences: good servants. 
Within 1 1,4 hours of Victoria by ttraln or 
motor; poworful motor launch kept. Best 
of reforencea given and required. Full par- 
ticular, and photograph, on requeat, B<»* 
459 Colonl.t. f, .,, 

T7*lRST-(1I.>AfVl DresiOTiBklng by the day; 
X no pattern s necessary. Phono L30i-. 


1311 Fort St. Tel. 417. Hours 10-12, 3-5. 

VV iiowRocleanlng; good worker*. 


i^;^ ITATU''N!=' wn 
as nurs'innlda 

nied for pxperlcntod slrla 
inother'a help. 

»-.r.\^>;TrD to rent — Small furnished house 
V V ' for "senitomhor and October. Oak Bay 
district— by married couplo; no children. 
Box 5 4 8, (jolonlst. 

» . T^^^.-riTT), to rent, 6 roomed modern fur- 
VV nl«liod houao. for 
I?o.\ 5 12, <!olonlBt. 

easy terms, l-61n.xl51n. planer and 
matclier; i.'owan rimlvo, in good running 
order. Camer on Lumber Co., Ltd. 

Ci'BtjI.ING out at coat, four solid lubber- 
^ «l-.'d Burrcva; nlan alx uteel-tired bUK- 

gles. B. C^l'lardware Co., Ltd., 733 John- 
son St. _________________ 

\XTOOD-— L. -V. Wing On. 1709 Govern^ 
W mont .St.; ph ono 2 3. ■ 


Tj-TilVE roomed Bungalow, moflcrn In every 
i^ roap.-rt and one of tho ="■";' /"/'^^'YC' 
dwellings on thia part of tho l"!*"''.. ^"''i' 

as regards exterior "Pn""^' "'''.""^nrnaco 

convonlonco, full btiaemont with furnace.. 

Situate throo minutes from car on a cor- 

noi lot 52x175 on one of the main road. 

uit outside tho City Limit, on Pr^P^^ty 

• ha' "'!!! xlwnvB ho (tood and will Increase 

in value. Tax.B Inat year leas than $10. 

Price $5,500. Additional lot aiid ftirnitur*- 

o.pllonaU_ _A_PP'y_°_w" ''.'■' Box 256, Colonis t. 

rNLATSOK St.— 50x120; 56 25; flOO cash. 

balamcp nionthl.v. Wallace A Clarke, 

l;0 Vates at. (69) 

[,A(.)R sale 10 

MADArfB Julian. of London, pupil ot 
Ivor McKnv. tenor. Ttoyal Opora Co.- 
vo-nt Gnrdona. visits puplla for alngitig and 
voire production. ''■ 51. Colonial. 

).-\PER-CI.'TTER (secondhand) wanted; 
musl be In good order. P. O. Bo x fi2. 



CJILASI-UNO. burning and land 
r^ contractor. H. NIchoMs. phono 

one year. Apply 


TANTK.-D to rent, furnished house, suit- 
able .for rooming house; mtist be 
.,.",,,, ,.,d clo— !" P.ox 4ilO. Colonist 


'.VNTED to rent, a ton or twelvo roomed 



,l.\l'Bl«iIENCBI.) maids wanted to 

and suporviso other servants. 

OCSBM.MDfl and general inaitls want- 
0(1: rnffroncea roqulrpd. 

house. In good locality, suitable for 
roomer^. B ox A. Q. P .. Colonist. 

,r ANTED 10 rent from 7th August, un- 
furnlahcd fivn roomed houa'-. modern 
,,n "r near oar line. Oak Bay district pre- 
ferred. Box 404. ColonIsC ^ 


SCRAP Brass, coppor. zinc, lead, cast Iron, 
sacks and all kinds ot bottles and rub- 
ber: highest cash prices paid. Victoria 
Junk Agency. 1620 Store St.; phone 136. 

mO PURCHASE, old mahogany furniture, 
X clocks, 

atamps, etc. 

grandfather clocks, coini 
A. A. Aaronson, SB Johlaon. 

^-ITANTED — A regular supply ot prat-uiaae 
VV ,frosh butter. Apply 5.14 Colonli.'. 


price $1000 
'imiuiro otFre'd Stelner Port Angele. 
I'.S.A.. P. O. Box 71. ' ■ 

acres fine boltoni land in 
X Pom.noB. B. f.. ^ mile fe"* Some- 
noa railroad alatlon and Joining the distrjct 
rond: 1 acre clear, all In fence j 

I;v)R ralo. 7 roomed modern houM on H I 
; mile circle. 1 block from car line: 
price $3,000: »7S0 cash and balance lit pe^ 
month. Including Interest; house rent. low 
$25 per mont h. Box 485, Colonl.t. 

I"~rOR sale — Lot, Vancouver .t. near Nerlh 
^ Ward park. Avp\y. 8. C MlncW.r. 
4 88 John sL ■ 

TT^OR .ale 
er., Box 306 

Block 7. contain. IT lot.. ''^'•> 
low. Beach; adJolnlBff UpUMfc , 


'ANTBD — 4-cyclo niarlno engine, 4 -o 6 
horsoipowpr; price and parllculara. 

A pp I y P. O- B o x 509. 

VV^ANTBP. light buggy or road cart; good 
VV condition, n. B. Butler. Lake Hill. 


erly lady. 

wanted for an eld- 

.TOTICB change ot addre.». 

WfJiNTKD By -1 reliable Amerlonn t«m- 

VV ■ ilv. a chicken farin on leaB<\ ■ft'lth 
oblecl to purchaw-. Apply. A, M. Beatlle. 
108-109 linhaon Blk.. Vanco uver. 

■V^OUNO couplo wishes furnished hou.e- 
X koejilng rooma, close to Fountain, 
Douglas streeL Box 262, Colonist 


.fANTlUD. bakers' 
479, Colonist. 

delivery wagon. Box 


MOVEY to loan on flriii mortgage.^ real 
estate. Apply to Paierson A WHe, 
109 rcmberton buildln«; no agent, neefl ep- 


GREAT bargain— Owner le*vln« e'^'-"* 
$7,000 house on a $8,006 let, »»oJ», '"J 
$5,500; small cash payment and ^•'▼•W 
term, for balance; hotiae lai;?*' !• JJr'?!. 
handsome and commooioua. *' iT^fS^tv 
of thp best residential ■«;••<• '»JS!-#«. 
This Is an absolutely nit P''»«»*°J***2'fc£3! 
InvMtment. a* any one e.n .ee "^ ■«««%* 
Into It, It i« a snap. Inqaire %\ »»fi 
Gladst one ave . 

SrDON Head-.l«-% "^^^lu^^S 
Head rd., all under cit<gT»Mipf, . ifW i 

acre. • fenced for J''**'''LS"I"»* JS2S1 
.table, i chicken hou.W (W« irtg*i 
this is ce?talnlr f ^•J'^fy'" •JLH'l 
■w«»tern L*ndm I.J«i««il, cgn tt fT 

Ve^- r w ' .'■'!,' .J "1l*'tf|l' 

GOOD hlgih. dry J«*i "'"*" 

one minut. trwii 
Hplandld iBcmMty ITM. 
Princtn »v«im> 

17 i- 

TuMday. Auguit 8, 1911 


btrlou block. 

TTrTTTKr"*.!!. -I have the bP»i hotol tile 

rquare, with UcenB*. clo.e to city 6«U. Box 

i.'S, L'oivnl*'- -• - - 

T"oVEI.V miU^ lottatfi- In Kalrfleia, on 

K„d 1.U'; 1"' J"*'^"v„'^,""-;ai* ,.xclu.lve•.>• 
^:.'"' A '"ir ••(nv"Val<l. rUl cHtau.. corner 

foi-l anil Blaucliard «tt- 

r~;'Hoi"l^u~T;^n'"Hmi;cl« avri.ue for sale. 
1/uwnor win build l,.ur room .oUasc- to 
,ult ru«l.onuT . Box 525 ( olonlal- , 

1/ (;rand Trunk I-aclflc lown.llt' roflfld. 

Alhfrla. Bni 51 1> . I'oU'nIit. — 

T OVEt-V JMUOB Bay homo for sale, "'1"^; 
L" ed m price: .500 I need the monej 
and Ibo first .<»" K' 1 . Ihl. »nai). 1 Mono ui 

R133 and iglk It over. .. , .- 

KTiFfr^K to real eatala "B'"''—^'*"'''': 

^ ^■f^^v?. ^a^^'^':^^- ^" --^S'vf^f- o" 
;i!:;u"r' nd^l^wL. .V. kjjown^a. 

"FruH'l»nd». — .11 . J^. ue'y »"" '■ , 

XTEW 5 -roomed bungalow for «a-le: all 

Keal Eitttt» Company 

l-hone ITS. 
7 1 S 1' ort 9t. 


Keal Eatttt* Companv 

t »t. 

"VOAV 18 the tune to build. 

Il.,~ rAKH-Uake Vl«w rd.. U mlnut«. 

$\20 from UoUKle. ^■'"•'- '"«",!" 'a ".^ 
"i4- fine .Ito for bouae; oulllclf ilt> laxe.. 
inab at t7&0. 

S3i,)t) field rd, .ar '.Ir^e (2 mJnute.K 

,1,,,. humealto; f;"*'r"f:;h' S350. and 
m-wera K" n« l»; price J850. i.aan *^ 
term.* worth «1 .0U0: onl y oj.e l«ft. 


•^•r',x?"i^bri2n^^;-^''" --"'•- 

$li)0 ;V,:i' e 10. in.ld. >Hy llml;. and 
ju.l use mlnulea «alk Mom car line In Oak 

Bay. ._ 

A FEW cheap hulldlne '"''T^^^V^ uli' 
A large lot. »1.125; '»'? "^/^•..^ ^'^n' Jve 
J950 Burlelth. 50xU'0. %K»^U: •' ..^"^^..S ' 
»1 000. Cowlc;,an at.. clo»f to .ui. ."■.«■ 



tZO Brouihtou St. 

Phone SriOH 


<A. t«f lh<!- fthov.- can be bou«hi 

I <i»> 

«Ii»riWk C.V.^H— B.-autltul lurKi- lot, «'ih 
5^0U n.w bungalow. •• /»'""''• ^^..^u?,"; 
Uh dose to end of Douglas «t. cai 
fine view.; t500 ca.h will h andl... 

{15 per month, loi» "• 

^.kdKle; J300 to >*"« .^^f," ,Xs 
ute. DoUKla. .■«;■;; no taxe., building 
"ois grawy land; .^.0x110. 

$100 ^'i.r' 


1222 .Broad St. .Victoria, B. C. 

C»TEEUE St.— Two fin 
I960 taol, 


lol«. ("1 


Price »450. balance »1* 
-rt CASH— Gtrrtyn City lots, next to the 


\tO 1 town.lte Fort G«°''K«„^°- i° '""t/ 
]> le?; ^«e 251x125; price V'^ ^^f^' .oil 
^„„,;V 1012 Rlchardaon St.; mu« .oil 
out. lea ving city. 

ilR ad. on page U »• ^"T'^, J""""*- 
Heath & Chancy. Sayward blocK. 

r\AK Bay—For .ale, splondld "•*,"'""' 

O roomed 1% -torey t-""'"'"* = '^''J^J^d 
l„g .and dlnln« '•^o'"*. patjc led and beamea^ 
n'e bathroom, .eparate toilet., all nt;^;_8_ 
,hp bent; fine furnace; lot •0*'i*«' o-"; ■;_,, 
.0 rock on one of the ""V "}?'l„ni for 
Jiimr ifia- 4 minutes from car. mini ■"' 

and Bur dick Bro.. 

^>.V A.,p_De»n Height., 100x120; $1,360; 
{??• • e..v te!^.. Oroen & BurdUJ^Jlro^ 

dPi /\A EACH— 2 lot., clo.e to 
SiUU Town.htp of Albernl; 
U,,g ,„. market; lightly timbered. 

dJ.1 na CASH-bot in A.gulth .1.. ""\"',; 
^100 ner of Haultnln, 5 .nl.iutcs from 
Spring Rldse c»r. 
a month. 

?tf ^U'"S^are'rT^nfaKr%Per;"cSn 
rSn^b or "untr y re.ldence . He.. 

HOME on Niagara .t. carllne '^'"»" '° 
° Beacon hill; y'r,7.l\T-''om*^.0^^'' 
1 ,i<-ip ilffht etc 1 lot boxno, onijr » • 
cLVh »l,400 win iecure this, balano. on mar/- 
gage ul 6 per cent^ 

STOHB Bite— Corner Howe »t. and Ma>', 
^Falnfl'ul; bargain at $1,550: one-.;hlrd 
ca.h balance 6. 12 and 18 m onth.. 
-XT AY St.. clo.0 to Cook; 40x135; only $950; 
JjX quarter c a»h and term .. 

EOINA Ave.— Beautiful lot, 50x110; ca.h 
$125 handle, this. ^ 




ONEY Maker.- 

^EV-EN roomed model'h^llOU.t-. U^-^,'""--: 
K_> .t.. Jameo B»* . °~--" . v-,.ar« at S 
U-r^""cinrTnt2J"e.t'"^ wt.."Vn^ U'^." I^cl.. 

corn<;r Broad and Vl'^w. ^ . 

C3'NAPa--CJiolce building lot In Jame. Bay^ 
fe on superior ^reet car m^-^^r,* J^^"*^ 
from Government Building.. $1.800. .^PP'y 
r. O . Box 716. Vlct.irla. 

>» low on Arcadia st. on 1°'-. ^"^^.^"I'^i^^r 
\ppU- corner of Arcadia and Cralgflower, 

— — $1,100 for two. Four 

-n^OUR lot., Shelbourne .t , $400 '»'^h- ""^^ 
1^ 120. TWO lo... double -,rner,^ llauU.ln 

.t..'tST6 ea.h. One 

l w > . A«ton 

S^ TEEUE St.— 
11.850, or $_ 

OLIVER St.— Fine building lot, oOxliO. tor 

TOSEFH SU-Good lot, clo.e to .May .l. and J 
(J car line; $7_50; 

QUADRA St.— Fine level lot, 50x133; prl' ^ 
only $1.'2!'0^_ 

/AHAPMAN St.,— splendid lot. facing souUi; 
\J a .nap for $1,260. 

/>1RAIGF1.C;^VER ,R1.-Near the Gorge: 
Kj well iVulll. on-L- and '™«-"?/j.5o"'° '^ 
hou.e. containi ng 8 rooma. for $4,850. 

/-.HAPMAN St.-«lx room modern hou.e 
Kj and lot. 50x141. for $8,600. ^^ 


Fire In.urance Company 
pOOK St.. corner lot. $2,600; ea.y term* 

r\AK Bay-8t. David St., above Saratoga: ] 
Kj two lot.. $1,000 each. 


Phone a»8» victoria. B. C. 

'" ^'.TcouVeT ^V^f?i«-Wlnch ^Building. 

OOKT Hardy-^ltuaied on "'■'dy Bay- 
^ .-or, Hardy, will _l.ethem^tlm^^ 

11,. 1.1- Mil*' atTP. hiKb. 
jrST -" '"7;'f 'uv «',ter. ..werage. 

^-t^f^pr^;^ ^ir^n^:5Jtr^u?o&^:^: ^t^io 

v"*^. '^"-^,"^^^;rn/-nd":u!^" hfr- 
^,m."or^^^-^"^u^.v^^ -r-o^vi^i^r 

;?^„:-;^.urri='--lon:?y wa=h..u..; on 

(UKV terms $6,300^^^ 

■ ; ,,„ve h.mac. and loU \n .Uu.o^, Ha.v 
Uom tl.<i0O up. and fnus . ■ »uli any 

T" ';^ni^t Tolmle n. . ^ - ^_runnln. 

""^"crrFoF VICTORIA 



1ST your proptriy with u.. 


I'eal E.'.atu and Customs B.ok.r. 
. Ill' f-,,vuriimenL St. fhorie 1300 

T^l.AjCICHMJfije.. ?"=«"■ "'»?!1* .•:!'^..^-♦i?l":- 
^^RIOR St.. 60x124. between Bay and HHl- 
i Bide ave.; $H)00- 

r*OWICHAN St.. 0»U Bay: nice lot. with 5 
\J room cotta ge $3.S00. 

GORDON Head-6 acre.. »'' '" «='""^«^"°"- 
ijr with 5-room cottage^ $5,500. 


r»rnNSlUE Rd.— U 1-3 acres, woll Im 
B'-^Hov^; good hou.e -<> -!""','i">J;-' 
^hout one n.lU from new car lln.'. »8"0 P--' 

1A.MES Buy Splendid rcsldei.ce iu J :;.-«» 

J Buy, fully mod<rn 7-roomed lioum , 


/ vKXN \GA.N Farm— 8 7-10 acre* on Eum 
O .Ide o Okanagau lake, 17 mllea fro.u 

\<rnon and Kelouna; l.;;00 •'"»;".> 

h^nu•ic^> row. rc^idy to plant In tall; po- 
, IV V'f fti^>ced. flume, for dUulbuiIng water 

an ndi:-' supply of water 'oj ."^'^ J'^'i'^.'d'i 
price It, 100; onc-lblrd ca.h, baiante i ana - 

WrBST Saanlch'^T^^^l^rrof 1» *"''"J»';;.\: 
VV quarter mile from .ea; price $000 pei 


TAMB8 Bay-Fully. ,..KW»«8|», !g.JS?"*»^ 
»J house, on tiorner lot; pHoe »8.500. on 


17W3UL Bay Rr.- 
. easy terms. 

;orn»r lot,, price Vi6. on 
to — One lot, only 


TtUK Lake— 5 acre., facing the lake. $2,500 

/ VJRDOVA Bay acreage, facing the bay, al 
V.^ $$25 per acre. 

BURN8IDB Rd., oloae 
$1100; ter m.. 
mHB best buys In Victoria— Lot. close to 
i Rockland . v... from $800 and up. 

LIST your properties with us for quick 

I-KM.KIIH are Invlle.l for printing 
an.l binding one hunclre<l coplen -f U,e 
Victoria City As.fessmtni Kon in .!•- 
.orrtance with specifications wUch ca.t 
,„. ohiaiu-a by HPPneall.." to the n- 
derHlKnecl. to whnn, itH tenUefB must 
bo adare.sed not l«txT than 4 p. m. on 
August 10, properly sealo.l and en- 
aursf-d -Tfnder for Printing. 

The lowest or any tend.-r not nec.-s- 
sarily ai'ceiited. 

\V. W. .NOUTllCuirT. 

Purchasing .^ffent. 

City Hall, August -> . ^^'^^- ' 


Paris. Correspondence Invited. 
14-16-18 Bloomsbury Street. London. 


Sealed proposals w.U b« received at 
.1,; ^t>- - ul *V. -.V. r^orthcolt. purchas- 
<„., a-"-nt. Victoria. B. C uniil 4 v- m-- 
Au\u:t -^U lUU. for the f-nlsnmg . 
all materhils. and laylnj;^^c-, in 
cludinE trenching. buckttlUnK, ef.. 

1960 foet-i: f^etxS Im. by 4 ft., rein- 
forced concrete ot brick bt«oi. 

2000 feet— 2 feetx6 In. x a f. 9 !»- 
Inforced concretB or brick sewer. 





-A new. modern California 
t4,500, on ea.y term.. 

r t WW |>> a Xorlhe a. 


n»al K.tote and Insurnnce 
ttC »' '• J. i-.» mi ii. u yaty 

l ^ ln<i^ wiqek. \»f e^ 

T/OUL Bay car line— 1-arge ^ -"'^" 
r beautiful tree., lawn., '.'y- .» 

modern bungalow now being built, 
.omplete $«500 each, on good terma 



•R1>EITH waterfront— We have 4 good 


e«. av<.ra«e .1 

le. 50x250 feet; price 


Steel Bridge, rolumbta Blver, Trall-Su- 

Ibed "Tnnflftr 

4850 feet— 3 ft.x2 in. x 3 fl.31u., 
inforced concrete of brlcl: sewer. 

3500 feet— 24-inch circular ce.nent or 
vetrlfled pipe. 

22.^0 feet— 20 Inch circular conivnt or 
vtjtrlfled pipe. 

' 2950 feet-] 8 Inch circular cement or 
vetrlfled pipe. 

BOO feet— 16 Inch circular cement or 
vetrlfled pipe. 

2250 feet— 15 Inch clrctilar cement or 
vetrlfled pipe. 

2250 feel— 15 inch circular cement or 
vetrlfled pipe. 

lOBO feet— 14 Inoh circular cement or 
vetrlfled pipe. 

lODO feet— 11 Inch circular cement or 

vetrlfled pipe. 

With all necessary manholes, lamp- 
holes, and Including one outfall cham- 
ber and one pumping station. 

The depth of trenches varies from o 
to 23 feet, and amount of excavation la 
approximately Zi.OOO cubic yards. 

Specification and proposal forms may 
be obtained, and plans and profiles may 
be seen at the ofllce of the city engineer, 
__. . _ ^ I ^fte,^ iiilv 22nd. 





peratrncture Metal 

Victoria, B. C, on 

and after July 22na, 

All iw opo sal g ohftU b e m ad o nn thO 

this purpose, and shall be accompanied 
by a certified cheque, for 6 per cent, of 
the amount of the tender. The city 
couhCU reserves the right to reject any 
or all bids. 

(Signed) WM. W. NORTHCOTT, 

Parohasinsr A?ent. 


)<>t (Had. tone ave 
wood rd.. $1,050 earn 
em cottage. Onk 
cash, balance $:.• pei 


Two !')l». 

Bay; price $3,150 


mnd - 


I ngy t#rm». 

OEE our ad. on pa«e 12 for cneap acreage. 

f*l He ath & Chaney. Sayward block. 

^iT-r^^T^TcI^T'Lake-Two-roomed hou.e 
k> _„,i unif acre on the Island laoing 
■?,.aa"oni* hot " $«00:"ea.y terms. Wallace 
nnrl Clnrke. fiSO Tales »t. ^ 

rjyo let. S-room cottage and stable FWtt 
T^ ,«. 5.roam collage Clovcrdale, ne« 


nuncanc V. I. 

„u. of the Llftiia rHH' 

— iclc sa!^. "-bout 
"u'rm'i! iiuarler cash. 

The Oldest Establl.hed ;^.eal Estate Agency 
The Oioesi ix.» j.^j^,g^an District 

Tl^K best buy 1" J'^""^'<»-^:Took Vt' 
L lot on Chapman sL. clo.e to CooK .t. 
ctrllne Beacon hill park; $1,200 for few 
day. Apply H. Cervl. 610 Niagara st. 

mwo lots, Wellington »t.. SO""": °""' 'fl 
I I,ln.len ave.. 50x118, between May and 
Faithful; j^rm.^ 1018 Oovernrtient. 
-I Af\ FRKT Sha-wnlBtan waterfrontage oti 

140 'wo.t arn., 1 'iV^"-U^^, J.|^ /j^-f 
.,.„.., .>r.w,,»f.rt hotel and C. N. Raji^ai- »»"■ 

i o TOi' 5.' W. A. Blake. Phone j^zo^^. 

^, i-zva cash, secures choice t>^ '^o 

''^.Z^ "^alk of_Pn.t^OfC.ce;^.m- 


OBRFBCT1.Y* equipped country house. 



to have roomier or mo 
Blgned housesr an r 
lK->.u....y; balance can go at 
>n,-.y Owner. 1028 SutleJ «l._ 

cntly de.lKued housesr «" /,%7'l'l?"*'„,Ch'. 
pc-tunUy: balance can go at $30 per moi.;n. 

paddocks for three horses ana - - ^ ^ 
Srd, kll^l'"" «»''>?<="^i.jr'uea°'y and advan- 
r^^l ir^hHrace"uona' ev.n io. 
Cowfchan. Re ady for occup ation. 

,„, , ,,. « MvjE-n modern house, with 

W''ev%Vy""up-t*^date convenience, new 
*T every up ^^j^„„g pumping 



.eap wr 

Island, and the term 

way .ystom. we nav.- 

130 lots, at »100,P" '"\' ■.-,u,.re"l. no rea.on 

balance 6 and '^ J"" "y\";/'',,':Hh the arrival 

why the.e lot. .hould '"" ,.^\','J,\*,", value. 

„5bdlvl.lon at $100_P;^ai':^ 

HABDT Bay-10000 acres. °/. .''°"' "Jix! 
In block, ot 640 acre.; $10 per acic. 
good aoirrightl. tunbered; ^t»n per^ -nt. 
'^SZX\i t1.r/or?h'^en*d"l.f%a«couv.r Is- 



XTANAIMO— Farm. 150 acres. $2,000 hou.e; 

JN price $8.00^^^ 

/^-.UKVIAIVUS near— 104 acres, house, barns 
C^^flno harbo°Te.t fishing and .hootmg; 
prlcci- $3,500. • 

-r-TAPVY Vallej — 13 acre.. 10 acre* plough' 

market garden. 

^;:.ui.,'-barL. e tc.; 1140 p er acre. 

LAANICH Inlet-120 acres, nouse. W»5. 

■ t ee 
P. U. 

BOX t21 

Room ». 

i'hone S»C1 ^ 

T-xVAN HelahlB— I ha.e a block of 24 
D '-vITu "a'a-v ^-rd^".:b^"rir'n'o°w- rl^l 
than anyone el.e n i"*"' ' .^,^ profit; 
$100 per quarter. 7 per cenU 

li.S tfi eat ' 


..... nrif.«. 

for th«. 

.N Kates m. — ^Iiim«i"- ,.i,„u, "n 

best snap on the street; positively .0 
rcent. bflow marke^t value. 

lor «ttiiui»»..^o.c — .- 

of Super' 






B. C. Telephone 17«» 


• cl 

i»0 iMM\ nuvg a beautiful site for stores 

?^:^2^L-ytr^??r's^^ f^^^ 

liroad and View St.. 

(I»0 -« r A— For sale new B-room modern 
$3,1-00 cottag... Oscar st., *-*'?» 

I'lndcn nn.l Oook; piped Jor furnace pU,mh- 
iliK wniti- f un-iTicica. -a.. 

iiwner. 540 Niag ara St. ■ 

Four roomed house on SheJ- 

bourne «'>-^«'- L°' <,«.„", r/oO ^ufyo 

Ic Usrht. Price $i.«oo. ♦J"" 

Box 52S Colonist. 

BEAUTIFULLY situated residence, close 
to wharf, with boathouse. 
about 10 acres at land In a ll. 
TMVB acres, close to wharf, nicely altu- 
F ated for camp; excellent water, good 
beach. . 

SEVENTEEN acres. all slashed. lorely 
view, good landing. 
SIX acres, partly Improved, near wharf, 
good beac h; ample wa ter. 
OOU hou»«. nice garden, orchard, about 
twenty acres of land, long lake front- 


.,p ■ 14 mile waterfront; »Ple"*'" 
salmon'fl.hing ^^djrhooUng: Prlce $».500. 
/--4ABRIOLA Island— «ple?)dld farm. 380 
G . acr*J:.aU ol^*d. excellent solU »200 

per acre. 

ORTH 9anntch-13 acres. V»*»*/*;°f: 
highly cultivated; house, barns, etc. 

A GENUINE bargain— Two and 
A quarter aero on Cecilia rd. . 
$4,000: terms. . 

X SPLKNDID lot on Howe St. at »1.8S»; 
jtx. terma ' 

During construction of permanent 
bridge. Cadboro Bay road will be closed 
to traffic, between Foul' Bay road and 
Florence street. R. FOWLER. 

Municipal Engineer. 


price $12,760 


ETGHOaiN— 400 

tlvatlon; $75 per acrs. 

Tj'OIl sale 

roomf. eleotr 

issh. balance very easj*^ 

't:^R .ale. excellent building site. ""l^J- 

F level, rich soil, good oak trees no 
;ook I'.mhroke »t.. close ShakeBprare 
«.1000; quarter cash, balance^ 





ME small lots, of about six acres, 
minutes- drive from Duncana 


71IFTBEN acre 

loU partly cleared, good 

ACRES mostly. In «rchard and aspara- 

P. O. 

12 and 18 
Box 89. Victoria. 

months. Owner. 

excellent buy. gee our ad. on page 

MOR an 

V 12. Hea 

Tj^'OH golf. Ti-room 
phone R:416. 


t.h & Chaney- Sayward block. 
ed cottage on Hulton si. 

guslust'Tomlng into bearing; besu- 

"t^TVE roomed cottBKC on BumsldS rd-. 
F with lot SOxI20ft. This IS on 'he^n««'> 
■L,u nne! with .^ater sewer gas and pav^e- 

"-"V'-.'^"^ '^V^-.- ^«n'u I.lmlted, comer 


tlful land. 

Of\ ACRES, beautiful farm with all necv 
80 essary farm buildings. IS »"?«J" 
orchard the rest In pasture or under cul- 


T Qaumlohan l^ake-Small farm with 

fS^h^n'rrd ?f^1ng-: -^ t°/«ch'a°Si 

acre.. 100 acres In cul- 

•r acra. 

r^HFEP ranch on coast. 1.850 acres crown 
S" gfant 1 S06 Sheep: $H per acre. Includ- 

house. 10 acres cleared; 

acre* cleared; 


Ing shcop. 

ISLAND S« acres, 
$5,000. • ■_______ 

ALBKRNI — IfiO acre, 
good land : $3.800 . 

8HAWNIGAN Lake— 10 acres, waterfront. 
with hous e; only $2.50 0-'. 
T-TTit Kis<*ON rd. Victoria— 5 acres, house. 
W ^.^ a it ^res -n cultivation, balance 


etc.. va 



liroBd and View. 

l>OR .ale one lot on Third »t.; 
t: tfrms; gtre.n paved; vV 111 

■■>r. Bn>; 173. Colonist 

$600; easy 
owe Beaiih 

5 and B 
t ; nei 

-/-»r)R Bftle two n»'W bungalows. 
i^''^::!:,: best par, Victoria West: near 
,..,- and school; easy terms. D. R. Alcorn, 

mk Bay; phone \1 .14. . 

T-6T~"ot-:A— Uouhle. frontage, grassy lot, 

$1 ,250 .lugt out.ld.: half-mlh- circle 

I V.„r Vorth Ward park; very eftWt terms 


main Happy 


Phone F :fi«0 Letters: Langford nlatlon 1 .0. 

rpKN acre, on Coldstream rd. ; very light 
T clearing; three mlnuuto, CoJ^wood .ta- 
Ifon and .tore; ? 2 2J ,per_acre . t — 

rnKN 8or.-g. good bottom latid ,.-,,„„ 
I Vnllev road; 5 minutes C. N. R. Jtaiion, 
v o and 'rh'ol; h»ir-nore pr 7.c hearing 
ilrie tree.- J2:'5 P^t <^"<-- "»'' <'""''• ***' 
"cVl'^.Vng la^d. .cnhlW_»l!? P" '^-■ 
rnwo and a Imif acre.. Colwood -'';■•• 
T lovely home glte; "ght cleat; Ins ♦.i.O 
l^^er acre; half cash, balance to .ult. this I. 
a .nap. ^ 



CJiaictia st.— *<>**»«■. »1.«00. terms. 
TTlMPUEaS Ave: »l,300. 
/ tAHI.lN St.— $400. 

Hr»,i.r..AND ave.. Victoria — o •>-• 

ll'iV. b'i?aTcV r '%rV p^r '^ent. 
x>iAMVPON Lake— 80 acrt. about 35 acre* 
ope??.rndV Cloae to railway station; price 
$3S per acre. __________ 

WE want farm lands for our Vancouver 
office; sen d full partlcu larg. 
^^.^.— ~, -.r»< r,f HtMit St. — 4 lots, each 
C^t2.lB0:"ea;y Verm, of payment: also 
lot on Linden avenue. $J100. 

Notice is hereby given that the Ca.n- 
eron l-ake l..umber Company Llmlled, 
having its registered office in the City 
of Victoria. British Columbia, is apply- 
ing to His Excellency the Governor- 
General of Canada-ln-CouncU for ap- 
proval of the area plans, site and de- 
scription of works proposed to »>« con- 
structed m that part of the ^•^ters of 
Victoria Harbor known a« beiKirK 
Waters, between Point BUice Bridge 
and Halkett Island, being on lands situ- 
ate, lying and being in the City of Vic- 
toria. British Columbia .and known and 
described as I^t D. Garbally Estate, 
and has deposited the area and site 
plans of the proposed works and a. d*- 
Bcrlption thereof with the MlnlstW 0* 
Public Works at Ottawa, and a dupli- 
cate thereof with the Registrar Gen- 
eral of Titles in th« Land Registry 
Office in the City of Victoria, British 
Columbia, and that the matter of said 
application will be proceeded with at 
the expiration of one month from the 
time of the first publiuaUoa of th.= 
Notice In the Canada Gazette. 
Per I). O. Cameron. Secy, 
nater this fifth day of August. Orte 
thousand nine hundred and eleven, 

HOTiCB or EXEcuTOBa TO rxiis 


....... ^ ^ \cn7 a ati\ 

^Jt. O, JD. V». «»• ""••» — — -» 

IN THE M.^TTER of the estate of 
Thomas Dixon Galpln. late of No. 1 
palace Houses. Kensington Gardens. 
In the County of London. Bnglam-, 

Deceased. ,, „- 

NOTICE is hereby given that all per- 
.on- having any Claims or demands 
8Eain»»t the late Thomas Dixon Galpln. 
who died on or about the twenty-nfth 
day of April. 1910. at his aforesaid 
place of residence, are required to send 
bv post prepaid, or to deliver to^ the 
undersigned Solicitor herein ior^^""' 
dore Albert Mitchell. Sidney Clement 
Galpln and Joseph Eaton Fanlng. of 
London. England. Executor.s and Trus- 
tees under the will of the stld Thomas 
Dixon Galpln, their names and addresses 
and full particulars in writing of the.r 
clalmrs. and statements of their ac- 
counts, and the nature of the wecurl- 
tles. if any, held by them. 

AND TAKE NOTICE that after the 
.A.ugiiBt, 1911. the said 

lor «ttllu. »»...— --—- - Trail B C." Will 

rric^rveT^s^ ^'^Bz:^r thi 
rr.rday-onu"gyt? ^ f iri-^j^.: 
rc."t-h,nr."^uU.t^c^u^3 ^ — 

over the Columbia river, at Trail. 

•"'*^T;nder^''can"br;:e';n rtr'offfc"ei 
r"?he°'orermer l^enu at Ko.slana 
Nel.on, New Westmln.ler E. M^B-Mae 
v»n Road Superintendent. »» .„!J 


?or the sum of twenty-live dollar. ($25.) 
Bach tender mu.t be a"°«Pf"''* ^l ^l 

J- -r, TViB cheques or certificates oi uo 
do so. The <:n ^^,^1 tenderer, will be ro- 

rjl'^^'^oZlVur^iron Tl^-executlon of the 
''°ThT^.ucce».ful tenderer shall furnish a 

-" >"in^?er"oriSc^''"^^o"Kn'r'?^ 

i°m*o' fl^itousand dollar. ($6;O0C, tor the 
due fulfillment ot the contract. 

j!rz r\hr\o?:ts-".u'p^;nei rn" 

;::i"h thf act"ual signature of _. he _ tenderer. 


accepted. ^ ^ OltlFFlTM. 

Public Works Engineer 

. „f Public Works. Victoria. 
Department ot Puoiio «ui».o. 

B, C. l»th July. 1911. 



NOTICE is hereby glveii that the 

,..-,»rv,. existlnc over certain lands 
J^^r;e'^^^Coaft District notice 

which bearing date c£ Ju y ii. 

were published 

In the fl^V"'' ^6 ii,oS, and December 
\T"TaOS reipcclively. is cariccllea in 
l^'.*^"*' .\,»\..«mf, relates 10 lands sur- 


Address H. 13. Uale, Milne's 
"t 22 miles from VIctorlaJ. B. C, 


Vljpwr'TA t.— 3 new subdivided geoUoBf o> 

M*' $50 . "$10 0. $ 260 p er acre. 
XOOKB river and harbor— 1 to 

hlockB on or very clo.e to the water; 
■ harming bulJdlng .He., from $200 per acre, 


KoodTand, on good <•"«<»»■, "S/'lTa^r'eV 
1 and church; cut Into 6 and 10 acres. 



TWP' "jOWir ' BROK ER\£eS_ 

JOO acre 

s ot good land for »M> per 

rri\ to so 
«Jv/ acre 

iV.rOTOR stage dally, 8:30 a. r". f^<"" ^''^' 
M HOBS'. Al.o stages Tue... Ihur., tat.. 


remov?:d to 


tenth day of 
Executors and Trustees will proceed to 
distribute the assets ot the lalO deceas- 
ed among the persons entitled thereto, 
havlns ■egard only to the claims of 
which thry shall then have had notice, 
and that the said Kxecutors and Trus- 
tees will not be liable tor Iho s-ld is- 
scts. or any part thereof, to any per- 
sons of whose claim they shall not 
then have received notice. 

DATED at the City of Victoria, the 
fourth day of July. A. D. 1911. 



Deinily Minister or Eauus. 
Department of Eands. Victoria, 
June 16. 1911. 

CA,»Oi:i.I.A«OW or BESEBVE ^^ 

Solicitor for the ? 

Biil Kxecutors and 

Trustees. Ofnccs: Davie Chambers. 64B 
Bastion street. Victoria, B. C. 


Trnll — fliib- 


able to make .your bH '' 
the B».'W^T- \^'»rk 


B4«e1 Bridge 

(ler for 

from I'lxl 

J0-: PembeJton Block, Victorta B C. 
..,^^„„* 1094 i . \J- *^ 

eAmt haur. 


|.->OR a few days we can 

offer a siilenrtld 

r hotel' »Ue, being a doxibl 

corner on 

il%» new Hudson's 

xi:0 ft. 

i-iion.nni.i »... •■••- o-- , ,0 ft ■ price I. »■•>!>" 

Hnv «lor>. «lte; »Ue .s..xi.ii ''■•/" ,,.rv rea 

p"r" front fool on HUnrhard at. \ «ry rea 

front f"f> 
Koiiahle term. 


uan be arranged. 

Brouithlon .t. near , B'»"<''2»^^,„"f[ 
$''5 v'*"!" month; lot ;i()M.." n 

front foot; ^'^'■^' 

l)re(ient reventie 
price Is t^i'C per 
terniB arranged. 


\\rK have a -nlent for an Alberta farm. 
VV Let UK know what you have. 



207 Pemberton Building 

muv king of .nap.— Vate. »t. above Cook 
T St -lot SOxiair. 8-roomed house. 


foIumblH River. 

M-r,.."tu7e' and Erection ''=■'>'''■-';"'•< 'l!:- 

SI- A 1 WD TF.NDEHS, superacrlbed len- 

^'■^'■'subBtructure and Kroct'on of ^^■ 

Uridge at Trail, ». • ■. ^"' 

; .<.-.H hv the Hon. the Minister of 

p^l,,,. work. UP ... ..oon ^^/J^- ->^;,;J;: 

3lBt dnv of '^"^"^/' .,i.,n' of Buporslructurc 

;r"rr>"ue "over" the Columbia river at 

Trail. B. C. ,,i„,..ionii ronfrn.''^. .■>"'! 

OrawlngB. -.'-y^";,';^;;^ To,, of,„-e, 
\>;enl8 at Kossland, 

fnrnnniHiit K'llldlngs, Victoria. 
'"' emlerers can. by applying o 

obtain one copy of the 

you will b 
and save money on 

«.blcl> tender, are now being .■■"^"^ U v'.u 
will C-t y""r quotations on 
from the Dominion (Hazed 
CO LMl.. y-'r. Dnn.lnlon Tru*. Building. 
\'aticcHi\ er. H. ' '• „___» 

concrete piii.- 
t'ement I'll>e 


iV 23, 24, ~o, -6. ;'. 

■ -fownshlp 19. Hange C, 

Coast Dis- 

f.irms or teniler 

of the fJovernment 


8t the office 

Real E.tate and Klnatu-liil AK^^n^f 
110 Pemberton IJulldlng 


In.urBTice and •'""'"];"'?"* 

, , «""'• '^"'^ ^ "'"^^"^C-lctorla B. C. 

1205 Langley St. 


001>ST0CK St., between t-ook and Cam- 

Is worth the price. ^ 

best buy In Jame. Bay— Hou.e on 

sfagaraVt. corner, clo.e In; « ro.,ms. 

nllh wB.htubB and toiiev, 

term.; !ol 



:;r;?'a. 'U- PrUo; $3,70n, ea.y 

tize i;3xi:o. 


ridge; fine , dry lot, $2 ,100. 
rp'onONTO and Powell :Sl.^---N>w 
i hou.e. fully moder n; $. .00<). 


InlendhiK t 
.!,» undet-.-^lniied 

drawing, and -^^-^. -e'd^imi^ < ^^.b!; 

if 1 V 

l-!ionc 2801 

IOT on Arnold ave., cl.>«e to beach; 1 i-i 
J block, from car; a beautiful lot tor 
JSnO; $100 c«.h_«l ll handle t hl.. 
-V"'KW inodern 5-rnomed bungalow on .\.- 
JN gulth: lot r.0xll0: only SI.TiO; $700 
, :„h. bal.ncf $15 pet inonth: a bargain. 
Lim-VF^ roomed modern buniralow on J>«H*ji 
b ave.. overlooking the .iralls; ld«?' 1^" 
rlii-rx^ large attlr. lot :„.Mo(.: prKe $..,000. 
on.--flfth cash. ^l^':'f:'„"» '"''"'- 
x^PW 7-roomed modern bungalow on Dcn- 
.^ ' man .i.. «heri 'll'l""-;;' , .'""" , '■,'!,':,• 
price $:.i'00; $500 ca.h, b«„u,< - I -< v<; 

month. • 

OT on Kmpro.. sve.. r.0xi:4. a Kr. «t b.ty 
SI $1,300; ew.y term.. 
-VTB-^ ((-roomed modern hou.e, one-half 

iN M '■ - "" 

l.hed jvlin ■^>Vf^;^*.^,r":..;;T,■■ open ..air.; yard 

.•xrcpttonal 'p«r- 
i-nn.; see thl. If j 


iterfront— House and big 

■«r'iRt>OV\ Bay wat 

'"^ lot fi0x200; hou... modern. « room, 
only ti.ivO: SL^^O ca.h balance to .uH . 

]ier cent. 

..Hou.e and lot 42x150; 

lORl.OVA Bny 

( '^u.. -tro-m. large verandah aero., 
^e frnrpr.-^.V500r$B00 oaah. balance 

to .u 

LI.NDRN ave 




OSS St., 

Bay lot., 
$1,550 for two 

and Dalla. lid.— i.'orner 

clo"irTrM^7;"fln» lot. $1,150 

wlTh water and B^wer. 

tORNEH May and Hotx. St.; ^-"^ bt^Blnes. 

Vv' corner 

filled In. 

ready to build on; 


J5 acre, all cleared 
under cuUlvallon: oni.v 

to corner or 
TOO; $100 cash. 


c:;-p.Ton"V';or'b*t'i''^v.'tl. open ...air.;, yard 
all grsded; stone fence; an ^ 
Oin' ^ $4.10«. very es.y -er 
■■ . .n ;><as home. 

voo want 

ideal home 


to .ult. 7 per c 

T> r\/j y H f ft d rd 
and fenced. 
$750 p.r acre; ^^y__^_^^'j . ^ 
T^IN-E lot in Oak nay. "lo.e to lUiinp.hlre 
Frd price $70U. $200 caBh. balance 8 
«m1 12 month.. V_pcr_cent__ 

, ,,T on Hosebery .t.. next 

jj r.imonto rd.; only $ 

balance any wny. .„_. 

T-iCX-K Bnv corner, only one '^'"'•''^ ''"•" 

IV Hr.l.lde; to, -- .;°,;'"pvu-e-, Vor quick 

;,r "r^"o'' .--•' '•''^- ^"^"'•'- "■•"' - 

double the prlce.___ 

T,OCK n,iv f^nc large rorner lot. with 2 
K Ud hou..«. nose to n^y ... f^lxl^^ 
110.500; iriw.fl^ tertTi«^_ 

Rork Ray. lh» rom- 
a very 


Mahon Block. Government 
I'hone 1092 


accepted hank ch;nue or ^^^j^^^^^X 

"■■'"".r to 'the Hon 'he of Public 
pnyable to the H""- ,^,,,,^^ „„„|| 

^VorkB for the Z p.rtv..^end«,lnK MecUne 

'■"ThT'.urceB.fnl tenderer shall furnlBh a 
The ;"^' '?*'"' ,pp Company satl.ofoctory 
^"' h^ snnl ."r of Publb- Work, l.i the 
sum of ne thousand dollar. < $5,000) for 
'he due fuinilmen. nf the contract. 

Tender, will not bo out on the forn.. 


In the K-tate of Henry Westhorpe 
OaUum, Deosased. 

All persons having claims apaln.-it 
the deceased are requested to send par- 
tlculars thereof, duly verified to the 
undersigned on or before the 1st day of 

v.ciisl 1911. ^^^^^ "^'^^^"^ '^^^^ ^^^ 
executors ^-iU proceed to distribute the 
assets of the deceased among the per- 
sons entltliJ Iherelo having regard only 
to the claims or which ihev thsr. hsvs 

' Dated the 26th rtny nf .lune. 19)1. 



nepiitv Minister ot UmUa. 
department of Vf"^^- Victoria. 
June 16. 1911. 


Public kiohwats 

fisqulmalt Dlst.rtot. 

To All Whom It May Concern 
" been lound IhAt 



onsldered unl'-sB 

.iippllcd, signed 


CamoBUn .t.. on 

L i.IX-Pf'OM bungalow on 

S r.'i'-.lted lot: !3.700; terms. $400 cash. 

fur-.lred lilt: 
balani'' arranged 


y>«FiHtf;E Bt. (-lo.e to .ea and R'-acon 
G^ cl, and school; 40x100; $750: corner 


80x120. finely located 

'■'^'"'^^ "'■"!;;:;ent-^.u..; $i;^50; cash 


"^,:";r:rt '; a tended nm neceB,ar,ly 

.7. E. ORirFTTIl. 
Public 'Work. Eniflneer.^ 
f Public vS or'Rs. ■>'i.;t>.i!ft 

ir NOTICE Is hereby given 

''der the authority contained In 

ni of the Land Act, a rvguia- 

aa approved by the Lieutenant- 

in Council lixing the minimum 

of first and second class 


near Ooveri 


KPJKP your eye on 
Ing indu.trlal centre; «" h*^» 
large ll«ln« ot Kock Bay propertj. 


Pooket— Do you know the 
Northern l-nln. are to i-ur. 
\etlve ronirtructlon of I be 
1 cm making 

Ibrotigh Sooke? 

?']:^J^.\:,r':i ZXXrZ>rn.., an.,_ ,,^e 

exclu.lve and best listing.. 

Office and r* 
T. M%rgl»>.'i on the 

,.»,..,....-■-"- , — M%rg»>."i on in» 

pre..nt.tlve <M^ J^d-. Hotel. No Uouble 

ground, next »'o«iorii " , , , 

• to show you round hhe district. 

B. C, leth July. 19'^- — 

Births, Marriages, Deaths 


Tf)WN8ENO-BOOTH-At St^ Pa"l> 

Ksniiidi-.>t, on SaturdHV. Aug. 

,s , )'.<'iKh Allen, Mr. 

Townsend to Mls?i 

j«..,. Booth. The "^'f'"''^"''' „';:;,: 

Miss May Turner nnd Ml.s Ethel 
Webb, and Mr. Jack Milton acted as 
ty^ttt man. 

that, under 

?a.'.ds''ar»l« and »5 per a^re re-pec 

^^t'Jus regulsllon further provided that 
. Jfie«. ft.>wed therein should apply lo 
the P"=«V tl> respect to which the ap- 
'" . - were jiven favor- 


._ a.i^mtjif'fi to cluiio or P— r- 

^^^^cTsl" treTt^'rmentioned iugh- 

^^'^•.%.V"»'t^'herel>y'«Ken that the width 
ot'the lollowlnK dcscrlhea '>.«.. ..o.^- - 
"fxty-six feet throughout n..u,ely.- 
Old Esqutmalt »oaa 
. „ .. ... ktu uiiici».'o With the 
Commencing at Us ju" ■-•• 
tern taouiidiuy ot the cuy ot v jo 
i thence runnlnjr >catorly to tne 
;t'l lj<w"kyard and has log a width of 
-thirty- nrefe feet ott ;cacU side ot tue 
centre line ot the said road, 
cent.e nn^^^ s.^ulmalt »oad 

Commencing at its Junction with 
the r.estern boundary of the City of 


PUBLIC NOTICE! Is her^ftby «lven 
that the Corporation of the City of 
Victoria has deposited with the ailnis- 
ter of Public Worlcs ot Canada a plan 
and description of certain properties 
which' the Corporation proposes after 
the esplratlon of thirty (80) day.s from 
the date of the first publication of this 
notice in the Canada Gazette, to make 
application to purchase, binder the pro- 
visions of Section 34 of the Bxpropna- 
tloii Act ot Canatla. and has deposited 
a duplicate of the said plan and aes- 
criptlon m the olJflce of the lieglstrar 
General ot Titles for Victoria district. 
Tho lands for -which such application 
to purchase will be made are describ- 
ed as follows: 

All and singular that certain parcel 
or tract of tide lands situa-te, lying and 
being composed o£ a portion of The 
Arm. Victoria Harbor, known as The 
Creek and which may be more particu- 
larly described as follows, thai is lo 


Commencing at a point on the wester- 
ly limit of Bridge Street in the City of 
Victoria, and i'rovlnce of British Co- 
lumbia, distant one hundred and seven- 
teen 1117) feet from its Inter.secilon 
with the northerly limit of David Street. 
tlie said point being at high wuter 
mark, thence north thirteen degrees 
a.-.d fceventeen minutes (N IS" 17' W) 
West ninety-one and one-half t91Mi) 
feet, thence north forty-eight degrees 
and forty-two minutes liast CN iS" 42' 
E) forty-three and nine-tenths feet 
tl3 9) thence north one hundred and 
five (105) feet; thence north tour de- 
grees and two mlnutea west (N 4" 02' 
\V) seventy-one and two-tenths (71.2) 

leet; luem^o *.«»*'- 

fifty-nine minutes east (N 19° 59 H.) 
thirty-four and three-tenths feet (34.3). 
thence north ten degrees and fifty-five 
minutes west (N 10° 55' W) fifty-eight 
(5S) feet- thence north thirty-four min- 
utes west (N 0° 34' W) one hundred 
n„0) feet; thence south fifty-five do- 
grces and tweniy-slx minutes west 
(S 5')° 26' W) nfty-four and six-tenths 
(54 6) feet thence south twenty-two de- 
and thirty minutes west (S 22* 
\V) seventy-five aii.l eight-tenths 
feet; thence south five degrees 
Inutrs east (S 5° o:r E) 
thirty-four and two-tenths t.14.2) feci; 
llu-nce south sixteen degrees and thirty ' 
,„lnutes west (S 16' 30' W) twenty- 
eight and two-tenths (2S.2) feet; thence 
south thirty-three degrees and thirty- 
two minutes west (B 33' 32' W). fifty- 
one and «lx-lcnth» (51-6) feet; thence 
south forty-one degrees and four min- 
utes west (a 41° 04- W) forty-six and 
four-tenths (4G.4) feet; thence ^'ouch 
thirty-seven degrees and four minutes 
west (S 37° 04' AV) sixty-one and four- 
tenlhs (61.4) feet; thence .south forty 
degrees and forty-four minutes^ _ea9t 

(.S 40° 44' 1'.) 




and three ml 



two hundred and fifty- 
seven feet (2r.7) more or less to the 
point of commencement, the sartie con- 
Lining ninety-eight one hundredths 
( 9S-100) acres more or less. 
Dated June :*Oth, A, D. 19' 1; 

City solicitor's Ofllce, City Solicitor. 
City Hall, Victoria. 

B. C. 



ill laiitli 

*' .on to purchase were ffiven favo 
j^ilcatloii to p ^,^^ ^^^^ , 

*^'« r;;r,«t%n"uame.y. April 3. mi.. 
^''iTwrther notice Is now given ii.ati 
. . of a regulation apprv.vcJ by tl 
r\'"^l^tenant-Gov«rnor-ln-Councll ou the 
Lieutenant u ^^^ ^^^^^ ^^^^ regulallon 

V'Vl, the /rd April. IMU. be held not 



B. by the Hev. 

George Arthur 

""ir,irther notice Is now given ii.atoy 
. . of a regulation apprv.vcJ by the 

virtue 01 •'.''=■" ,„ /^„,,r...ll n.. to.. 


"*^''«,ic to' applications to purchase 
i„ »Pl' . '"^,._ kands which weie re- 
vjcant ^ o"^ AMlstant Commis-loner* 
•^•"t'^ndH on or before the said April 
0^^';"'^,'^ "ind with res?*ct to which 
','■'*• .1*, iVred of fifty cents per 
iS.e »*^'"riln r^ejved by said Cvuiinia- 

Jfo'ner. «n^" ^^^"'^ *»»* "•»'» -*«»'" '"*' 

»»^^- ROBT. A. RENWICK. 

Deputy Mlnlater of Landa. 

^^;Sp£Var?«ul of MM,. »•»». 

QUlmalt rioad. 

AAnlral Stoad 
Commencing at Its connection 
the Ksuulmalt Koad tn suburban Lot .13. 
ence running northerly to the t,ralg- 
lower Head and having a width of 
tblrty-thrt-e feel on each side of th« 
ce..t.e line of the »atd Admiral's Koad. 
Minister ot Public Worka 
Deoartment of Public Works. 
Victoria. B. C. uth Aarll. i»ll. 



xaott's ••loom Umbm tMA rtuifV' 

477ft. frontage on Queen's *^««u« 

l«4ff, frontaite on Chmmtttrt* *tr«»» 

VllM fMtOQO 

Terma, IS.OOO ca.<n, balftiwe. «*6« *!»« VV 

rwro at « p«r «2S' 
Applr to owwrwv^ 

"'";'; r'Tife'^name of applicant: 

^•rbi 'i^he'^nime'^ot atrewm Jmmn 
Creek at north end of t^,»; •»!*'• , 

"Vi, Th. qo.»titr Ot 'SSL,'"''' 

Jiny-s «or«rtM»r« oppo«lt« 

'K".t ^^rittfSH 

> • ^ 


Tu«aday. August 8, 1*11 


Second Week, 

Our Win 

Remarkable Bargains inBe^oom 


A Che ice^lectioi^^ 

nKnjrds, at Greatly Reduc edJPrices 

HandTon '/Buffet, in solid quarter cut oak, in exceptionally neat 
Wn Top measures 48x22 in. Body has plam ends and 
irmow nod. on handsomely carved claw feet Has i^large Imen 

dr-aTe'^d 2 small f-wJ-' ^-^^ -th'T^tTis a%t'u?ifX 
aratcd iV handsomely carved panel. The back ib a Deautnui y 
Xt^^n.ror^ln,y4^.^ii^ beveled edges, m^agy 

Sid:£S /^Hh- .i??:^!.'t^:'^Men-fh;ish:- Made'^f ..U 
tease :cd quarter cut nak. Has 2 small cutlery f awer^' ^vi^^ 
•erpe- line' fronts, i large linen drawer straight front, 
large Vith doors overlaid with carving Top mea5- 
ureT V h X 48in. The back is 4oin. high, is richly carved and 
cirri./ large shelf and 2 brackets, supported by Pillars also 

beve e ' "'i"«^ '^ ^ ^7in- Special Sale Price • • .$18.75 

K. ffet n /led oak. Hddy measures 48 x IQ over the t o p and 
— DU"vt . \u 1 _'.i. — , 1 ^ r i f^»rp r — t ttmall d r awer s 

Dining Tables at Pricesjhat: Should Interest You 

Has panel ends, i large drawer, s small drar 

Solid Oak Table, size 40, x 40. When closed 
will extend to 6ft. Has strong frame and 
5 square legs with shaped bottom. Spec'^1- 
each 5|>1U.JU 

Surface Oak Table, with round top, 441"- i" 
diameter. Has strong frame, square pedes- 
tal, with 4 neatly shaped feet. AV'"^Pe" 
to 8 feet. Special Sale Price . . . . ^$16.75 

Extending Dining Table, with round top 44in. 
in diameter. Will extend to 8 feet. Made 
of solid quarter cut oak. Has square pcd- 
e«;tal. ornamented with rich carving, neat 
claw feet, golden finish, well seasoned and 
substantial. Special Sale Price. .. .929.75 

Round Dining Table, made of handsome quar- 
ter cut oak, has round top 44in. in diameter. 

—. : in — r •■■ ! t j ■*■ _ — 1^- — ..■^ ■ f.,^^ ! — 7t*i — r- 

will extend to 8 ieet. It is mourned on j, 
plain turned legs, finishing in a neat fluted 
bulb, is finished in golden color, and has 
strong steel cagtors. Sale Price. .$24.75 

Solid Oak Dinii% Tabled Size 44 x 44 ^«*»^;i' '' 
closcil Will open to (I feet. Made of solid 
,|„arUM oil .,ak. Has v«y Strong t> am e^ 

Special Sale Price .. •».•.. $1».75 

Dining Table. Has square top, size 48m. x 48- 

<" in., with round corners. This table has a 

strong, neat, plain frame, and handsomely 

carved and cabriole shaped legs. Finished 

golden color. This is a specially g'^od vakie 

at ?15.«U 

Dining Tables in golden oak. with square 
I tops, made of good, well-seasoned oak. 1 his 
top measures 44x44 inches, and wm ex- 
tend to 8 feet. The legs are very substan- 
tial, and are beautifully carved and flutecK 

A bargain at • •, .?16.»« 

Extension Dining Table, with round top and 

double pedestal frame. The top is 44 

— inches in diam e ter and extends to 8 feet, 

Morris Chairs and Upholster e£|t^ 
. . tare, in a Great Variety 

Morris Chair, with heavy oak frame, Early English finish. Has 
spring sea covered with strong leather, also ^oosp cushion 
for the back. . Solid leather un both sides, neatly finished with 
p%ng This chair is. very substantially buih ^and wdU-e 
satisfactorv service for many years. Special bale. . .^29. 4 5 

Morris Rocking Chair, with handsome frame built o s^^'d ^yej* 
seasoned oak, finished in the Early English style, and ha 
loose cushions covered in handsome velour. This is a wel 
made chair and very comfortable, and '".^P'-^^^ts exce^le^it 

Morii8"Chairs\vith"strongVolid oak frames, finished in a variety 
of styles and fitted with loose cushions covered in velour 
Colors red and green. Special Sale Price ^^-^^ 

Morris Chairs in neat oak frames. Early English finish well up- 
hol'^tered in leatherette. Has spring back and ''eat excep, 
tionallv comfortable and substantially built. Price each ^4.90 

Arm Chair, made to match the :ibuve luckiug chair. Ncat^in 

401. n 

,1 . cnpboarJs. The cupboard doors are decoral.d w ... a 
d;a„. nc/strapwor. '^'^^^l^- J^^^J^-;:':^, TsttS 

constructed throughout from •'ohd vvel - 
seasoned quarter cut oak. ^Pec»al Sale 
Price 933.50 

CO m [i J r t a u I G .' 

appearance, strongly constructed ana very ^"'"''^y"^^- 
Price ^ 

Nov/ is the Time to Buy a China Cabinetjt^Bi|Sav^ 

Handiomc China Cabinet, 3ft. 6in. wide and 
5fti .^n. high, containing four shelves, 
vei|/ tl^at design, allglass front and ends, 
is Jitt^. with large mirror inside, and 
mjdc|k choice cfak, fumed and waxed. 
Sri cial' Saje Price * ^36.75 

•T >■ ■:■-;....-:- -..^-.....-\-' -..,„..,...:.. 

Chill* Cabinet, iti fiiraed fnd waxed quarter 

c^ oik. Has bow front, large glass door, 

ne .iy decorated with fretwork, cabriole 

a ;-d touches of neat carving. Sale 

... .....S47.50 

China Cabinet in solid oak, 6oin. high and 
36in. wide. Has two glass doors and 
glass ends, also four shelves . Finished in 
Early English style. Special Sale 
Price • Spi9.75 


Haidsome China Cabinet, in surface oak 
Has: neatly, shaped legs and touches of 
(itrviig, glass door and ends. Height 
6iin .width 3iin. Excellent value $17.50 

China Cabinet, made of solid quarter cut 
oak. Early English finish, glass front and 
plain ends, five shenves, door neatly fin- 
ished with strap work. Height 63in. and 
28in. wide. Sale Price $35.75 

Surface Oak China Cabinet, similar in de- 
sign to the above. Has gracefully shaped 
legs and touches of neat carving, glass 
door and ends, also four shelves. A splen- 

did bargain at 

« • • • t 


OaK Libra ry Tables, in 
Many Useful Styles 

Handsome Oak Table. Top measures 44in- 

X 28in., knee hole style with drawer at 
either side and two book shelves on either 
end. Heavily and substantially hmlt 
Early English finish. Sale Price $19.75 

Golderi Oak Table. Same design as the 
above, finished in the golden color, highly 
polished and made of very choice^quar^er 
cut oak. Sale Price .. • ^pic'd 

Neat Oak Table. Size 3ft. x 2ft., has large 
drawer, neatly shaped legs and shelf un- 
derneath the top. Made of choice oak and 
Early English finish. Sale Price $13.75 

Superior Library Tables, in quarter cut oak, 
•Early English or golden finish, fitted 
with two drawers — one un either side — 
and two book shelves on either end of ta- 
ble. Sale Price $36.75 

A Large and^hoi^Jelection^^ 

Variety of Useful Styles 

Chiffonier, in golden, quarter cut oak, well 
made throughout from choice dry lum- 
ber. The case is 48in. high and measures 

over the top 301"- ^ ^«»"- ^^^^'^ '^'".ff 
drawers with straight fronts and i w...-. 
serpentine front all fitted with bcks 
and neat brass handles. The back is 
beautifully shaped and carries an oval 
- mirror with beveled edges, size 20 x 
in a neat plain frame. ^"^"^^»|^g^^ 
Price ^ 

Solid Oak Chiffonier— Top measures 34 x 
loin. and stands 52in. high. Has 4 straight 
fronted drawers and 2 with shaped fronts% 
all complete with oxidized handles and 
strong locks. The back is very neat and 
carries a mirror, shaped and bevc^ed.J^ale 
Price ...... ..•••• • • 



Solid Mahogany Chiffonier— Top measures 
32in. X lyin., has shaped front, plam ends, 
neatly shaped legs, 4 drawers with 
straight, fronts, and, 2 with serpentine 
front, all fitted with locks and plain 
turned knobs. The back is neatly shaped 
and carries a handsomely shaped mirror 
with beveled edges in neat ^'^"""e^;;'^^ 
at ......••• 



Handsome Golden Oak Chittomer— Has 4 
large and convenient drawers, also cup- 
board. The case stands 4ft. high and the 
top hieasnres 2ft. 6in. x i8in., has plain 
ends, is mountec' on strong steel castors, 
and is fitted compile with locks and 
neat brass handles. The back is fitted 
with oval tuirror with beveled edges, m 
plain frame. August Sale Trice $28.50 

Ffit^Spgci al Bar&ains i n the Hardware 


SoJed Linen Baskets, in neat square and found shapes, very 

" ^1S.iul and li-ht weight. Made in three sizes. P"*^^^^^ 

^^l .7 T and ' , . ^ 1 1 in- 

S >encer's Laundry Soap, a washday necessity. Six liiU cake^ 


Two makes. 

An Electric Iron MaKes Laundry WorK a Pleasure 

week's ironing can he finished in one-third less 

Electric iroi 
that make sad-ironing a drudgery. 

Every women who has tried on. k^s_^*-J Ij- ;^^-ir^:i;;;„r'&eci,lcAron. abolish 

time with an electric iron than w 

Floor Brooms, made of high-grade . ^n^ 

■', '"f ,je 'I'uliii" and "Good Luck." Now on sale at. each . .40^ 

''^ Sink and Pot Scrubs, a strong and useful article. Price 


Fr'jnch Cook Knives, made 




oif good, hand-forged steel, very rfc- 
^ _' .. 25< 

^ (l ean Up Sale of Hiah-Grade Blouses 


vSt.€ our \'icw Strcc Window 

\ They come in a \M'i'-- laiige 
.^tvles, made 'of high grade mulls.etc 
cmljroidcry. embroidered net y 
fine lace. Long 
duded in this line. Regular 
i 5t, each 

for a display of t\u> lot i.f liaiuLonic 

of very choice and ihuiit_\' 

., and trimmed with hand 

okcs. lace insertion, tucks, and 

three-quarter and short sleeves are in- 

values vw to S6.50. All to clear 


"A^j^j^1j:Wrance^al^^ and CojoredjOne- 
"""" ~^ Piece Dresses -T^iday 



An Unusual Bargain in Austrian China 
Dinner Sets— W ednesday 


Here is an opportunity to buy a real good Austrian Cnm. 
Dime, Set at about one-half the usual price. I hcv are remark- 
^ aluc^, are verv artistic, being decorated with very dainty 
^ ■ d ,rold lines on white background, and 

little floral 


Hrc—beyond all doubt-the best value that we have offered in 
dinner sets for a very long time. _ 

The set comprises 97 useful pieces, as follows: 12 each 5m. 
6in {nd 8in plate-, 12 each of soup and fruit plates, 12 cups and 
s uce s 2 uJef^il platters. 2 covered vegetable .dishes, i satice 
I'llt. . teapot, isugar box, 1 slop bowl, i cream jug. Special ior 
Wednesday's selling. Per set $X^.W 

Four Big Bargains in the Men's Cloth- 

A Clearance of Swis s Squares 


^ ■■ are handsomely trimmed with lace insertions, eni- 

Section- Wednesday 

of tweeds and 

,'les. See our window ais- 

vcrv dainty stvles, 

hif^ii necks and long sleeves, but al .,,.„,tivP stvles 

broideries, tucks and fine lace, m a variety of very f^j^^^;; J^" j''^;_,.,,i,,e the values we 

plav on View Street. You must see this line m order to tullv appicxiate ^ ^^ 

arc' offering. Two prices today. ?6.75 and 

in the very latest styles 

broken lines, in sizes ranging from 
Go on sale Wednesday $7.75 



¥.^ssortment of Swiss Squares. The balance of ';nr -t<.(- 

Wednesday morning at 50c each. I his line 

l)e soul on 




eludes manv very dainty designs and are worth not less than 
--,c each, while many are worth ?i. This is an opportunity to 
purchase a very choice square at a great saving. 
,.n -Wednesday' morning 

Price each, 

BlacK SilR at Popular Prices 

Men's Two-piece Suits. 
worsteds. These are m 

T,2 to w. Values up to Si 5.00 . , , , .. 

A Clearing in Boys' Two-piece Norfolk Suits in dark and m^^ 

am shades of tweeds. Special Wednesday • ^^f^ 

Wash Suits in fancy ducks, prints, g^ng- 

Oriental Laces and Insertion, jrClear- 

ance Prices 

hi- line includes many very handsome i)atterns 
widths. Colors white and ecru only. Re.L^ular 
All to clear today at, per yard 

and several 
values 35c. 




200 Yards Black Pcau de Soic. a 

,ilk that will wear good. \ard..45^ 

Peau de Soie. 



New Arrivals jn^ the Art NeedleworK 
~" Department 

•i^i Cushion Cords and Tassels. 3 yards long, mercerized fin 
.1 two tassels attached, in plain or mixed colors. 1 rice. 



finish, have 

each. 50c 


SiUt Cushion Cords/3 yards long, in plain or mixed colore, with 

CuXn'cord rthryardf [::^plai:t mixed coior.pcr yard lO; 
Sil i^r^in a virie'y of plain and ^^^^ ^^^^ ^^ y'^';^^ 

200 Yards Black Chiffon and 

rrood, even weave and wdl not cut. icr 
yard ^- 50< 

100 Yards Messaline. a good wearing quality, 
makes up swell street dress. Per yard. 75^ 

200 Yards Satin Messaline, good wearing qual^ 
ity, will not cut. Per yard $1.00 

100 Yards Satin Merv, rich gloss, wear guar- 
anteed. Per yard $1.00 

150 Yards French Surah, fine even c'^''^- ^lU 
not cut. Per yard $X.U*^ 

100 Yards Gross Grain, good wriit ing m;'-'''^ 
makes up swell dress. Per yard . . . .$1.0« 
Yards Heavy Corded Ben galine Silk, 
guaranteed. Per yard $1.25 

100 Yards ivioiic 

excellent wearing 


quality. I'er 
100 Yards 42-inch Satin Messaline 

anteed. Per yart' 

yard 75f^ 
-vear guar- 
ds. 00 



200 Yards 40-inch Black Paiclette. rich fmi-h- 

Per yard "\ ■ ■ ■' ^•..•^^ „ 

200 Yards 40-inch Black Chiffon Taffeta, u dl 

not cut. Per yard ^1.50 

100 Yards 36-inch French Corded Pophn. 
guaranteed to give satisfaction in \vcar 

Per yard ^3.25 

100 Yards 40-inch Oriental Satin, wear guar^ 

anteed, fast dve. Per yard ^2.00 

100 Yards Super Oriental Satin, rich, ^•'Jt fm^ 

ish, wear guaranteed. Per yard ^3.50 

100 Yards 40-inch French Ninon Silk, vsry 

soft finish. Per yard $1.00 

100 Yards Crepe dc Chene, very soft silk ajv 
pearancc, makes up swell dress. Yard ?l.oO 

Clearing in All Boys' w «.. w,«-- ■- ■-■■-j - — -j-^j^ 

liams and crashes. Regular $1.25. ^ale ......•-.■..• --^ 

A Large Shipment of Men's Tweed and Worsted Pants^on^sale 
from, a pair, $3.50 to »-..*^ 

Men's Fall .Under^ar^ust Arrived 

for this week, per garment • ; *"^ 

Men's Sh,r.s and Drawers in '-^Xr 's^^-rXeTh^^lik, 

colors and natural shade. All suus. oijc^ T!W 

j)er garment , 

Natural Cashmere' Shirts and D,.we^sa.esp,^^^^^^^^ 


mixture, Pen matt brandy ^ 



natural wool — , > j «.. 

Regular value $i a garment. Spgaw 

David Spencer, Limited 

and dura 

Si)ecial per garment . 

Shirts and Drawers in 
Very rcljahle garments 
for "this week only ... 
Mens Working Sox. in light and heavy weight. Colore «gj 

tan and natural. Per pair ..^ • ....•^..•...•iir^« 

Men's Working Sox in light and heavy .wexshf,,e3rtra 

quality. Per pair .......*.. 

Men's Working Sox. a very reliable quality, fast dyei,0 

able and very low priced. Special, 3 pairs lor «•• 

Strong Working Sox. a remarkable value. 2 pairs 4. 

One-Piece Bathing Suits with ^kjrt at^chcd: majc^ 
navy blue material *"d trimmed w,thjh,Ul>^t^^| 
and arms : fast colors all sizes from 3D to 44. ape^i»|#^